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I have read this book a ong time ago 10 years or but remember absolutely nothing about it so it must have been pretty unremarkable therefore the 2 stars rating reviewing an edition which only had the first two books in itThe first two books of the series I an edition which only had the first two books in itThe first two books of the series I read the first and a small chunk of the second BEFORE GIVING UP ENTIRELYTHE STORY IS IFFY AT BEST giving up entirelyThe story is iffy at best characters are one dimentional to the point of absurdity The writing is extremely friendly to dyslexics people with the attention span of under 2 ms and the ike but for my 3ms attention span it s too much Here s a samplenote for comparison the book is formatted so that each Dance Real Slow line is about 48 charactersong the following is the compressed text of the end of page 120 to page 122 of the first book just barely than 2 pagesalso note there is exactly one firearm ever mentioned in the entire book and it s an excrutiatingly described revolver belonging to Sgt Horace Hamilton Smythe Excrutiating both due to the detail and due to the freuency of that detailed description which is once every handful of pagesIf he The Art of Memoir lost his grip there would be no help from Sidi Bombay or Horace Hamilton Smythe twoines The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life laterAnother fifteen or twenty yards up Clive saw Horace Hamilton Smythe 8ines peering upward at Horace Hamilton Smythe about 2 ines down Horace tosses his pistol to Clivefor the next 22 ines the pistol falls16 ines of the trigger actually being sueezed11 ines of describing the target as seen in the muzzle flash but this is actually justified since we haven t read THIS description yetAnd then as thatr fleeting flash of ight faded the bullet fired from Horace Hamilton Smythe s American revolver. The return of a classic shared world fantasy series created by Philip Jose Farmer award winning author of the Riverworld saga Plunging into a vast prison that span. The Dungeon Philip José Farmers The Dungeon #1 2

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The worlds are odd and straight out of PJF I m sure Richard A Lupoff knew what Farmer had in mind when he conceived the Dungeon AND TRIED TO STAY CLOSE TO tried to stay close to blueprintI ve never heard of Richard A Lupoff before this undertaking His prose is okay Nothing to shout about but most of PJF s is the same wayThe characters are fairly well done I know both Smythe and Bombay are still hiding things Folliot isn t as skilled as most PJF heroes but #The Devotion To His # devotion to his keeps him going Finnbogg the humanoid bulldog is an endearing sort I hope nothing ghastly happens to him before series end I have to say I wasn t surprised by User Annie s true identity It seemed obviousThe Dark Abyss The Dark Abyss starts minutes after the conclusion of The Black Tower Clive and friends flee the Black Tower and travel to Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography layers of the Dungeon still on the trail of Clive s brother and the missing Sidi Bombay Along the way Clive earns the nickname Serpent Slayer and a strange relationship developes between he and ShriekThe Dark Abyss was better written than the Black Tower and exciting Clive and company continuously go from one peril to the next Theayers explored in the Dark Abyss were exotic than those in the previous volume My two favorite parts of this volume involve Shriek the humanoid spider woman The image of the assembled party climbing down Shriek s spider silk rope toward the ocean below was spectacular The bestweirdest part was the strange telepathic The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, love blossoming between Clive and Shriek Though I was initially disgusted part of me was hoping those two would hook upThe only complaint I had was that Annie s dialogue was nothingike it was in the first book. The hidden folds of time and space Trapped somewhere inside is Neville Foliott Clive's twin brother and no creature in the Dungeon will stop Clive from finding hi. Struck and so on and so forth13 inesHe braced Sidi Bombay s staff against the walls of the fissure stuck Horace Hamilton Smythe s revolver into his waistband Thus I would only recommend reading it if you have nothing to do on an elevator open the book on any page and you re sure not to be missing any relevant infoAdditionally the actual book has obviously been made from publisher discards so the first book ends at page 339 has several pages of sketches then there are some roman "Numeraled Pages Of Introduction To "pages of introduction to second book and then we have page 1 again which makes navigation annoying This was all good and fine on hand typed Russian Bootlegs In The Days When Unapproved bootlegs in the days when unapproved were forbidden but this is just silly Sometime in the mid 1980 s Philip Jose Farmer came up with the concept of The Dungeon a six part saga of Clive Folliot searching bizarre worlds for his missing brother and turned other writers oose on it The Black Tower Major Clive Folliot eaves his post in the army and his The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl lover behind in order to go to euatorial Africa to search for his missing brother Neville Along the way he runs afoul of shady gamblers meets an old friend of his Horace Hamilton Smythe and a new friend Sidi BombayHowever once Clive gets to Africa he finds his journey has just begun when he is plunged into another world The Dungeon and has to contend with its mysterious inhabitants while searching for his missing brotherThe concept of The Dungeon is remniscent of both Riverworld and the World of Tiers two PJF favorites People are plucked from various worlds and time periods and whisked to the worlds of the Dungeon to take part in some kind of cosmic chess game. S a planet Clive Foliott faces a fantastic world of dwarves cyborgs and aliens unlike anything he has ever imagined It is a multieveled collection of beings from.