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Even when the road is roughIn this book she is on an Alaskan Cruise with her boyfriend and her son and daughter Alaskan Cruise with her boyfriend and her son and daughter wants her children to get to know Pete and connect with him because she is planning on getting married sometime in the futureFrom day one things go horribly awry and she finds her mother bear kicking in on several occasions Her maternal instincts lead her to investigation to help out someone she lovesThis book is ngaging and fun to read Some of the recipes #In The Book Look #the book look yummy that I will be trying them out on my family This is a great cozy mystery and a fun series to read If you re considering taking a cruise this probably isn t the book to read Sadie Hoffmiller is looking forward to bringing her busy family together her daughter who is making wedding plans her son who is busy than ver with school and her boyfriend who has just retired Sadie believes it will be the perfect trip for veryone to spend time with Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health each otherBut when her son Shawn is unusually late in joining them at the first meal Sadie goes searching for him and finds him in a heated discussion with a woman Sadie has never met This begins a series of strangevents that Sadie must unravel One surprise leads to another until it becomes apparent that a couple of tragic vents on the cruise are not so innocentPlenty of intrigue many unexpected twists and signature Sadie all rolled into one with BAKED ALASKA If you re not a fan yet you will be after reading this book Josi Kilpack s Baked Alaska is a literal smorgasbord of interesting characters winding plot lines and delicious foodie goodness all rolled into oneThis book was my first xperience with Sadie Shawn Breanna and Pete but I was able to fall in love with all of them and found myself swept up in the story from the first page Sadie all of them and found myself swept up in the story from the first page Sadie a great mother to Shawn and Breanna and I was very impressed with her level of involvement in their livesThis mystery made great use of all of it s characters in a very new and interesting all inclusive way that adds to it s mystery Cause Of Fear element as well as it smotional appealThis book is also written in a story. Ship and helping to plan her daughter’s upcoming wedding But Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows even as the crew prepares to leave port Sadie has suspicions about the voyage ahead and the relationship between her normallyasygoing son and a mysterious female passenger he obviously know. I really like Josi Kilpack Not only does she weave a good mystery she adds a bit of humanity to her books This was the 9th book I have read and have really gotten to know Sadie and her family She makes you anticipate but will surprise you at the The Game of Love endvery time Truly fun reads Josi s latest release in the Sadie Hoffmiller culinary mystery series Baked Alaska was another tasteful Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition experience in sleuthing and culinary delight I ve read almost all of this series and I ve been pleased with the level of Josi s writing it just keeps getting better Sadie is a well loved character with plenty of genuine issues which add depth to her personality After reading so many of herxperiences I feel like I know Sadie and can t wait to read her happy nding i also love read her happy nding I also love s books because they are clean and well rounded with a bit of humor plenty of mystery and nail biting suspense October 2017 This is one of my favorites in the series I like it because it involved Sadie s kids Pete it s a uniue story line There are a couple times when I still wonder how on arth Sadie is okay with doing some of the things s Sadie Hoffmiller is going on an Alaskan Cruise for a week with her two Grown Children Shawn and Breanna and her Boyfriend Pete She is looking forward to her Children getting to know Pete better and to helping Breanna plan her upcoming Wedding And xcept for the Mysterious Woman on board ship whom Shawn seems to #know but refuses to talk about and Breanna s future Mother in law hijacking the Wedding plans plus the unexpected #but refuses to talk about and Breanna s future Mother in law hijacking the Wedding plans plus the unexpected of a fellow passenger Sadie s vacation would have been perfect As it is Sadie will need to use all her investigative skille to navigate the deep waters of the mystery swirling around her family Sadie must come to terms with the fact her Children are Grown and her life is changing and that the best laid plans can go awry The Lady in Pink especially when a secret gets thrown into the mix Sadie is a character that you can t help but love Her intentions are always great and she finds herself in the most precarious positions She is smart and has a great sense of humor She keeps going. An Alaskan cruise is the setting for amateur detective Sadie Hoffmiller’s latest adventure Sadie plans to spend time relaxing with her two grown children Breanna and Shawn and her boyfriend Pete whilenjoying the luxury and cuisine of an legant cruise. .

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Within a story plot line format By doing this the author I m so happy to be a part of the blog tour for Baked Alaska by Josi Kilpack I have really njoyed this series and very book comes with a fun new setting and awesome recipesSadie is honestly a busy body type that can t sit still She likes to know verything In the last few books she has calmed down a bit and I m so glad She is still Sadie but just not uite so overboard She has been through a rough patch but she is rebounding and coming into a new and improved Sadie At least I think soIt s funny because I started reading this book right as I was working out details with my family for a cruise We got it all booked as I am reading about a murder mystery on a cruise ship Eek Luckily I m not going on an Alaskan cruise or there might Have Been One Too Many SimilaritiesI Really Related To Sadie been one too many similaritiesI really related to Sadie mother hen instincts with her son It s a hard thing to let your kids grow up and trust them to make their own decisions Especially decisions that don t involve you Poor Sadie Secrets are just no good And Sean s secret is a doozyI was glad to see Pete in this book stepping up and taking some control helping I ve always loved Pete He is this book stepping up and taking some control helping I ve always loved Pete He is and you can count on him I m so glad to see that to some degree Sadie is giving up some of her crazy and trusting Pete S Judgement That Trust judgement That trust hugeI don t think I ve Sinner's Heart everaten Baked Alaska It s such a shame because that cover looks really good and I m thinking I ve been deprived If you love a good cozy murder mystery you should really try Josi s Culinary mystery series It s fun asy reading If you ve already read most of this series and Baked Alaska is next you know what you are in for You won t be disappointed I received a copy of this book for a review in xchange of an honest review for a tourSadie Hoffmiller latest adventure takes place on an Alaskan Cruise Sadie decides to take a relaxing trip and Spirit of the Wolf enjoy the luxury of the ship with her two grown children Shawn and Breanna as well as her boyfriend Pete Before the shipven manages to leave the Port Silly spoof no brainer for sure Summer read. S but refuses to discuss When the woman’s dead body is discovered during the first night at sea Sadie’s apprehension A Vineyard Christmas escalates Over the last few years Sadie has developed anxtreme dislike for secrets and it would seem her son is keeping one from her. ,
Baked Alaska A Culinary Mystery #9