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Alcoholica Esoterica A Collection of Useful and Useless Information As It Relates to the History andConsumption of All Manner of Booze dLearned specific news and gun relatedetails about UK US Politics around his jobs between 2010 2013 through Morgan s Chasing the Red Queen diary He shared his many opinions with the reader uite the character Uses Twitter like The Donald I m a marmite fan and I am also a Piers fanLoved it This guy has no business being in TV he has noiscernible talent yet at one point was on two ifferent networks in prime time "appearing against himself As a judge on America s Got Talent he was a joke since he has no entertainment talent "against himself As a judge on America s Got Talent he was a joke since he has no entertainment talent nor is American For his nightly talk show it s hard to understand why CNN would select him to replace Larry King when Morgan had never one live TV #news interviews before Even King often slammed the choice The book just #interviews before Even King often slammed the choice The book just that Morgan was totally wrong for American TV and that his instincts about our country and politics are completely off baseOn the other hand the book is an interesting read for someone who wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in television news The producer made Piers Morgan look intelligent and prepared often When The Host Had No the host had no who the guest was The network PR people hyped him to be As host of the CNN show Piers Morgan Live Piers Morgan has come a long way from his Little Witch Academia Chronicle - Little Witch Academia Chronicle - Tanki - 2017/8/31 days as a British tabloid editor and judge on America’s Got Talent Love him or hate him it’s undeniable that Morgan is one of the most talked about controversial figures in the media today From gun control and gay marriage to religion and pop icons he tackles the hot button topics head on In Shooting Straight heiscus. Shooting StraightSupports liberal Republicans he thinks will be elected to the Presidency Someday Chris Christie Seriously Piers Morgan S Instincts Are someday Chris Christie seriously Piers Morgan s instincts are much always wrong as proven in this book Page after page etails his mistaken thoughts on people and politics And ultimately after the book was published Morgan s show was canceled He has basically never been seen in America again He had no business being on TV here couldn t conduct a good interview without a producer feeding him uestions in his ear and showed no appreciation #of the freedoms he had when living in this country Piers Morgan #the freedoms he had when living in this country Piers Morgan ultimately a failure The book had a lot of interesting and funny stories about his encounters with celebrities on and off his show His courageous public views on gun control are some things that need to be said I guess it takes someone originally from outside the country to take a logical view and put things in perspective This book is written in a journal style with entries coming every few ays Most of the book focuses on his new job at CNN and how he got adjusted there Even if you Dare for More don t agree with his gun views most will find this a fascinating read. Rredepiction of an adrenaline fueled life anchoring a nightly news show in the world’s most ruthless competitive and pressurized media marketplaceWritten in a compelling iary format Shooting Straight provides a heartfelt account of Morgan’s extraordinary new life and his continuing love affair with America Shocking funny and incisive it proves once again why Piers Morgan has taken the world by stor. Omeone he wasn t and His Own Publicist Saved Him own publicist saved him some stupid Foot In The Mouth MomentsThe in the mouth momentsThe isappointment was to hear him claim his family was his priority when in truth he had nothing to o with his family most of the time His kids from his first marriage were in England and he only saw them a couple times a year His new wife and baby rarely saw him here As so many celebrities o he claims to place family first but then oesn t match his actions with #his words He should have never accepted two TV jobs at the #words He should have never accepted two TV jobs at the time for it meant his family got low priority And it also meant he id a lousy job at bothWhat ultimately makes this a one star book is Morgan s cluelessness about America and why the country is the way it is He Before You Are Licensed demeans First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights The book has way too much anti gun rhetoric and it s filled with false claims or facts like people are born gay when confronted by a guest who asks for his proof he says he has none but feels it in his gut He slams anyone conservative Christian or right leaning Republican He grossly over praises some of our worst presidents Carter Clinton and. Ses candidly his refusal to bend to public pressure or political correctness from his childhood in England to his career as a tabloid editor to his meteoric rise to fame in the United States Offering an inside view of the real timerama behind covering huge breaking news stories such as the killing of Osama bin Laden Hurricane Sandy and the massacre at Newtown Morgan’s account is a riveting no holds ba.