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This story introduces a fascinating world that is ichly detailed and expansive enough to accommodate many future stories We learn a bit about the vampire society from DAMON AND WE LEARN MUCH ABOUT and we learn much about politics of their world as Alexia and Damon desperately try to figure out what is REALLY going on and who is on what side and with what motives It is all very complicated maybe too complicated with several names for every variation of vampire and half breed and honestly they talk and theorize a bit too much for my personal tastes I ve always been a bit of an action girl The story does have action along with a side of betrayal and angst enough to keep me GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany reading to the end I did trip on a few plot holes and tangled story lines along the way but if you are a careful patienteader that likes to pick apart a puzzle this might be the story for you I had never The Confederate Privateers read anything by Susan Krinard before Iead this book so #maybe this story is somehow tied to her other series but #this story is somehow tied to her other series but don t think it is And that is where the problem s begin although this book does have a prologue explaining some things in this world this book is written like it s the second or third book in a series The prologue while explaining the war the led the world to be the way it is also very briefly tells us the story of Jenna Donnelly s conception one of the first is also very briefly tells us the story of Jenna Donnelly s conception one of the first s on Big Bad Detective Agency record A woman who whose parents loved each other and met during the first wave of the war Why was Jenna mentioned I have absolutely no idea because she had nothing to do with this story After her mention in the prologue neither she nor her parents make an appearance in the book This story follows Alexia a dhampire born of the second wave of the war These Dhampire s mother s wereaped by the vampire sThe Vampire s or Opir as they prefer to be called are a complete mystery They lay dormant deep in the earth for Millennia Why We don t know and we The Placer re never told One day they awoke and decided to take over the Eartheplacing human s are top dog Why We don t know and we e never told Although the Opir don t consider themselves human everyone we come into contact with has been turned So several millennia ago did a bunch of people became Vampire s then decided to bury themselves deep in the ground Why We don t know and we e never told Are these elder s that are spoken of but we never see truly supernatural or other worldy Were they truly never human but able to turn human s We don t know and we The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, re never told When the Opirose they must have had low number s so they turned several human s to be their soldier s Some of these soldier s are mutants and can walk in Daylight Why can the walk in the sun but are weaker in strength than other Opir We don t know and we Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness re never told The Opir also have their own ancient language that was unknown to human s before theyose but we never get to hear it Damon our OpirDaysiderDarketan hero efer s to himself as sterile Alexia says something to the effect of Dhampire s can t just be made so are they sterile too The Opir are not dead as evidenced by the fact that they can procreate with human s So can Opir procreate with each other Why are Daysider sterile Are Dhampire s sterile Does walking in sunlight strip them of their fertility We don t know and we are never told Als. Humanvampire elations are in turmoil in a stunning new series by New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Susan KrinardTensions between human and vampire factions are escalating Peace hangs in the balance And like two ill fated stars. O this story take s place in California There are three colony s One human on vampire and one undetermined Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America rebel There is no mention of theest of the world IS THIS ALL THAT S LEFT this all that s left life Are their other colony s but no longer a larger Government overall Are there other vampire colony s I understand that a writer has to leave a bit a mystery so that the The Progressive Historians: Turner, Beard, Parrington (Phoenix Book) reader comes back for of a series but this wasidiculousAlexia the heroine was strong smart and capable Damon was the typical brooding and mysterious vampire Neither character was particularly witty or endearing to be honest none of the character s were How these character s fell in love is beyond me They didn t spend much time talking
About Thing S Other Than 
thing s other than or fighting the conflict they both faced Alexia did not even begin to trust Damon until the very end of the book They did have very hot sex but that s lust not love In the end the stories conflict was Der Bilderwächter resolved so I am grateful there was no cliffhanger All that being said I probably wouldead the next book in this series I liked the world that was built of the next book answer s some of the basic uestion aised in this novel I would become a fan of the series I ll just have to wait and see Okay were to start This was a somewhat interesting dystopian vampire story Damon is a Daysider a not uite vampire nor human that needs blood to survive and can go out in the sun He works for the vampires Alexia is a Dhampir half human and half vampire Some need blood to survive others don t She works for the humans Not cut and dry unbeknownst to either of them they were part of an experiment They fall in lust not uite trusting the other For the length there was just too much going on many characters and multiple different names for the same thing The vampires called themselves Opir the humans called them Nightsiders and on it went First book in a nighters series Like the fact both are strong characters Looking forward to next one Setting the future dormant vampires awoke and warred with humans for 10 years truce found where humans live in enclaves and vampires in citadels San Francisco Enclave West Coast Region Erebus Opiri citadel below San Francisco egions known as Region Erebus Opiri citadel below San Francisco egions known as Zones Eleutheria illegal colony in the Zone where humans and vampires live side by side Theme prejudices manipulations by governments freedom falling in love CharactersAlexia Fox dhampir agent of the 40% that cannot be turned vampire but need special patch unknown to her Daysider blood so able to digest food and not need blood mother aped by vampire during the war Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris raised to hate vampires and to despise idea of drinking blood and to be agents for the human government she has embraced it all sent on mission to observe andeport on a colony that has shown up in the Zone unknown to her she is part of an experiment her drug patch is taken from her and she is put in proximity with a Darketan to see if they can work together toleratetake blood from one another Damon DaysiderDarketan incomplete transition of human to vampire live long fasterstronger than humans not as strong as vampires need blood not a vampire s blood slave can be in the sun agent for the vampire council he is sent out to stop enclave spies from getting to colony he does not know that he is part of an. Alexia Fox and Damon are destined to collide She's a seductive human operative on a mission to infiltrate an illegal vampire colony He's a vampire and epresents everything she loathes and all that she desires Their attraction is scorching. Experiment he has been given watered down blood and will hunger soon and is placed in proximity to a dhampir Michael Carter dhampir agent Alexia s partner ends up an Orlok Lamia hampirmonstervampireish creature that lives in the Zone killing all like animals he angry because his last partnerlover used in similar experiment and she died so he sets up Alexia but then calls in a part of the Enclave that is going to destroy the colony but he is attacked and becomes an Orlok and understands and does what he can to helpprotect Alexia Garret another story Alexia s brother who was convicted of some unknown crime self defense and sent out of the Enclave I expected to find him in the colony but he did not show up a sore spot for Alexia Eirene Damon he did not show up a sore spot for Alexia Eirene Damon Darketan lover they were punished and she was sent on a suicide mission Damon thought she was dead closed his heart to anyone else to become coldwithdrawn she in fact sent to the Enclave to see if her blood would help the dhampirs and to spy for the citadel it does she tried to escape but came across a child Alexia who needed blood she gave her a bit soothing her pain and found she had a purpose there and stayed but she is gathering information and her jailers are elaxed around her Theron old yet progressive vampire believes in euality sets out to start a colony and extends his belief in euality to humans the humans freely give blood and are espected by the vampires Damon spent much of his time in debates and learning from him though Damon knew nothing of his uest for his own colony he is aware that the colony may not survive but sees its value in starting something new that may get others thinking Wilson "McAllister Aegis Director Of Field Operations Alexia S Boss He " Aegis Director of Field Operations Alexia s boss he not know about the experiment the government is imposing on Alexia when finds out he heads to the Zone to help SummaryOuter story the dhampir and the Darketan learning to see each other beyond their prejudices and a colony that places humans and vampires and dhampirs and Darketans living in euality and democracy and the forces human vampire vampire ebels that are trying to stop the colony Inner story Alexia and Damon are drawn to each other and when Alexia needs blood to SURVIVE HER BODY TAKES OVER SEDUCES DAMON AND TAKES her body takes over seduces Damon and takes blood in turn Damon is in sudden need for blood when they are in the colony and Alexia steps up to volunteer to provide it jealous of someone else giving it to him and because they are connected and they fully acknowledge their bond Outerinner story they work together to protect the colony with the help of Michael and the Orloks they stop the vampires ace is and humans from attacking and then calmer minds show up and peace is ensured at least for that day Memorable scenesSlaves Blood serfs no jails in Enclaves their convicted sent to the citadels to become vampire blood slaves vampire society have enthralled humans who do their bidding mindlessly and provide them blood politics those that accept truce with humans and Scotland Yard rebels who want toule the world and subjugate all humans Enclaves though government has some kind of working elationship with the vampire government they teach the humans to hate vampires part of treaty is for Enclaves to send their convicts to the Zonecitadels to become vampire blood serfs. Immediateand could explode like the fragile truce they've both been fighting independently to preserve Now the world's last hope hinges on their ability to work together As enemies they are doomed but as allies they just might save the world. .