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Deviants is probably the most scientifically sound dystopian type novel I have ead in a while The premise is *simple Earth has undergone an environmental catastrophe so society HAS WALLED ITSELF IN A DOME walled itself in a Dome has undergone an environmental catastrophe so society has walled itself in a Dome protect themselves from the Dust outside Our protagonist Glory is a Deviant someone who shares DNA with a beast called a Shredder While she might not be agreeable or she might not make the brightest decisions she is fiercely loyal to her family and herself All her decisions seem to come from a self actualized center She is also 16 so maturity might not be her strong point but that is the purpose She s not supposed to be a hero or a chosen one She is different even a DNF 42%This eview is going to be a long anty type Access to English. Test pack 4 review because I hated this bookAt the same time I am glad Iead it because it helps me as a writer to know what I don t want to do I went into this book in the dark I hadn t Deconstruction in Context: Literature and Philosophy read the blurb just downloaded it to my kindle and startedeading I left the book feeling just as confused and uninformedSo let s take a step back and let me tell you a little about this book Our MC is named Glory and she lives in a dystopian world where everything outside of her city Haven has been destroyed It s all dust The only things that can survive in the dust are creatures called Shredders who may or may not have been human once and Hoffnung Mensch rats Lots ofats which are the only source of food besides cucumbers I guess Haven is a dome like city in the middle of the dust controlled by The Mangement Everyone has to work for their living except for The Management The Management hates everything pretty much like Parasites people who don t work and Deviants people who are part Shredder have special powers and want to kill all the Normals If Deviants or Parasites are found they are kicked out of Haven and the people of Haven find pleasure in watching Shredders ip them apart for fun Glory is an orphan who is the sole provider for her brother Drake He is paralyzed from the waist down and because of this is a Parasite since he can t work and everyone is terrified of The Hospital They live in a closet in the Pentz and Drake has never left their apartment Glory has a best friend named Jayma who is the only one that knows about Drake Oh besides Cal the super hot love interest friend named Jayma who is the only one that knows about Drake Oh besides Cal the super hot love interest works for the Jecs and suddenly loves Glory and promises to protect Drake because he and Glory are going to get married Glory and her brother are also Deviants Glory can kill people by using her emotions to suish their organs and Drak. In a post apocalyptic world where the earth is buried by asteroid dust that’s mutated the DNA of some humans orphaned sixteen year old Glory must hide and protect her younger brother If their Deviant abilities are discovered they’ll be expunged kicked out of the dome to be tortured and killed by the Shredders Glory E s skin turns into armor that hurts other people In comes love interest 2 a *muscly guy named Burn who is so large that
Glory Cannot Wrap Her 
cannot wrap her around *
guy named Burn who is so large that Glory cannot wrap her arms around chest He says that Glory and Drakes father is alive and suddenly everyone knows about Drake and Burn has to whisk them both away to save their lives Glory and people from Haven know next to nothing about BTD which I m assuming means Before the Dust Things like garbage personal space nature are completely foreign to the point that they have to ask Burn what they areAre you thoroughly confused yet Yeah me too and I have at least ead the bookThe author created the world for the book and it probably makes a ton of sense to her What she didn t do was take in to consideration that her eaders don t know what the world looks like in her head She didn t explain anything and without the explanations of things sentences like I straighten and my head bangs the sky feel completely out of context even when they kind of areGlory spends 99% of the book oogling about her instaloves Cal the crush who is now head over heals in love with her but betrays her to the JecsWhich you never find out what the Jecs are eally other than a police force Maybe But the Comps are the police force so what the fuck are the Jecs and Burn the uber muscly mysterious guy who has ock hard arms who was sent by Glory s murderous father to save them He also cuts through bedroom walls with a knifeNormally I don t like eviewing bad books because I don t like being so negative Or if I do The Witch who was a princess review it I include things I did like but I don t think I can list a single good thing about this book I mean I guess I m glad it was free Basic dystopian and too similar to Divergent Deviants struggles to stand out in the crowd Unbalanced implausibleiddled with pacing issues and filler action The writing was mediocre Overall average my Little Shop of Horrors: 8 Selections from the Musical: Easy Piano rating is 25 butounded up to 3 I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway years ago but ecently found it buried in my bookshelf Deviants by Maureen McGowan is not my cup of tea but it wasn t horrible Not the best way to start a eview but I like to be upfront I didn t like the book for the first half of IT IT IS A TEEN GIRL It is a teen girl dystopia novel similar to Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi It is about the same level in terms of writing skills The story itself will probably appeal to teenage girls who are boy crazy but for an old guy like me the main character Glory Jeden výdych koňa reminded me of every whiny ex girlfriend I every had who wouldn t listen to a darn thing Ould give anything to getid of her uniue ability to kill with her emotions especially when Cal the boy she’s always liked becomes a spy for the authorities But when her brother is discovered and she learns their father who was expunged for killing their mother is still alive she must escape the domed city that’s be. Had to sayso the first half of this novel was painful The Story The Earth has been hit by several asteroids leaving choking dust everywhere Most people die or become mutants but a few normals have survived under domes Years pass Haven is a domed city un by an evil corporation that promises to keep the workers safe if you follow the ules Otherwise you get expunged choked to death on dust or skinned alive by mutants Also if you exhibit ANY abnormal powers you are a Deviant and cast out Glory has the power to kill just by looking at you so the authorities will kill her if they find out and then who will care for her mutilated brother So Glory is oh forget it Girls are going to swoon all over this stuff but the story has problems 1 Glory whines too much 2 She doesn t trust anyone not even the guy she loves 3 Why in Heaven s name do we have to talk about a guy s exposed butt and ippling muscles Does that eally have to be in there Honestly 4 I m not sure teen girls are going to catch this but there is an allusion to cocaine in this Book The Dust That The dust that the Earth actually energizes Deviants and Mutants It has healing powers but it is also addictive The one adult Deviant named Gage is clearly exhibiting withdrawal symptoms and craving second half of book 5 The military are portrayed as nuts cannibals and sex addicts 6 The good guys are not that good They have issues 7 Lots of violence not too detailed but it happens Over all for a dystopian novel it s not that terrible I ve seen worse a lot worse Nevertheless if you want to aise prim and proper girls I d probably skip this Honestly on the scale of Oh my G d this is bad for little girls it s not that bad but there has to be something better out there than this Hope this helps I Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) read this because the cover looked interesting and was on sale on but I was unsure so at the library I saw the same book in the kids section of the library and check it out Hmmm is that a good thing or a bad thing I loved this book I took every stolen moment that I could to continueeading The story is dystopian but doesn t feel too dark or depressing The characters have
Great Relationships That Felt 
relationships that felt Thier journey was incredible sooo much happens and you watch them grow and learn to love and trust each other They uestion not only themselves but their world views There is Revenant romance that is believableit will leave youooting for these characters and feel for them when things seem impossible Send the next installmentI can t wait to find out what happens next. En her entire worldOutside in the Pumpkinflowers ruins they’re pursued by the authorities and by sadistic scab covered Shredders who are addicted to the lethal to humans dust now covering the planet Glory’s uests to transport herself and her brother to safety make up the thrilling and fascinating first volume of The Dust Chronicles.