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Cets might sound like hard work for the reader this is in fact a surprisingly asy to read story The flows nicely factual insertions never take the pace out of the story and although there is An Lot Going On There Isn awful lot going on there isn a dull moment in this book the story line is My Little Blue Dress easy to follow until you get to those last few pages There is a lot to be found in this book for those who pay attention with a recipe for the perfect pizza as one of the highlights The writer doesn t shy away from kicking a few hobby horses while he s at it The publishing industry is given a closer look and a not too subtle dig at Paulo Coelho may well offend some of his numerous fans And I can t help wondering with a big grin on my face how many authors like Titus in this book have wished they could put something like the following in their foreword and now I demand of you you pathetic clown of a reviewer that you read this magnificent book with the most open attitude that your withered and poisoned brain is capable of May you burn in hell if you are incapable of appreciating the magnificence of this innovative work of literature This may not be the best book in the world it definitely is a very original andnjoyable way to spend a few of your reading hours Is it possible to write a book that hits the bestseller charts in Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars every category That s the idea washed up author Titus Jensen and radical poet Eddie X come up with whilst than a little drunk In the cold light of day Titus takes the idea to hisditor behind Eddie s back The race is on to write the best book in the worldbut is Titus really the man to do itThe breathalyser laptop had me laughing out loud for real I would say read this book just for those bits genius I loved Astra his Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life editor She wasn t convinced Titus could cope but she wanted The Book and gave him a good dose of tough love I think if you follow any number of publishers andor authors there s plenty in I received this book as a Goodreads First ReadDon t get misled by the title of this book it s about writing the best book in the world It doesn t just stop at the title the author misleads the I didn t think this would be so bad But it is written in present tense which to me means it starts off as a maximum book I really don t get it why authors use present tense it only fits a few special cases as anyditor knows so if PS knows Crazy Love editors so much surely he knows at least one good one who could have told him soI was reading this on anxcursion right while we were taking a 20 minutes drive to the country and then did a walk And i finished it I remember I was on page 52 when I wanted to hurl it over the fence of the house we were walking by it hurt it was so not for present tense I didn t throw it away because 1 I would have had no other book left with me 2 it was a present from my husband who was with meAnd then it just never got Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society exciting or interesting Wanting to write the BBitW by mixing genres together Nope Noffing way as any ditor would tell you Target audience must be laser sharp targetedThe only good twist was the last few pages though I still don t get it why strong women would want to make out with female ish colourful haired boys The Best Book in The World may not live up to its name but it is fun silly and lighthearted Unfortunately it s the nding that lets it down which is the reason for this book receiving 3 starsYou can see my full review on my blog her. So amazing that it will nd up on all the bestseller lists in very category imaginable thriller self help cooking business dieting a book that combines Black Heart, Red Ruby everything in one But there can only be one such book and as the alcohol induced haze clears both men realize they are not willing to share the limelight Hilariously uirky and witty this novel will take readers on a meandering race to the finish line throwing plenty of satirical punches along the way. I m not a freuent literary fiction reader but when I do read lit fic I make sure it s like The Best Book in the World readable accessible but meaty in all the right placesThe premise is simple Two authors one young and successful one old and regressive talk about the book of all books A book that would be a best seller invery category from self help to thriller Not wanting to share the fame they both set out to write the Best Book in the WorldOn the surface the book is an njoyable romp through bizarre situations and crazy characters including a rock band filled with people suffering from Tourette s including the singer and a therapist that tried all of his alternative methods on himself first Narratively speaking The Best Book in the World is very interesting and layered I loved the frame within a frame within a frame ven though I get that it might get confusing When reading a literary book I always make sure to ke I received this book via a Goodreads giveawayThere were several things I liked about this book The idea behind the plot is intriguing two authors competing to write a book that will top the bestseller lists in very category thereby becoming the writer of the best book in the world

It S Also Got Plenty 
s also got plenty irreverent and satirical observations about modern life and I njoyed the descriptions of Stockholm and Swedish life and culture The first half of the book felt rather slow ven though there was clearly meant to be a sense of urgency in what Titus was doing but I m glad I kept reading as it definitely improves in pace and plot as it goes onHowever there were a few things about this book which niggled me Although I liked Titus the characters felt under developed Astra and Evita don t really develop beyond being pretty publishing types It is never made clear how Titus nded up as a washed out alcoholic and the change in Eddie X s character towards the God's Pocket end of the book feels both unexpected and unexplained I found the final chapter thoroughly confusing it felt unnecessary and for me the penultimate chapter would have made a satisfyingnding In short I liked this book but I didn t love it The second half of the book is much better than the first and overall it s njoyable if at times a little Silly This Book Is Deliciously This book is deliciously it is filled with Swedish humour and it s clever I read the last chapter and may have called the author a crafty swine out loud To punish him because I loved Titus so I am withholding one star When and if I forgive him I will give it him back He can win me over by writing books Soon It was likable ven funny at uite a few places g Lenny the rocker who has Tourette syndrome the customized computer that senses if you re drunk and shuts down tc but the writing style is obviously underdeveloped I also read it in Hungarian you re drunk and shuts down The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs etc but the writing style is obviously underdeveloped I also read it in Hungarian which might have contributed to the style problems Thending is completely unnecessary it makes you lose all the sympathy you have built up for the main characters and all respect for the writer really The twist turns out to be an overused tiresome trope and the reader feels let downAt the Moreno end it always comes down to whether you ve liked a booknough to be willing to read from the writer In this case I think I will try other Scandinavian authors Good but not great because it drags in the middle The idea is clever and the Monsieur Pain execution predictable my hunches about the plot twists were correct Who will win the race to write the best book in the world and to what unimaginable lengths will they go to get there first A hilarious tale of authorly competitionTitus Jensen is middle aged has a fondness for alcohol and makesnds meet by giving public readings from obscure books at festivals across Sweden He can't help thinking there has to be to life for an author of his uality Eddie X is hip a hit with the ladies and loves being the center of attentio. .

Enjoyed it but didn t love it I received my copy from the publisher through NudgeLet s start this review at the very beginning with a look at the title It is an incredibly smart title for a book of course I dare any reader to stumble upon this book somewhere and not take a closer look at it out of pure curiosity How could you possibly not investigate a book with a title like this A title like The Best Book in the World warrants a closer look at the blurb at the very least And what makes this title xtra clever is That The Label Does Describe The Contents Exactly This Is the label does describe the contents xactly This is book about the best book in the worldDuring a literary festival two authors get drunk together One is the young popular successful and charming poet Eddie X The other Titus Jensen is older He has a successful career as an author of literary fiction behind him and now spends his time mostly drunk reading outrageous passages from obscure books at festivals Titus is well on his way to becoming a washed out has been During their drunken conversation Titus comes up with the idea of writing a genre transcending book A single book that is all the other books at the same time Titus Jensen knows that The Best Book in the World is his last chance If he can t write it he ll be an alcoholic has been for the rest of his life If he can t sober up now he ll never be a serious writer again but be condemned to making a fool of himself at festivals foreverDespite this idea having sprung from a very intoxicated mind Titus What If enlists his publishers assistance and proceeds on a very strict writing regime His life style is changed alcohol banned and his writing monitored And much toverybody surprise Titus makes great progress with his project about an overweight and charismatic detective chief inspector who has cracked an important slimming code and will change the world s view of leadership On top of that he has a polished serial killer a frightfully tasty pizza and the best artist in the world throughout the ages his soul mate Salvador Dali But as Titus writing goes from strength to strength he can t help worrying about Eddie X He told the young poet about his idea and he is convinced that Eddie is not only working on a similar project but also trying to get his hands on Titus work in progress And that is a very worrying prospect because The best book in the world can give ternal life But only to one of them The race is onIn many ways this is a very clever book In order to write a book about
An Author Who Tries To 
author who tries to a book that ncompasses several if not all genres Peter Stjernstr m had to write a book that covers several different genres So while we have a fascinating and at times very funny novel to The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good enjoy here we also get a lot of non fictional information about pizza art Sweden and writing among other topics And for the most part the balance between story line and other information is very well struck and fits the story perfectly The one thing I was less happy about was the final part of the book It is only a few pages long but manages to putverything that has gone before on its head I can t help feeling that Stjernstr m was trying to be a bit too clever there and am convinced that this book would have been as good if not better if that last part had been left outThose last few pages not withstanding this was a very Supplemental Book enjoyable and anything but predictable read And while a book that holds so many different fa. N A radical poet and regular on the festival circuit he can't help thinking there has to be to life for a talented good looking man like himself One night after a successfulvent Titus reads from The Diseases of Swedish Monarchs and Eddie X waxes lyrical to the thrashing tones of metal band The Tourettes the unlikely pair get horribly drunk together and hatch a plan to achieve worldwide recognition The answer is to write the best book in the world a book.
Patient Safety Ethics: How Vigilance, Mindfulness, Compliance, and Humility Can Make Healthcare Safer Neoliberalism and Contemporary Literary Culture

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