[KINDLE] My Life in the Maine Woods A Game Warden's Wife in the Allagash Country author Annette Jackson

I usually love this type of book true stories of life in relative with Day to day borne in a matter of fact spirit "with Day to day hardships borne in a matter of fact spirit this felt as if the writer was immature and unskilled in story telling She obviously lived an interesting life but should have had someone else write about it I love Maine and self reliance so this book was a great read Very earnest a good depiction of Maine woods life in the 1930 The writing is a little dry An interesting pleasantly written somewhat sentimental memoir of a game warden s wife looking back on their early years living in the Maine woodsI hafd ept a copy of this book in my own game warden husband s patrol truck as an emergency book to read in case I ever got stuck with nothing to do Several years ago we had to run a uick errand but he was on call so we took his patrol truck And of course he got a report of a fatal ATV accident I ended up sitting in the truck for six hours while he investigated the incident This was pre smartphone days for me and I hadn t thought to bring a book So I learned from that incident to eep a book in the truck just in case This one felt like an appropriate choiceI hadn t had to use my emergency book uite yet but this has also been on my to read shelf so long that it s now at the bottom of the list Time to read it and then put it back in the truck if I feel like it s worth rereading again someday I really enjoyed this account of life in 1930 s Maine It was fascinating to see how times have changes both for a warden s role and just life in general I ended up reading bits out loud to my husband such as the parts when the game warden had to arrest someone and then he and the arrestee would have to snowshoe 70 miles to the nearest court to see a judge And then snowshoe back home I can t even imagine how he managed to convince someone to do that Were people just really compliant or did he basically march them the whole way at gunpoint The other part I had to read out loud was when Annette said that she wanted to get a groundhog to raise since groundhogs make better pets than cats Then a gruff old My Life in the Maine Woods recounts Annette Jackson's North Woods experiences during the 1930s when she her husband and their children lived in a small cabin on the shore of Umsaskis Lake Jackson an avid sportswoman and natur. My Life in the Maine Woods A Game Warden's Wife in the Allagash Country

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Ion of years past This is a memoir of a game warden s wife in Allagash Country during the 1930 s in very remote northern Maine Early on the nearest neighbor was 3 miles away and if the warden arrested a person the trek to the judge covered 65 miles of wilderness There is no mention of this being the depression era as needs and wants were A long book but worth the read I wanted to read a book dealing with life in the Maine woods especially around the Allagash area because of the canoeing trips relatives of ours took several years ago This book did a nice job of Describing Life In These Woods From The life in these woods from the s to the 60 s The narrative is told by Annette Jackson who becomes the wife of a game warden If this story was nothing than how Ms Jackson became a mother and housewife under tough Maine conditions it would still be interesting But this lady accoplished far She became a very competent woodsmanfisherman and hunter who often accompanied her husband on his rounds thoughout his districts While I enjoyed the book and its learnings there were some things that disappointed me There were several omissions which bothered me She mentions a dark "Period In Their Lives "in their lives does not explain it There was no conclusion to their story line the book just ends at the completion of a guiding trip with no detail about their later lives Another surprising learning was their unconservationist attitude towards animals Her game warden husband illed a bobcat because he had not done so yet She traps and cages a suirrel for the amusement of her children Her husband trapped and Dragonsbane killed a three month old bear cub because it would grow up to be a full sized bear I guess I can see why the conservation movement has always had an uphill battle I m not against hunting but the unnecessaryilling or imprisonment of animals angers me Yet these same people saw all the beauty the Maine weatherculture and environment had to offerInspite of the shortfalls the book still provided excellent insights into what it took to survive harsh and minimal living conditions in the northwest sector of Maine during its lumber heyday. The legendary Allagash This new edition expands on Jackson's original including not only new photographs author biography and foreword but also new material from Jackson and revisions she made following its original publicati. .
Oodsman who lived nearby heard of this and brought her a groundhog in a burlap sack When Annette Exclaimed That She Meant That that she meant that wanted a baby groundhog to raise up not a FULL GROWN "One The Man Had Turned And Left "the man had turned and left she d unintentionally hurt his feelings for not wanting the groundhog that he d brought her Men trying to do something nice for women and just not getting it uite right has apparently been a problem forever Annette s love for the outdoors is very apparent in this book Those uninterested in descriptions of seasons trees animals canoeing hunting fishing etc may find this book a bit tedious I thought her enthusiasm for all of the above was charming and her descriptions lovely To me there is something almost comical about the first flakes of snow that come usually in late September It s the way the big clumsy flakes float down dipping and rising as if they were afraid to hit the ground But they are not timid very long In another month the snow has gained experience and the flakes small and solid dive down in close slanting lines sure of where they are going and the job they have to do in the winter months aheadNow this book was published in 1954 and the time per I did enjoy reading this book Parts of it were amusing and she did give some good recipes if you like backwoods cooking Although she loved the outdoors she had 4 children and would leave them with a girl so she could go into the woods with her husband Her husband a game warden took her with him many many times I don t think she should have gone with him She appears very selfish when she does this Her writing style is a bit difficult to understand in places but all in all the book is about real life in the woods and how people at that time survive I agree with another Goodreads member that this book isn t as good Helen Hamlin s book but I did enjoy reading it Loved the simplicity of this book Great short stories about her life Fantastic chronicle of life in the Maine wilderness in the 1930 s Amazing woman During my recent sojourn through northern Maine I wished to get a glimpse of the solitude and isolat. E lover writes of hunting fishing campfire cooking and the sounds of the wilderness through the seasons She visits trappers and woodsmen and tells what it's like to sleep on a bed of pine boughs under the stars that shine on.