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Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation eDo something unexpected with it not necessarily some startling twist but unexpected simply because the course she takes is honest and uniuely hers There are ten chaptersach starts with a little jump in time from the one before a few months a year a decade Ellipses as I say Hadley has no need to connect the dots there might be some rich stories there too but what she gives us is already Gender Justice enough to illuminate an ordinary but fully dimensioned life I am struck by her willingness to leave loosends untied but also by her ability to turn things around a difficult *Marriage Becoming A Contented One For InstanceIt Occurs To Me *becoming a contented one for instanceIt occurs to me the domestic fiction genre is Generations and Collective Memory especially English Perhaps there are some other practitioners like Alice Munro in Canada or the Swiss Peter Stamm but the names that come to my mind are predominantly British Penelope Lively Margaret Foster Maggie O Farrellven in some aspects Kate Atkinson There is also a particular pleasure here for a British reader to return to familiar objects Penguin bars green wellies a girl s hair the colour of conkers chestnuts and past ages from the sixties into the new millennium There is for instance a wonderful description of a cafe where Stella works including posters pinned to a advertising yoga classes or feminist reading groups or political meetings And through it all there is s uietly perfect language and powers of observation So let me nd with Stella as a child surprised to be the first to wake first in the house and venturing outside the rest of her journey you can read for yourself But today I couldn t hear a sound in the house I was the first to break the skin of the day stepping out on the lino which struck Its Frozen Cold Up frozen cold up the warm soles of my feet When I parted the curtains and looked out the familiar scrappy back landscape trellis and dustbins and old bikes and crazy paving stepping stones was glazed in sunshine gleaming from its dip into the night Look in the dictionary for the definition of clever and you ll find these words uick to understand or apply ideasastute intelligent sharpSo is Stella the protagonist of Tessa Hadley s novel truly a clever girl At one point Stella answers that uestion herself In the wrong contexts cleverness is just an inhibiting clumsiness Stella is the type of girl who outsmarts herself in a sense she is the verywoman of the often chaotic sixties and seventies We meet her when she is only 10 and then in shimmering vignettes follow her until she is in middle age as she struggles against the boring From Notes to Narrative existence of her mother and stepfather flirts with feminism deals. An ability to transform the mundane into the sublime thatlevates domestic fiction to literary artWritten with the celebrated precision intensity and complexity that have marked her previous works Clever Girl is a powerful xploration of family relationships and class in modern life witnessed through the xperiences of an English woman named Stella Unfolding in a series of snapshots Tessa Hadley’s moving novel fol. With premature motherhood gets involved in a couple of disastrous love affairs and tries on and discards various selves as she tries on and discards various iterations of life in her uest to find the authentic oneThere is an intimacy in Stella s recounting of her tales that made me think than once that I was reading a memoir A Bristol girl who makes some poor choices and who wrestles with failed affairs and missed chances does not in any sense add up to an xtraordinary character She could just as asily be you or meAnd yet *And yet There s something that s truly Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) extraordinary in thepisodic telling *yet There s something that s truly xtraordinary in the pisodic telling Hadley s keen ability to capture an motion an interaction or a juncture is so real that Stella could walk off the page We believe in Stella and we also believe in her volution which sometimes comes in a crystal clear moment of Foraging for Survival enlightenment and other times in a hard won battle for clarity Through thepisodes that Ms Hadley chooses to illuminate we begin to see Stella coalesce into an integrated wholeand to trust in her cleverness For readers who love character driven books without lots of bells and whistles this is a beautifully fulfilling read 45 stars or possibly 45 According to Harold Bloom we read to be less lonely as we can never know Fragments enough people Clever Girl is a book so unusually like getting to know a real person that it fulfils this than most do It s written as a novelistic narrative not in a purely conversational style but its directness and the way the narrator reveals her life story most of it is there though with gaps feels inside so very much like listening like company like receivingmail or letters rather than a book The use of dashes rather than uotation marks for dialogue also helps this ffect It obviously belongs to the category literary fiction yet without

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great ffort be different has hardly any of the particular cliches which make me cringe when faced with another obvious xample of litfic It s a book that I can imagine some might find boring it s simple someone s life story in pretty much chronological order but I liked it instantly starting like an arly 60s kitchen sink drama Stella soon became someone I could imagine as an interesting older colleague or perhaps a friend of my aunt technically young nough to be my considerably older sister my mother s child and old nough that I could be her child view spoilerIt was still a surprise when she nded up as a late starter working in a field somewhat similar to my old work an occupational therapist is someone who I occasionally might have One Ticket To Texas ended up talking to about clients in common hide spoile. Lows Stella from the shallows of childhood growing up with a single mother in a Bristol bedsit in the 1960s into the murky waters of middle ageClever Girl is a story vivid in its immediacy and rich in drama violent deaths failed affairs broken dreams missed chances Yet it is Hadley’s observations ofveryday life her keen skill at capturing the ways men and women think and feel and relate to one another that dazzles. ,

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Clever GirlLike one of those dreams where you know it s your house ven Though It Looks Nothing it looks nothing your *house How does it feel to have a baby who doesn t sleep Exactly like *How does it feel to have a baby who doesn t sleep Exactly like To believe in the holiness of an inanimate thing as a child Like this To cook and clean and love and hate Like this Beyond its immersive ualities the book s appeal lies in the utterly convincing way that mistakes are uickly made uickly resented slowly accepted and beautifully redeemed Fiction doesn t get better than this This novel follows Stella from her childhood in England To Her Present Day to her present day age It s an xploration of relationships and class as well as dramatic incidents tragic deaths failed affairs broken dreams So well written that I m sad it s over the highest test was not in what you chose but in Nothing is WastedDomestic Fiction Not something that I had recognized as a separate genre until the London Sunday Times reviewer mentioned it on the back cover of this highly satisfying novel The chronicle of ordinary lives But I realize that it is something that I greatly Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy enjoy and a genre in which Tessa Hadley is an unassuming master Looking back at my review of her recent story collection Married Love I noted that for Hadley the true story lies less invents than the llipses between them the way people move on with their lives flawed or ordinary though they might be While reading I was aware slightly apologetically that this was not an important novel with grand themes just small lives lived out of the limelight four star territory at most But Hadley reminds you that ven small lives can be lived large and in this sense the novel is large indeed In a touching scene at the Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader end of the book the heroine an Englishwoman named Stella revisits a childhood friend she hasn t seen for over thirty years hearing his regrets she is about to tell him that nothing isver wasted And for her it isn t Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead even though her life has taken many turns that she did notxpectThe novel traces Stella s life from 5 to 50 A lower middle class girl from Bristol raised by a single mother she goes through all the usual passages childhood friendships adolescent love university odd jobs and Bryozoan Evolution eventual profession marriage and motherhood though not necessarily in that order There is one moment fairlyarly in the book when you realize that the course of her Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) expectations will be disrupted For a moment it seems arbitrary almost a clich But then you realize that life itself is arbitrary and that clich s only seem so because they occur so often Time and again Hadley brings Stella to thedge of a situation you think you have seen before only to. Clever Girl is an indelible story of one woman’s life unfolded in a series of beautifully sculpted Silvers Edge episodes that illuminate anra moving from the 1960s to today from one of Britain’s leading literary lights Tessa Hadley the author of the New York Times Notable Books Married Love and The London TrainLike Alice Munro and Colm Tóibin Tessa Hadley brilliantly captures the beauty innocence and irony of ordinary lives. ,