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Or son he takes off For Venice What Exactly He Venice What exactly he to do there is not clear but we can assume that he wanted to spend a few days in a favorite spot before his condition became too ugly Waiting for him in his hotel suite is Lina a oung photographer he d met once in NYC Stalker like she had followed him to Venice apparently with the hope of getting some photo assignments from his ad agency Mistler and Lina start a short lived assignments from his ad agency Mistler and Lina start a short lived that is remarkably devoid of romance passsion or pleasur This is a bit dry and unemotional for a man who has just received news of his imminent death et the emotions hover underneath his veneer as a wealthy successful businessman Good for those who like to read about the lives of the elite Overall well written It s not easy for me to give a low rating to something by an able and critically respected novelist I had no trouble reading the book which was strong on Venice atmosphere echoes of Mann It is in the mold of Maruand and Auchincloss both of whom I read with affection et leaves a bitter taste very unlike the work of the other twoAs ou will know from other reviews the book is about a successful New York ad man in his early 60s born to wealth He. Tens ein halbes Jahr zu leben hat Mistler verschweigt seiner Familie die Lage und reist – vorgeblich für ein paar Tage – in das von ihm geliebte Ve. Out of the four books I have read by him I like this one the least Of Course This Is The One this is the one won all the awards Go figure PS3552E373M57 German authorAd man in Venicesee About Schmidt etc A little dry but interestingeasy read for anyone interesting in writing I read this mainly because it was set in VeniceHowever I found it rather dry although the idea of how dealt with a terminal diagnosis was unusualHis life didn t seem to have much meaning Mistler s Exit is a short book about a powerful New York adman who had just learned he has terminal cancer It s beautifully written Definitely the point of view of a rich powerful man which is interesting to me because it s so other Enjoyable As usual I enjoyed this book like others he has written although I cannot really identify with the characters similar to how I felt about Memories of a Marriage I read this book because I had heard good things about this author but I have to say that I don t understand the point of this bookHere s the story Mistler a 60 something director of an advertising agency is told that he has liver cancer and has about 6 months to live He decides not to fight it Instead of telling his wife. Thomas Mistler He decides not to fight it Instead of telling his wife. Thomas Mistler Mann in den frühen Sechzigern bekommt vom Arzt den schrecklichen Befund mitgeteilt Krebs Und daß er nur noch ein paar Wochen höchs. Mistler's Exit