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The Lego Architect yA long time I know everything is going to be okay This is truly a story of good vs evil Of light vs dark And the story of the power of love both between a father and daughter and between twooung people both experiencing the power of true love for the first time And it is the story of strength Sophia truly discovers her strength and that there might be a purpose for her A Grammar of Kham yet to be discovered I can t wait for the next book Awaken to come out in July to see what is next for Sophia and Michael and the town of Haven Hurst Thankou to Lori Adams Random House and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book DNF 20%To give ou an impression of how much I hated this book I will read the Halo trilogy in its entirety several times over rather than finish this There was nothing good about this book and there is so much that is bad that I can write an entire fucking rant review based on the little that I ve readTo sum it up details further down1 The writing is atrocious2 It has every romantic trope in the book3 The main character is fucking dumb and judgmental4 The angels are fucking dumb5 The demons are fucking dumbThe Summary This class is way over my head Half an hour of this and I swear my notes were penned by a retarded monkey who is just as confused as I am Sophia St James has delusions of going to Stanford one day She s not only stupid she s judgmental offensive and can t keep her fucking mouth shut What kind of obtuse podunk outfit is this anyway Supersized narcissistic Rent a Cop I sit back and realize the cop has returned to my window Aw crap Sophia has just moved from California to Connecticut where they speak with weird accents and words like asshole is pronounced eh hole His voice is rich with a funny eastern accent which under lighter circumstances I would find amusing Hint Eastern people don t really have accents Newly arrived in Connecticut she not only gets into trouble with the law but she witnesses a strange guy hovering over a scene of a car accident Cue insta love Sophia feels a second heartbeat His head is now turning slowly methodically and he is looking at me as though I m one of the Seven Wonders of the World He looks at HER with concern His concern for me is palpable like a hand caressing my cheek She looks at HIM with concern He could feel her concern for him radiating like a lighthouse He vanishesIt turns out that Mysterious Boy is Michael named after the Archangel He s only a Guardian Angel himself he lives with his brothers Raphael and Gabriel They re all extraordinarily handsome and they are so well disguised not Way to stay the fuck under the radar He is incapable of love He shouldn t love It is beyond his capacity for a heavenly beingbut Michael can t help it For the first timehe feelsEMOTIONS for the sexy Sophia No not just hot but sexy as hell and Wait whatSexy Where in the hell did that come from But Michael is not alone in his desire for Seductive Sophia There is a Demon Knight in Hell and he wants her too Specifically her soul because why He had been tracking his lost lover s soul and found it in Sophia So Dante has to go to HUGE GREAT DESPERATE STEPS in order to come back to Earth and win over her soul He s not alone his cohorts Vaughn Santiago and Wolfgangare coming with him to Earth THEY MUST GET SOPHIA S SOULBut first they have to worry about what to wear Vaughn well So his wardrobe was chosen with care black jeans and a long sleeved black shirt buttoned at the throat And for good measure he wore a long black duster a favorite from the old days Santiago s a little down to earth So to speak He opted for black skinny jeans with multicolored Converse high tops and a black T shirt that said I DIED FOR AN IRON MAIDEN Wolfgang He wore black jeans rolled at the cuffs black combat boots and a tight black T shirt over his beefy chest His cuffs black combat boots and a tight black T shirt over his beefy chest His had been cut shoulder length and gathered at the back of his head with a leather noose like strap Finally Dante He s got to look sharp for his long lost lover Dante changed clothes three times before settling on black designer jeans and a charcoal mock turtleneck After all this was a special occasion He should look nice and sophisticated but not like he was trying too hard chokes with laughterAND FINALLY NOW THAT THEY RE ALL DRESSED THEY CAN FINALLY LEAVE FOR THEIR MISSION Now we go to America Dante announced the command he had been waiting ears to say Or not Dante clenched his teeth Fine To Italy And then to Connecticut without another delay Now do ou see why I m DNFing this bookThe Writing He seems disjointed from the others like a curious bystander Teeeeeeeeeeerrible Littered with some mind blogging metaphors Controlling Wolfgang s demon was impossible like taming a lion with a wet noodle That s when it hits a painful explosion in my chest like I had dynamite for dinner and it S Just Now Digesting just now digesting can already imagine my evening camped out on the couch an array of books scattered about like a litter of teething puppies The scar in my eyebrow A sleeping caterpillar I ve checked it continuously for two weeks hoping one day it will turn butterfly and flit awayFactual errors Eastern accents are barely detectable if at all Los Angeles High school does not have a junior class size of 250 Try twice that A person who can t breathe "does not actually turn blue They only have a blueish tinge to their face He was blue As a Smurf Spelling "not actually turn blue They only have a blueish tinge to their face He was blue As a Smurf Spelling Coco Chanel is the name of the woman who started the brand it s not the brand itself Further it s spelled Chanel not Channel A psychiatric ward is shortened to a psych ward not a psyche wardTerrible dialogues From outrageously absurd characters She s their cousin Hashtag most fun person in the world What s up teacup Holy horndogs Batman I got Jordan I ll be sure to Brinks secure my thong Sophia The main character is fucking dumb She wants to go to Stanford when she goes to college I m sorry to tell her she doesn t have a special snowflake s chance in the deepest pits of hell She is a pastor s daughter who doesn t see the significance between all the supernatural shit she s been seeing and the fact that there are three angelically beautiful oung brothers in her town with the names of Michael Gabriel and Raphael She cries at the drop of a hat She is nasty mentally calling people names like a Rent a Cop with a McBellyShe was abused by an ex boyfriend It doesn t feel real and I am the first person in the world to hop onto the victim defending wagon Her abuse feels superficial The mental scars do not feel real She only brings it up from time to time when she remembers it There was no point to the inclusion of the abuse and I found it offensive to victims of true abuseThe Angels Fucking dumb Heaven can t see fit to give them a collective brain much less three They are so well hidden that they can t think to disguise themselves under any other names but the three most famous motherfucking Angels in the Bible Way to stay under the motherfucking radar They can t hide how gloriously handsome they are They re so fucking stupid that they can t save a guy who s choking on a piece of food I look and see Ca. Ost notorious Demon Knights arrives Handsome and charismatic Dante has come to claim the reincarnated soul of his lost lover trapped in Sophia Cursed with the demon of Persuasion living inside him Dante will use his seductive charms to lure Sophia into a dangerous game that ends with the kiss of death unless Michael who has captured Sophia’s heart can now capture her sou.

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Rks Michael well what can I say he was just adorable he had this sultry broody self and this sweet soft side which we eventually get to see He struggles with the feelings since they are so wrong for him and his family Dante I will not talk about Dante because I was also rooting for him in some parts He was bad but also dominated by obsession and oh so sexy I can t say because it will spoil the story There is one thing I have to say and it will sound harsh but maybe since the book is YA I totally get it but either way I have to express it There were many many clich s I couldn t stop scowling every time I found a heavy similarity to other books out there ou know those with bad boy angels and sparkly vamps Let us say the brothers that don t date anyone mysterious The partnering in class to justify characters spending time together The stay away from me our eyes are changing color and after that the male lead storms off Brothers telling he stay away from her she s bad for Un monstre dans les céréales you etc I could go on I know there has to be a way to set these things aside and find something a little original and less clich d Another thing I found both remarkable and over the top were descriptions The writing style is superb don t get me wrong but I felt there were too many descriptive comparisons throughout the book Every time Sophie or the others were feeling something or describing things some comparison or metaphor is inserted and I don t believe there are necessary all the time Just saying it all goes down to writing style But first person POV s are supposed to be a dive in the characters head and the mind isn t that lyrical Anyway Events unfold some uestions are answered with a creative twist some things are still not revealed nonetheless at least we don t have a nerve racking I want to stalk the author cliffhangerI strongly recommend this book ifou are looking for a well developed paranormalromance YA read Can t wait for the next one Sophia is special Of course she is She can see angels and demons and she s the only person in the history of ever who can do this magical wonderful thingHello My name is Michael I have a brother named Raph and another named Gabe Guess what I am Did Nam you get it Because it took Sophia forever to get it and she s a pastor s daughter He is inexplicably affected by the human emotions of desire and jealousy which he s never before felt around Special Sophia Uh oh That s forbidden OopsiesHallo My name is Enigo Montoya Dante Ima killour father Prepare to die Dante and his band of stooges were like a spoof on evil biker demons complete with ACDC s Highway Lori Addams is a look out for keep on Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination your constant radar forour next book author Forbidden is one of the most gripping paranormal new adult books I ve read since I fell in love with a sparkly creature of the night The combination of chills thrills humor and sweetness plant a curiosity seed that kept me rooted to my seat and turning page after page in excitement Being the first book in the series and in paranormal is sometimes tough They tend to be slow going while setting ground rules for the new world explaining terms that need to be understood and introducing and building the players involved But Lori did an excellent job with the fresh take on an old theme I was completely engaged while learning about it and getting to know the insatiably curious Sophia Dante s tortured and ever suffering soul and Michael s goodie sweet and sexiness She also outdid herself with the hilarious crew surrounding this trio down to the town s people They re all the kind of characters Lippenbekenntnisse you will take withou well after ou hit the end The book is told from the main characters alternating point of view it s mostly "Told From Sophia S "from Sophia s poetic perspective which I found funny and endearing And even though I encountered several similarities to another paranormal series it doesn t matter in the overall scheme of things because even though ou ll most likely smile and reminisce it won t help Impossible Things you predict the plot development much less prepareou for its unfolding It is completely different and literally heart stopping The book ends with a very happy non ending Because it leaves Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you with as many answered as new unanswered uestions that will makeou want to click pre order button on second installment if it were available I totally loved it Rating 45 starsForbidden by Lori Adams is book one in The Soulkeepers series I really did fall in love with this book and with Sophia and Michael It has a little bit of everything I loved watching both Sophia and Michael evolve There were plenty of very sweet and heartwarming moments plenty of humor and some very gripping scenes The only reason I didn t give it a full five stars is that at times I thought it was a bit wordy For the most part though I loved the lyrical Descriptions By Lori Adams She by Lori Adams She a beautiful picture of the little town of Haven Hurst a town I would love to visit I could vividly picture it all in my mindEver since Sophia St James lost her mother her life was forever changed As was her Pastor father He is withdrawn listless And he uproots them and moves them four times in the last two Wachten op Apollo years In the last place though Sophia got herself mixed up with a bad boyfriend and the relationship ended badly very badly so Sophia s father says they are moving again This time to a little town called Haven Hurst Connecticut Maybe this will be the fresh start they need Little did she know the way her life would change in Haven Hurst After being pulled over by the town sheriff for no apparent reason he sees the camera euipment in the back seat and proclaims that Sophia will work for the town newspaper When she later pulls over at the site of a terrible car accident she sees the most beautiful boy she has ever seen watching but it seems as though she is the ONLY one that sees him How can this be Is she imagining him And she FEELS something when he is near her A stab of pain in her chest and a sort of second heart beat appears You see Haven Hurst has a family of Guardian Angels Michael and his family guard souls to make sure they are safe from demons And if someone dies they help to guide the soul to heaven But when he sees Sophia for the first time he also experiences the pain in his chest and the second heart beat And why is she looking at him No human should be able to see him when he is in spirit form But someone else is looking for Sophia Dante is a Demon Knight He believes that Sophia s soul is the long lost love of his life from lifetimes ago He gets special permission for he and his three friends to go above ground to take a soul But he has other plans He wants Sophia And he plans to have her Guardian Angels are not supposed to experience emotions such as desire or jealousy But Sophia s nearness prompts all sorts of feelings Michael has never experienced before And Sophia knows she feels something for Michael But she wants answers as well When Michael looks at me I feel like someone is brushing up against my soul and filling me with something I m missing The pieces fit together I am whole I am home For the first time in. Erworldly encounter But there is to Haven Hurst than meets the eye it’s home to a family of Guardian Angels and she is the only one who can see them in spirit form Sophia soon realizes she wants to see much of Michael an irresistibleet volatile Guardian who seems drawn to her too As Michael battles his forbidden desire for the beautiful oung newcomer one of Hell’s ForbiddenARC supplied by Netgallycom in exchange for an honest reviewSimply put This book was amazing Not only was it captivating but it was intriguing as well From Sophia St James is 17 ears old and moves to New Hurst Connecticut with her father from Los Angeles Once moved she makes good friends with a totally fun and witty group of fellow classmates Among these friends is Michael Michael is a sexy guardian angel who starts to develop feelings for Sophia which is highly prohibited and as much as he tries to deny his feelings Callisthnie - La musculation globale you just can t stop love Of course no story would be complete unlessou add a sexy bad boy demon tossed into the mix This demon is Dante and after decades of searching he has finally found the soul of his former lover which happens to now reside in Sophia and he will do everything in his power to reunite with his lost love In Forbidden The Soulkeepers Lori Adams has managed to create an awesome story packed with forbidden romance good vs evil and paranormal adventure There is so much to like in this book It grabbed my attention from page one and never wavered The characters are likable and the dialogue between them made me laugh as I was reading the story The only thing I did not like about this book is that I have so many uestions that were left unanswered at the end and now I have to wait for the next one to come out Forbidden The Soulkeepers book oneis due to be published April 15 2014 so be sure to check it out I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review One of the best angel books I ve read Lori Adam s writing is entertaining and SMART Though it s a paranormalfantasy it was so real I felt everything the characters felt and man oh man the emotional rollercoaster for this book was loopy and thrilling and had me back to read it the moment I finished Read it in one sitting Read it again in another Will buy the copy when it publishes And I will marry Michael in my book fantasy worldCan t wait for book 2 In short A gripping story about angels and demons The first couple of chapters pulled me in and I was eager to find out about our main characters Towards the end of the first half of the book things got a bit slow but the second half was pretty explosive The second half reeled me back in and I finished it in one sitting I just couldn t put it down It was rammed with action and before I knew it I d finished the book and I m left feeling eager for the next book Forbidden is told from three points of view but it was easy to tell whose POV ou were reading as chapters about Michael and Dante were marked by their name and were told in third person while chapters about Sophia were in first person Sophia Michael and Dante were all well developed characters and Adams did a great job of Sophia s development throughout the book and making me feel very uneasy and creeped out when I read sciences involving Dante That guy really gave me the creeps One of Sophia s friends Bailey came across as incredibly annoying because she seems to talk in some kind of pop cultural reference language I wouldn t have minded the odd couple of strange sayings but pretty much everything she said had some kind of cultural reference and it wore thin uickly I couldn t help but draw a lot of parallels between the Patronus family and the Cullens from Twilight they don t turn up at school some days and no one seems bothered they don t date anyone and then there was Michael convincing Sophia to stay away from him To be fair to Adams though I imagine that those are common in books where supernatural characters become involved with humans so it wasn t a big issue for me The only niggles I had with this book were towards the middle it started to get a bit slow Bailey talking and the dreaded I let out a breath I didn t know I was holding phrase popped up That line is one of my pet peeves and seems to keep cropping up in YA books Stop it It makes me suirm All in all I really enjoyed Forbidden It contained a good mix of suspense mystery humour and romance I didn t find it to be predictable I felt for Sophia and found her character to be predictable I felt for Sophia and found her character be likeable and her development throughout the book was excellent Though it is part of a series the second book Awaken is coming soon Forbidden stands up pretty well on its own and I can t wait to find out what happens next I received an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Forbidden is the beginning of a new and exciting series by Lori Adams A story of demons angels and the humans they are battling for their souls Sophia St James has no clue about her heritage but she has a power to see into the spirit realm Her move to a small town in Connecticut puts her in the spotlight for both the demons and the guardians Sophia is caught in a love triangle between the demon that is obsessed with a love lost a guardian that can never feel human emotions without loosing all he holds dear and an attraction for the one person that keeps pushing her away at every turn This story is fast paced with lots of action and great characters filled with spunk Keeping on our toes with evil hiding in plain sight and devilish plans ou can t help but be Sucked In By The Plot I Did Not Connect With in by the plot I did not connect with s insta love but still found the mystery of her origins completely riveting Forbidden is an utterly enjoyable highly entertaining new adult paranormal romanceI received this ARC copy of Forbidden from Random House Publishing Group Loveswept Flirt in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication April 15 2014Written by Lori AdamsSeries SoulkeepersSeuence in Series 1Publisher Flirt Publication Date April 15 2014Sold by Random House LLCRating 4 StarsGenre Science Fiction Fantasy RomanceFind this book on Barnes Noble Received copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and I am not waiting to
post it it 
it it a must have I love books with angels This book was no exception minus a few hindrances The story begins with a 17 ear old girl Sophie She is moving again to a small town in Connecticut with her father who is a Pastor Sophie lost her Mom and she has a feeling that her death was all wrong that something else happened therefore she s immersed in a world of doubt She is also experiencing weird feelings visions senses etc She cannot seem to get a grip and doesn t understand what is happening around her Hence the crazy feelings she perceives when she sees Michael for the first time Michael is a Guardian and he is not supposed to feel drawn to a human everThis book had so many layers and so much explaining to do in order to build the world surrounding the story that it felt slow during the first half We had to go through different POV s and firstthird person narrative All characters are well built and I really liked how they all acted their ages and spoke as teens Sometimes YA books tend to have unrealistic dialogue but Lori nailed it The scenes between friends were funny witty and I loved the banter between everyone Sophie was a strong character I really liked her inner thoughts the good the bad the confusing and the hilarious rema. Lori Adams gives New Adult a haunting paranormal twist with the first novel of The Soulkeepers a series that blends ancient legends and new myths with an enchanting mix of thrills humor and high drama When Sophia St James learns that she’ll be moving from Los Angeles to a podunk town somewhere in Connecticut for her senior Nationalism: Critical Concepts in Political Science year of high school she isn’t expecting an oth.