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Laceable boy named cecil dodging wes trekking through The Wilderness To Keep Tabs wilderness to keep tabs ben and jeremiah learning too much about mary and drinking drinking drinking throughout all these various pressures his professionalism begins to alter as he repeatedly witnesses the shortcomings of the system and he becomes increasingly erratic bending the rules to try to salvage just one thing in his unstable situation but things all apart the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world to misuote some yeatsthis all sounds very complicated and it is but the book s elements work smoothly together as the stories ebb and low over one another merging in unexpected ways breaking up the chapters of pete and those he is trying to help we have a series of interviews between rachel and an unknown interlocutor and we learn about the conseuences of her reckless decisionsthis is not a tidy story you are allowed to see what you re allowed to see and no as several characters are taken to a certain point without true closure i love this techniue it might be rustrating to some readersthere are so many scenes which will resonate with me or a long time ben s repulsive eet the mount st helens story the story of the rest of the pearl amily the way pete s ather died pete s lament I take kids away rom people like #us it s all phenomenal and lasting i would have liked a little clarity in the scenes #it s all phenomenal and lasting i would have liked a little clarity in the scenes rachel s interview though i was never sure if it was a real interview or some kind of ongoing series of diary entries there were too many times where the interviewer knew too many specific personal details or it to be an actual interview but it was an important perspective to contribute to the other stories of children in dire situationsoverall a antastic debut with a broader and sensitive viewpoint than typical in grit lit write books pleasecome to my blog Pete Snow is a social worker Natural Blonde fighting a losing battle against the products of poverty drugs alcohol and ignorance His patch is Tenmile rural Montana a depressedlyblown backwater surrounded by miles of blacktop empty skies snow topped mountains and the savage beauty of untracked wilderness It s the late 1970s in the era of Reagan and CarterPete s got a lot on his plate an over ull case load of broken amilies including Jeremiah a paranoid survivalist and his young son living rough in the woods and Cecil a thirteen year old tear away with a small s ster and a hopelessly addicted mother It doesn t help that Pete is lirting with alcoholism and that his wife and child have upped sticks and left or a new life in Texas To cope with all this Pete needs to be sensible clear headed and strong He s none of these in Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda fact you spend most of the book with your hands over your eyes peaking out between youringers muttering no Pete don t do it He does his best though in his haphazard heartfelt way and he s a character it s hard not to likePete spends much of his time trying to make the best of a bad job and ailing There are times when it seems things can t get worse or him but you guess they probably will as his cases run against him and his love life disintegrates Add to this a trail of murder mayhem and manhunts and it all begins to look pretty explosive as social work clashes violently with law enforcementSmith Henderson doesn t shy away rom any of the desperate human issues that go with poverty and addiction and he writes unflinchingly about homelessness prostitution and abuse Lives are stripped bare and the America described in these pages is as ar away If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song from the American Dream as another planetTough lyrical andreuently moving Fourth Of July Creek may be an uncomfortable read but I didn t want it to end If you Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford fly in the rarefied air of literary awards you may have caught Smith Henderson s name aew years ago when he won a Pushcart Prize and a PEN Emerging Writers Award A 41 year old advertising writer originally Ready for Summer from Montana Henderson has published aew stories in literary magazines that like exotic birds are known to exist but are rarely spottedTho Raw gut wrenching and heartbreaking Midwest America outside the city limits exists poverty homelessness addiction crime and abuse Much less resources to help those in need Pete Snow is a social worker living day to day attempting to protect and remove children Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech from abusive homes He is an alcoholic unable to deal with the stress in his job as well as within his own life trying instead to make it betteror others at the cost of losing touch with his own daughter who becomes a runaway and starts living the life of these children he is trying to protect Henderson creates a character and story we can unfortunately relate to 5 stars. Valist itching A coerência textual for ainal conflict that will signal the coming End TimesBut as Pete's own Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller family spins out of control Benjamin's activities spark theull blown interest of the FBI putting Pete at the center of a massive manhunt rom which no one will emerge unscath. .
Now How trout looked in that water brown and wavering and glinting all the colors there were and maybe some that didn t really exist on the color wheel a color say that was moss and brown spotted like peppercorns and a single terra cotta colored stone and a lash of sunlight all at once That color existed in the water here There are plenty examples to be ound here One particular image of native auna coming into contact with civilization was particularly chilling Henderson may be new to novel writing but he has already had some success with other orms I do not know if he had much success as a social worker a prison guard or a technical writer but he co wrote a eature April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers film while at the University of Texas Dance With The One won a 2012 Pushcart Prizeor his story Number Stations and the 2011 PEN Emerging Writers Award or Fiction I guess he has emerged It should be known that you have probably seen some of Smith Henderson s work already without realizing You know that half time Superbowl ad or Chrysler with Clint Eastwood Halftime in America Henderson was one of the writers It ain t halftime this time Henderson with Fourth of July Creek goes long and scores a game winning TD There is satisfaction to be had in how Henderson resolves the conflicts he has presented And even when his outcomes are not happy ones they are believable We have been treated in recent years to a wealth of top notch Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome first novels Fourth of July Creek willit in nicely with the likes of The Orchardist The Enchanted and The Guilty One or example and it would sit very comfortably next to works by Willy Vlautin Smith Henderson s is a One or example and it would sit very comfortably next to works by Willy Vlautin Smith Henderson s is a new literary voice and the release of this outstanding work is cause enough to light up the sky with barges ull of pyrotechnics Trade Paperback Publication date March 10 2015 This review was posted March 7 2014EXTRA STUFFHenderson s Web page FB and TwitterIn case you missed it above here is the Halftime in America ad62714 A gushing NY Times review by Janet Maslin7414 a lovely short short piece rom Ron Charles on the naming of the book and it s geographical placement HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY We re not that badPeople Space Kid fuck up They getorgivenoptimism is nice but it s one thing to tell yourself that and another to live in the real worldpete snow lives in the real world he works Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for the montana department ofamily services where his territory covers a huge swathe of the rural backwoods of the state the year is 1980 but there is a timelessness to this remote and undeveloped country which leaves its inhabitants untouched somewhat exempt rom the world at largepete bears witness to damaged amilies and the ailures of the underfunded system as he encounters violence drugs child neglect and abuse shotguns poorly trained dogs trailers and poverty on A Daily Basisat First He daily basisat irst he to have an unflappable and professional mien competent and good intentioned but as the plot progresses we begin to see the strain his job is putting on him as his own life begins to unravel pete has been separated Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus from his wife bethor some time when she suddenly announces that she is moving to texas and taking their thirteen year old daughter rachel with her although not entirely to blame Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for the breakdown of the marriage pete knows he hasailed his Troubled Waters family and that he had in some sort of misplaced attempt at atonement ultimately sacrificed his relationship with them in order to channel his energies into rescuing otherractured amilies a tactic his bitter daughter has noticed after they leave pete drowns himself in alcohol and work and alls into the same excesses as many of his clients adding to his personal problems are his brother luke who is on the lam after assaulting his parole officer wes who keeps visiting pete looking or luke and making veiled threats the death of pete s estranged ather a boozy new romance with a troubled young woman named mary and a self destructive slide alling into the bad habits of his youth in texas beth is alling into her own bad habits exposing rachel to her increasingly debauched lifestyle and putting her in danger when rachel runs away it s the inal contribution to this perfect storm of trouble in which pete struggles to maintain controlinto this storm of trouble in which pete struggles to maintain controlinto this storm ben a scrawny near eral eleven year old who has been raised deep in the hills by his dangerous Owls: Birds of the Night father jeremiah who has beenilling his head with his paranoid conspiracy theories and old testament bombast while they await the end times pete and jeremiah Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, form a precarious relationship as pete tries to overcome jeremiah s mistrust to getood and medicine to ben pete is state hopping trying to Bon Bon Voyage find his daughter dealing with the difficult case of a seemingly unp. L an undernourished nearlyeral eleven year old boy living in the Montana wilderness social worker Pete Snow comes ace to ace with the boy's profoundly disturbed ather Jeremiah With courage and caution Pete slowly earns a measure of trust rom this paranoid survi. .
There should be ireworks shooting off or Smith Henderson s A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency first novel as it is a just causeor celebration This is not to say that the subject matter is exactly estive but the book is a triumph Pete is a social worker in Tenmile Montana a place so insignificant it was named or it s distance Ravishing Ruby from the nearest possible somewhere Theolks he is charged with trying to help out need all the support they can get but some can t seem to accept any There are three main threads braided into this novel Cecil is a troubled teen in a household where the biggest problem is his substance abusing layabout mother The two do not along big time problem is his substance layabout mother The two do not get along big time are involved When eleven year old Benjamin Pearl wanders into town alone dressed in rags and looking like he d been reared by wolves Pete is called in to check things out Following the story of Benjamin and his amily is the core here although a portion of almost every chapter is given over to the third thread Rachel Snow Pete s daughter who has troubles of her own Pete is the central element interlacing with the threadsPete Snow is basically a decent guy bloody ar rom perfect but his heart is in the right place He really cares about the people he is charged with helping and tries his damndest to igure out what the best thing is to do Old Yeller for each That it does not always work out and that he is better at helping others than he is himself areoregone conclusionsThe AuthorSmith Henderson offers us a look at a place in America rural and sometimes not so rural Montana but also a time It is no coincidence that the story is set in 1980 when the promotion of Morning in America also encouraged the release of a lot of pent up insanity Benjamin s Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer father is a seriously scary survivalist His paranoia may at times have a basis in reality but his worldview is straight out of the Lunatic Fringe Encyclopedia There have always beenolks with Jonathan Pearl s particular Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography flavor of madness but it looks like Henderson is signaling what lies ahead a world in which entities like right wing talk radio Fox News and any organization associated with the Koch brothersoment On Being Human: Reflections on Life and Living fear 247 and offer a media route in which to legitimize lunacy Ben sather actually believes when he sees jet contrails that the gub mint is spying on him There is plenty to that story but the political this is what is being unleashed element is uite significant although it is only implied The implications of Frommers Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World freedom are given a look At what point does your ability to beree living a life of paranoia infringe on the rights of those who have not chosen the same path Where is the line between legitimate desires or non interference and license to do whatever Where is the line between society s right to protect it s children and parents s rights to raise children as they see itWe get a look at institutional limitations and extreme downsides even when those institutions are staffed by well meaning olks Of course not every one is so well meaning We also get a look at the hazards to kids of growing up working class rom screwed up homes Children have a lot to contend with here Ok now that I have made the whole thing sound like such a downer time to shine a bit of light in the darkness While Pete definitely has his issues he is beautifully drawn and is someone we can cheer on most of the time anyway There are some good people in Tenmile a Who's There on Halloween? family whoosters kids in need a caring judge a tonic to the extant horrors Learning about the survivalist world is ascinating stuff even if these days we know about it than we should have to The is ascinating stuff even if these days we know about it than we should have to The is powerful and stunningly beautiful A sample of lovely descriptive He liked the Sunrise Cafe Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks for its coffee and smoky ambience and the way his arms stuck to the cool plastic tablecloths in summer and how the windows steamed beaded and ran with tears when everyone got out of church and came inor breakfast on a cold morning He liked how Tenmile smelt of burnt leaves Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets for most of October He liked the bench inront of the tobacco shop on the suare and how you could still send a child to buy you a pouch of Drum rom inside with no problem rom the proprietor He liked the bowling alley that was sometimes according to a private schedule kept only by them absolutely packed with kids Clawback from the local high school and the surrounding hills who got smashed on bottles of vodka or rotgut stashed under their seats and within their coats How much biology throbbed and churned here the mist coming off the swales on the east side of town and a moose or elk emerging as though through smoke or like the creature itself was smoking How the water looked and how it tasted right out of the tap hard and ideal like ice cold stones and melted In this shattering and iconic American novel PEN prize winning writer Smith Henderson explores the complexities ofreedom community grace suspicion and anarchy brilliantly depicting our nation's disuieting and violent contradictionsAfter trying to help Benjamin Pear. Fourth of July Creek