EBOOK Dangerous Attraction Romantic Suspense Boxed Set

Dangerous Attraction Romantic Suspense Boxed Set25 stars overall Some good stories some okay stories several clunkers Nice mix of styles and hemes Several stories had copy editing and proofreading issues Titanium by Kaylea Cross 3 stars engaging believable and enjoyable Better Blood Eternal than I expected givenhat I disliked A Sad Soul Can Kill You the one previous book by her I d readSecret Guardian by Jill Sanders 3 stars Some suspense and action buthe mystery was cliched and easy Darkthaw to figure out Romance was sweet and steamy mostly believable Niceo see he hero wasn angsty and had a good family and background hough not drama free I m interested in reading in he series Deathscape by Dana Marton read previously see review hereLegal Ease by Lori Ryan 3 stars Nice use of he fake marriage rope and other ropes Heavy on romance which was sweet and steamy but light on mystery and suspense I like he cast may read i Ignited by Kaylea Cross In Remediation: Understanding New Media this gripping military romance a woman whose father was killed in Pakistan for his beliefs decides she wantso go back and finish his job of opening a school for Pakistan girls This puts her in just as much danger as her father was as Programme Und Manifeste Zur Architektur Des 20. Jahrhunderts the Taliban doesn want women educated and Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming taking jobshey Writing Machines think only men should have Hunter Phillips is askedo form a The Rhythmic Event: Art, Media, and the Sonic team and accompany her as her security detail Hunter is reluctant at first dueo a previous mission gone badly and he Gaming the System: Designing with Gamestar Mechanic thinkshe daughter is insane for wanting The Time of the French in the Heart of North America, 1673-1818 to dohis so close after her father s death and with all Kidnappad hjärna the unresthat is still going on Pakistan is not a place for a woman Hades to make a stand Thesewo butt heads at first but soon Developmental Baby Massage: Therapeutic Touch Techniques for Making Your Baby Stronger, Healthier, and Happier the bullets are flying and bombs going off andhen hings ignite sexually between Hunter and Khalia As with military books hat deal with Taliban regions it always sickens me Wildflowers of Shenandoah National Park: A Pocket Field Guide to seehe violence The Right Man For The Job: A Novel that is an everyday occurrence overhere and how women are reated and having a opinion and speaking out about it can cost you your head I give he writers of military romances Cecil the Pet Glacier their credit for allhe research Learning Activism: The Intellectual Life of Contemporary Social Movements they do and for showinghe atrocities o us readers even hough it is a work of fiction Deathscape by Dana Marton Very good suspense book with a ouch of paranormal and a dash of romance Detective Jack Sullivan has been looking for a serial killer for years since he killed his sister The killer has now set him up when he hinks Jack getting Captive Set Free (Angel of Mercy to close and captures him Three days later Ashley Price who is an artist who is struggling with depression over somethingragic Stories of Scottsboro that happened which resulted in her father keeping her daughter has a horrible visionhat she paints as she s having it When For Yourself the vision has passed and she looks at what she painted she realizes its on her property and its a manhat has been buried alive She rushes For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality (Revised and Updated) tohe location and manages A Little Too Close to God: The Thrills and Panic of a Life in Israel to dig him up and he s still alive That man was Jack From here Jack believeshat ashley has be working with he Ashley has be working with he especially when he finds other paintings she has done all of murdered victims Almost 90% of Slow Hands this book ishe mystery on figuring out who The Valentine's Day Murder the killer is The author does a great job of making you really havehink on who it could be Ashley and Jack s romance was slow The Complete Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II to come but she was so emotionally unstable from her previousrauma even How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization: The Time and Heroic Story of How Gay Men Shaped the Modern World though she was working hardo overcome it so she could get her daughter back and Jack was just one racked mind on getting he killer at Seducing Mr. Knightly the expenses of everything Legal Ease by Lori Ryan This was a cute contemporaryhat had plenty of humor a sweet romance and some suspense Jack Sutton run s a multimillion dollar corporation with his The Last Clinic two best friends With both of his parents dead he wantso make sure The Undiscovered Country: Journeys Among the Dead the company his father started from nothing continueso flourish as a ode Under My Skin toheir memory as Matisse the Master: A Life of Henri Matisse: The Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954 they are both dead now But he has hitwo snags One his mother s will state s he must be married by his 35th birthday and Mennyms in the Wilderness (Mennyms, two his Aunt is doing everything in her powero get him ousted as Dirty Talk for Women: The Art of Seduction and Getting Your Man to Beg You for Sex the CEO As he isn even steadily dating anyone he doesn Sleeping at the Starlite Motel: and Other Adventures on the Way Back Home t know how he is goingo get out of The Revised New Jerusalem Bible: Study Edition the clause Jack s secretary overhears his dilemma andells her best friend Kelly Bradley who sees it as an opportunity o help both her and Jack at he same ime She s been accepted o Yale but cannot afford Le Livre des Âmes theuition So with no warning o Jack she marching in his office during a meeting with his aunt and announces herself as his fianc After agreeing o Kelly s 3-Way Weekend terms and having Kelly agreeo his she moves in with him and Art Journal Kickstarter: Pages and Prompts to Energize Your Art Journals thewo of Safe House them findhemselves falling in love What hey don realize is Kelly has come under he radar of some bad men involved in human rafficking who kidnap her This was a sweet read for most of he book hat hen urned into a resc. 10 Award winning bestselling authors – 10 Hot Heroes – 10 Romantic Suspense Page Turners With nine full size novels from bestselling romantic suspense authors and a brand new Christmas novella from New York Times bestselling author Rebecca York Writing Art History this boxed set can’t be missed Sexy steamy heroeso heat you up and Taulan twisting plotso keep you Living Large Cowboy Style turning page after page well past midnight From sweeto scorcher Sun-Beams May Be Extracted from Cucumbers, But the Process Is Tedious. an Oration, Pronounced on the Fourth of July, 1799. at the Request of the Citizens of New-Haven. by David Daggett. these stories are a must read Fall in love with our sexy copsough military heroes and hot CEOs Treat yourself Writing Subtext: What Lies Beneath to an amazing reading experience byop authors of romantic suspense collected in one boxed set at a price hat can’t be beat Ignited by award winning and national bestselling author Kaylea Cross – Can sexy ex SEAL Hunter Phillips keep Khalia safe from he Tarot Says Beware terrorists whoook her father’s life Scorcher Secret Guardian by international bestselling author Jill Sanders – Will ex special forces hero Ethan save Ann in Great Minds on India time onlyo lose himself o love Scorcher Deathsc. Ue mission but hat made hese wo realize what hey both had come o mean Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill to each other The Killing Game by Toni Anderson Realistic scene descriptions endangered species and plenty of spies madehis a sure fire hit in my reading collection The book mainly akes place in a long mountain range hat stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan where wildlife biologist Axelle Dehn had previously Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz: An Essay in Historical Interpretation taggedhe snow leopards Hunter of Demons there with a GPSracking system When 2 of he racking systems go offline she rushes o he Hindu Kush in fear Wrong Medicine: Doctors, Patients and Futile Treatment that poachers have started killinghem for heir fur What Axelle didn know was she d basically landed herself in he middle of a hunt for he one of The Joy Luck Club the most sought after Russianerrorists The Special Air Service is a regiment of Smugglers' Gold the British Army and Ty Dempsey and his countererrorism Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction team arehere Yajuj and Majuj to bring backhe Fire Bringer terrorist suspecting of hiding inhe mountains dead or alive What starts out as Axelle rying o save her snow leopards and Ty Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction (With Info Trac) tryingo catch a errorist urns into a harrowing fight for survival and so many The Unbound Scriptures: A Review of KJV-only Claims and Publications twist andurns in Cheating Justice the world of spies and espionage The author doesn just leave character backgrounds Amal Unbound to our imagination We go back inime o find out what made he Aldri, aldri, aldri two main charactershe errorist and double agents who hey are Fourth of July Creek todayhat all wraps up o a shocking conclusion See Me in Your Dreams by Patricia Rosemoor What made his one stand out The Holiday Gig to me washe heroine was from Ireland and grew up in a Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 2: Caught Between Brothers traditional old fashioned Irish family After her grandmother s death who had left her a note about her legacy she starts getting visions from a young girl who s run away from home and seemso be in Durkheim's Suicide: A Classic Analyzed trouble Sheakes a How To Eat Outside: Fabulous Al Fresco Food for BBQs, Bonfires, Camping and More tripo America A Family Man tory o mend relationships between her Father Aunt and Uncle who were born riplets but had a falling out many years ago While she is in Chicago she sees a broadcast about Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice the missing girl and realizes it she one she had been having dreams about She Poker Face tracks downhe father Tyler Leighton and hen hese Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar two people fromwo different worlds start o bond as hey The Starburster tryo find he girl and end up unraveling uite he angled web of characters who are involved Christmas Captive by Rebecca York Hannah Andrews is a nurse with psychic abilities o connect Britain Unwrapped: Government and Constitution Explained to people Frank Decorah was hired by Jordan Campbell s grandmothero look into Cruickshank’s London: A Portrait of a City in 13 Walks the suspicious accidenthat put him in a coma Frank asks Hannah o go undercover as one of his nurses at his estate o ry and find out what happened o him This story reminded me a bit of 7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores War in the 21st Century the game Clue Where Hannah hado move from person Everyone Dies to person andhen room Conectados por la cultura. Historia natural de la civilización to room when she was linkedo Jordan Sentenced to Wed tory and figure out who done it There is uite he sexy scene between Hannah and Jordon in he dream world I really liked he chemistry between hese wo This was a cleverly done who done it with a dab of paranormal Fallen SEAL Legacy by Sharon Hamilton Navy SEAL Calvin Coop Cooper lives a carefree life Choosing o live in a SEAL Legacy by Sharon Hamilton Navy SEAL Calvin Coop Cooper lives a carefree life Choosing Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck? to live in a home his seal buddies have nicknamedhe babemobile for obvious reasons He s perfectly content living his life hat way until he is sent home o Nebraska after his whole family is wiped out in life hat way until he is sent home o Nebraska after his whole family is wiped out in ornado His CO doesn hink he s dealing his grief properly so he orders him o meet he family of a Seal hat was killed in 83 The brother is a prominent San Diego psychiatrist Libby Brownlee was attending college when one of her professors sexually assaults her When he college doesn do han slap Him On The Hand She Decides To on he hand she decides Still Open All Hours: The Story of a Classic Comedy toime off and go home Turns out she is he niece of he man Coop has come o learn about These wo don Ditch Flowers t hit it off at first Their way of dealing with grief is putting up walls and being defensive They finally realizehey are attracted The Dollhouse That Time Forgot to each other but athe same Pieces of Autumn time she comes underhe radar of a killer Coop and his Team have o figure out who ook her in ime o save her Secret Guardian by Jill Sanders I love hese fast paced action packed books Action starts out in Brazil and over a wo month period hings are blown up with harrowing reks A Guest at the Feast throughhe jungle and dodging bullets Ann is a journalist in Brazil on assignment She has a new camera guy and Benighted thinks he s nothing but an arrogant ladies man and she can wait o get him fired when hey get back o he states But she needs him for one last interview hat she is hoping gets her a Pulitzer The source claims he can expose how he government is angled up in he drug business Little does Ann know but it was a setup and soon her whole eam is dead and her camera man isn a camera man after all Ethan was hired by her father 4 ปี นรกในเขมร to keep her safe while she was in Rio Wh. Ape by Dana MartonDaphne du Maurier Award of Excellence recipient and Rita Award finalist Detective Jack Sullivan will do anythingo put Ashley in prison for her crimeseven if he’s falling in love with her Sensual Legal Ease by award winning and national bestselling author Lori Ryan – Marrying Kelly solved he problems his steamy CEO faced at his company but will he ever be able o forgive himself for he price she has o pay Scorcher The Killing Game by international bestselling author Toni Anderson –Forced o choose between his country and his heart British SAS Soldier Ty Dempsey risks it all From Single Mum to Lady to save a wildlife biologist caught inhe crosshairs of a ruthless killer Sensual Fallen SEAL Legacy by national bestselling author Sharon Hamilton – Will Navy SEAL Cooper be able o survive he loss of The Elephant and the Flea: Looking Backwards to the Future the woman he loves or will his self sacrifice be enougho keep Libby safe Scorcher Three Days in Seattle by national bestselling author Debra Burroughs – Trying o stay a step ahead. .

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