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Narrator Bisexuals seem a bit like unicorns in that they supposedly xist but no one knows one so I was glad to read this and the they supposedly xist but no one knows one so I was glad to read this and the has merit for that aloneThe other thing I one so I was glad to read this and the has merit for that aloneThe other thing I was the location and time period The book is set in very late 1970 s London and specifically in the sex trade Duffy includes visits to blue movie clubs massage parlours and booths where you stick a coin in and get to see a naked lady for a few moments I would imagine much of this has been upgraded or lost and the book is a great time period of the illicit side of London lifeNot rushing to read the next in the series but probably will We are all very lucky that Julian Barnes decided not to stick with writing thrillers this one is uite good though Here s a little interview in case you re interested Julian Barnes on writing thrillers as Dan Kavanagh I wrote my first thriller in ten days I loved this If Dan Kavanagh were a band he would be my new favourite band and this his debut album is an unmitigated triumph Duffy the first novel in a British PI series from author Dan Kavanagh caught my attention mainly because Kavanagh is the pen name for none other than Julian Barnes and when you consider how serious his recent novel is you realise that an author s writing life consists of very specific phases I ve been a fan of Barnes for many years loved Flaubert s Parrot and Staring at the Sun so Julian Barnes writing a crime series I m in The serie Despite some occasional instances of violence Duffy seemed like a cosy mystery to me Laid back in many ways the characters are charmingly inept Nick Duffy is a former cop left under a cloud turned private security ntrepreneur running on a shoestring laconic Even the police seem laid back or ven obtuse on occasion Yet I raced through the story unable to set it aside. Me shady characters from his past Duffy discover that while things have changed in the years since he was working the area the streets are still mean and the crooks walk arm in arm with the bluesFull to bursting with sex violence and dodgy dealings DUFFY is a gripping and ntertaining crime novel with a distinctly different and ntirely lovable anti hero. ,

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This is Philip Marlowe for the latter half of the twentieth century Duffy has a rude mouth an Unruly Libido And A Knack libido and a knack getting into trouble He also has an awesome sometimes girlfriend named Carol who flies in the face of not much screen time and What These Characters Usually Are to become my hands down favorite The situations were so gritty and nasty I ll never look at cheddar cheese the same way againNicely done Julian BarnesI meanDan Kavanagh I read this book same way againNicely done Julian BarnesI meanDan Kavanagh I read this book read this because Kavanagh is a pseudonym of Julian Barnes whose writing I admire This however is not specially great It is a 1980 detective story involving a seedy private detective called Duffy the area around Soho in London and a fairly lightweight tale of protection money prostitution rather gratuitous use of fluid sexuality and crime in Croydon It spawned a short series based on the character of Duffy None of the characters are in any way sympathetic and it feels somewhat contrived No real tension or anticipation of the nding which rather fizzled out Shan t bother with any in the series This was a good story and my first by this author but it wasn t the kind of intriguing hard to solve mystery that I normally likeEveryone in the story was kind of seedy to a greater or lesser degree and not in a lovable rogue kind of way ither None of the characters were particularly appealing no heroes here just a group of shady cops and shady criminals trying to outwit Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) each other and yet working alongsideach other This book was written in 1980 and so it is unsurprising that it has a Sweeny feel to it is British yay and manages to capture the kind of bad image that British policing had in the UK in the ighties specially in the citiesDuffy is an x cop He was pushed out of his job for crossing the line Not the thical li. Things aren't going so well for Brian McKechnie His wife was attacked in their home his cat was brutally killed and now a man with a suspiciously rratic accent is blackmailing him When the police fail spectacularly at finding out who's after him McKechnie ngages the services of London's most unusual private yeDuffy is a detective like no other A bisex. Nes the police should have but the unethical lines of and not making waves for his superiors Four years later finds him running his own security company and allowing to tick on His life is flat He has no xpectations or hope he does what ver comes along to do his relationship if you can call it that with Carol is at an impasse And then he gets a client who is being pressured by some shady character and the client who is by no means an upright person wants the pressure to stop Having gone to the police and not getting much help the client turns to Duffy and mploys him to find out who is behind the threatsAnd Duffy does find out in a rather low key I d rather be The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant elsewhere kind of way But Duffy also discovers other things some of which show him who was behind the stitch up that cost him his career in the policeIt was anxcellent narration with all the menace of dirty policing and the seedier side of London coming to life It also Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) evoked thearly Logic, Labels, And Flesh eightiesspecially when Duffy agree to work for twenty pounds a day Back then that must have been a good wage Today you would get a latte lunch and two trips on the tube for thatAll in all it was a good story but I felt it was too Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design easily solved and I wanted of a mystery with much convoluted twists and turns Still a good read though or good listen as the the case may be Enjoyable stuff I picked it because the author is a pseudonym of Julian Barnes whose Sense of an Ending I loved so much recently This is uite a tame affair which I ought to havexpected from a literary author but was I The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths enjoyed this book was hovering between three and four starsIt s not really a mystery of a detective story There s no revelations justvents and it Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems ends abruptlyOn the positive side this is I believe the first book I have read with a bisexual. Ualx policeman with a phobia of ticking watches and a penchant for Tupperware But what he lacks in orthodoxy he makes up for in street smart savvy and no nonsense dealings Intrigued by McKechnie's dilemma and the apparent incompetency of his x colleagues Duffy heads to his old patch the seedy underbelly of Soho to begin inuiries of his ownHelped by so. ,
Duffy by Dan Kavanagh