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His Indecent Proposal overexposed #1

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Fun characters and short read now I m debating if I should continue in the series Great start Can t wait for the next one A well written and compelling novella I wish I d aid attention to the age count so that the ending wouldn t have come as such a surprise That said I do look forward to the next installment Th. NOTE This is the free sneak eak and first installment of the overexposed series It contains adult contentAmy Clair is a BFA graduate searching for work and hoping to rove to her family that turning down law school wasn’t a huge mistake When comes across an unlikely modeling opportunity reuirements huge mistake When comes an unlikely modeling opportunity with reuirements match her. Anks for sharing it gave it four stars because even though i Who Is Gloria Steinem? probably should give it lower I just like every single interaction that Amy and Dallon had Theroblem i robably should give it lower I just really like every single interaction that Amy and Dallon had The roblem had was that we spent than what I thought was appropriate her deciding when she was going to interact with him If I am going to be introduced. Petite frame she can’t believe her luck The owner of the ad is the gorgeous twenty nine year old Investment Banker Dallon King but Dallon has a dark side When he spanks her in the test hoto session and snaps a icture Amy is shocked to find herself aroused Feeling misled and confused she turns down the job Only Dallon wo. ,
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To characters I hate waiting Now sadly I think i am sucked in and want that I am sucked in and want online with the story However would rather wait until the entire set is released as a whole Yes I m cheap I don t mind admitting that Write a review optionalI love the characters especially Army and Mr Dallon King they are good together. N't let her go that easily His Indecent Proposal is the first novella installment of the Overexposed Series two full length novels ut together for a story that will unfold over seven volumes Overexposed is an erotic ROMANCE WITH EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT INCLUDING with explicit sexual content including elements The intensity will increase as the story continu.