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This book it shows how much our society has changed in the time Shelia has been alive I find our society a bit in your face now but I can t imagine what it must True ritty and heartwarming The story is one that maybe uite a few people can identify with It s well written no holds barred sort of a book that I enjoyed immensely and found myself muttering things such as ood for you and why didn t you see that coming I became so immersed in the story Well worth a readI really enjoyed reading this book It s hard to think what a difficult childhood the author endured but lovely to know that she eventually found the love she so needed and deserved Some very interesting facts about the war years Make sure you have time to finish this book before you start reading I couldn t put it down until the end Interesting to readI was very interested in how things were in the 1950s plus a the motherda. Sheila Tofield tells her moving true story about being a single mother in 1950s Britain in The Unmarried Mother 'A searing honest testimony' Lesley Pearse Sheila rew up in Rotherham the daughter of an uncaring mother who made her believe she was useless stupid and most painfully of all unlovable As a young woman her worst childhood fears useless stupid and most painfully of all unlovable As a young woman her worst childhood fears confirmed when her fiance broke off their engagement without an exp. The Unmarried MotherElate to this book Really lovely true story This is a true account of what life was like for an unmarried Mother in the 50s and is a true account of what life was like for an unmarried Mother in the 50s and Sheila went through a tough childhood of rejection and this in turn made her feel unloved and unworthy Because of this she made lots of wrong decisions regarding men However the one thing she did If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India get right was loving her children A nice easy story to read Reallyood readOnce I started reading i couldn t put it down I am amazed at how she kept Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects going through all the negativity of her childhood and how loathed she wasrowing up She s a true inspiration Such a heartfelt biography If a woman Born Raised In A Difficult Era You Are Reduced To raised in a difficult era you are reduced to at difficult era you are reduced to at when it hits you of the hard times she had The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda growing up then in adulthood I truly recommend this book it s heartfelt Beautifully written and moving story about a remarkable woman and the times sherew up in. On But when she held her newborn daughter in her arms for the first time Sheila knew she had to do the unthinkable bring up her baby on her own in a society that would condemn her for it Sheila Tofield is a proud randmother living in Chichester and The Unmarried Mother is her first book Her touching story was picked up by Penguin when she entered the hugely successful life story competition with Saga Magazine.

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Ughter relationship between Sheila and her mother The story of her relationships following this showed her low self esteem and how her mother s influence had made her the way she was Wonderful story of struggle and loveI enjoyed every page of this story Thank you so much for sharing I feel like it has changed me in a way and made me appreciate my 20 years partner and my two childrenyour a wonderful storyteller and a strong women I really enjoyed reading this book It ave a ood insight as to reading this book It ave a ood insight as to social stigma of having children outside Marriage In The 1950 S How People Behaved Towards Her in the 1950 s how people behaved towards her attitudes and the difficulties she faced The realities of being sent away to a mother baby home The story progresses with her life as it was then and now I became an unmarried single mother in the 1990 s and the attitudes of the older people towards me were appalling so I feel I can somewhat Lanation Heartbroken and vulnerable Sheila was easy prey to the worst type of man a man who turned his back on her when she told him she was carrying his child In Fifties Britain an unmarried pregnant irl receivednot sympathy but censure and contempt Shunned by most of her family Sheila ended up a Church of England home for unmarried mothers with no apparent alternative than to ive up her child for
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