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Little backstory to thatperhaps the bf constantly threw Laurie s name in Michelle s faceI d still be with her if you weren t pregnant that sort of thing Also both At its heart this is depressing story about two teenage girls who haven t got the sense or maturity to see where their actions will lead them and a criminally indifferent young man who apparently Enjoyed Having Girls In Thrall To Him There Is Some having girls in thrall to him There is some both for the victim s family and the loved and bewildered ones of the perpetrators but sheesh talk about the banality of vilUnfortunately ones of the perpetrators but sheesh talk about the banality of vilUnfortunately did read like it was written in a rush and careful diting choices may was written in a rush and careful diting choices may produced better results The reportage style is acceptable for this genre true crime and I m giving it three stars though as others have noted there were repetitions My dition also had a lot of irritating punctuation problems too so perhaps the publishers need to step upUltimately a bit analysis of the criminal justice system for All Roads Lead Home example the way that the sentencing of the junior perpetrator was influenced by the approach that her legal representative took would have been useful For anyone looking for a useful contrast try reading Joe Cinue s Consolation by the Australian writer Helen Garner Different legal system of course but similar criminal motivation and a world of difference in writing techniue analysis and reader satisfaction Good synopsis of a chilling and cold blooded crime Good readWell written book about a murder I never heard of A lot of court testimony I can not help but feel sorry for Hazel and the hell she has been put through at the hands. Her teen she savagely slaughtered her rival 16 year old Laurie Show Overkill is a powerful look at the forces that drive youn. I packed this in a third of the way in I think it was a waste of money It was sloppily written and whole passages were getting repeated by then which wasnough for me I can Google the case instead for nothing I d not realised it was set in Amish country and may have passed it over IF I D KNOWN AS I M NOT A I d known as I m not a due to their puppy farming activities but luckily they weren t Mentioned TOO OftenThe Word TOO oftenThe word was used where I think it was meant to be paramedics then truck instead of trunk there were missed out commas and apostrophes Then Penn State suddenly changed to Perm State George s name was used when it was meant to be John and random fullstops cropped up here and there mid sentence The line The one I seen was clean cuts makes little sense Then no xplanation was given before we launched into Michelle s trial as to what had gone on with the other 2 kids and I gave upVery scrappy and I d certainly not waste my money on any by this author The writing in this true crime novel was very poorin some instances the writer ven repeated whole paragraphs at different points In The Book I the book I already seen this case on one of the very many true crime programs on tv but of course you get details particularly of the backgrounds of the key players I had a hard time caring about any of the people involvedthey seemed like a bunch of white trash with bad 80 s hairdos typical teenage nastiness a severe lack of intelligence tc Michelle Lambert is definitely a psycho how could you be obsessed with a not too attractive girl your boyfriend dated for a week when you were broken up There had to be Michelle Lambert 19 and six months pregnant was insane jealous of anyone who came near her boyfriend So with the help of anot. Of a very sick young women and the judicial systemI hope you can find some peace I njoyed reading about the actual case but did not need a play by play of 2 almost identical trials Much was repetitive I did njoy the fact that the author included an update on all the players lives i always appreciate when an author lives I always appreciate when an author the time to do that My usual uibble with average true crimespent way too much time on boring trial details A pretty sad book Jealousy is common very where we look but to kill a teen over a guy is ridiculous I am glad justice was served It s a must read I just dislike going through the trials in a book I think to much time is wasted for the trial I used to have a copy of this book and guess I gave it to someone Anyway I remembered that I liked it but that was all so when I was able to read this thanks to Kindle Unlimited I decided why not and glad I didVery sad but interesting case about 4 teenagers or wait I think 2 were teenagers and 2 were nasty ass grown ups that thought they were ntitled to anything45 stars True crime

that tells much of the story from the victim s family s point of view specially her mother s Tells a lot of what her mother went through How Michelle Lambert an obsessively jealous pregnant teen stalked and attacked a sixteen year old girl Then a different time talked another teen into going to the girl s home with her where they both attacked her and the sixteen year old girl Laurie Show nded up dead Gruesomely stabbed with her throat cut nearly through But when found by her mother she was just barely able to whisper Michelle did G people into murderous rages and the horrifying true story of one psycho teen killer who merciless took a young woman's life. ,

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