(Eternity Ring) [E–pub] Î Patricia Wentworth

Eternity RingA good average Miss Silver Mystery Mary Stokes discovers a dead body In Dead Man S Dead Man s one evening but when she returns with a olice officer

"it is no "
is no there Miss Silver becomes involved by this event and is determined to get to the bottom of itShe does of course in the nick of time Lt Frank Abbott asks Miss Silver to come to the country to visit his family because wierd things are happening A young woman claims she saw a dead body in the woods and while she definitely had a frightening experience there is no body and she is keeping something back Frank s cousin left her husband of three months and will tell no one what caused the splitIn a small village the local gossip hotline has grist for their millThe romance in this one if that is what it is supposed to be is too soap opera for me The cousin mopes around making sure everyone knows how miserable she is but won t speak to a friend or her mother about what happened This is what happens in the soaps troubles are caused by Olympic level jumping to conclusions and lack of communication The murderer is so obvious from about 13 of the way throunot the most enjoyable read If you did not know it from other books and common sense at least here you learn why blackmailing a murderer is a bad idea They have already killed at least onceduh Miss Silver is not my favorite detective a little of her is amusing but the constant Tennyson grows a little tiresome but I ve decided to re read some of her books Frank Abbott is visiting some of his numerous relatives when a young woman bursts into a tea arty with a tale of having witnessed a man dragging a corpse When olice investigate there s no sign of a corpse or of drag marks Frank isn t sure what happens but he asks Miss Silver to visit too and see if she thinks the girl is lying A second murder seems to answer that uestion but also seems to incriminate Frank s cousin s estranged husband Since Wentworth usually manages to combine her mystery with some fem jep you ll be keeping an eye on the cousin too Frank Abbot is resent when a distraught girl appears claiming to have seen a man dragging the corpse of a young woman The corpse is wearing a very distinctive earring which looks like a diamond eternity ring but the second earring appears to be missing It is not Frank s case and he was only there are the time because he was staying with his uncle Mary Stokes was walking through Dead Man's Copse one evening when she saw in the beam of a torch the corpse of a young woman dressed in a black coat black gloves no hat and an eternity ring set with. .
Nd aunt He is uzzled and asks his friend Miss Silver To Come And Stay And See If She Thinks to come and stay and see if she thinks girl is lyingWhat follows is an intriguing mystery which may or may not involve Frank s cousin Cicely and her estranged husband Grant Hathaway as well as many of the neighbours It is thanks to Miss Silver that the missing corpse is eventually discovered but not until another murder has taken lace and there are even suspects in the frameI Think This Is One Of this is one of Wentworth s best Miss Sliver mysteries featuring as it does her working in harmony with the olice and making best use of her ability to fade into the background and be overlooked just when an intelligent listener is needed It is an interesting study in character and motivation written to an extremely high standard and with some excellent dialogue and a very good lot DAME AGATHA CHRISTIE AND HER PEERSBOOK 58 1950My God you re hardYou asked for itJust wanted to start this review with a highlight of this book an exchange between a married coupleCAST 2 stars There are over 35 eople in this story And there is no reason for most of them to be in this book Maggie Bell listens to neighbors talk on the Brainwashing of the German Nation phone as there is an old stylearty line Does she hear too much She is 29 and had an accident at 12 years old so about all she can do is lay around and listen to gossiping I d love to have seen her Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) play a biggerart she is the most interesting character here and is the only reason I m giving this element 2 stars About Maud Silver Private Detective She knits for 200 of 254 Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt pages and only onage 203 says she ll take the case Then on age 205 Miss Silver continued to knit From her tightly netted fringe to her beaded slippers she resented a Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns perfecticture of the elderly English spinster whose means like her ideas are strictly limited and her Principles of Isotope Geology position in the social scale such that she may uite safely be ignored or taken for granted Makes one appreciate Miss Marple that s for sure The action though really ramps up onage 206 when Miss Silver knitted Take Wentworth s advice and simply ignore Silver I m not even sure why she is in this story Here s some dialogue you ll robably want to memorizeMiss Alvinia It was the blood Miss Silver Dear meMiss Alvinia It was on the scullery floor Miss Silver Dear me There was blood on the scullery floorA few lines later Miss Alvinia Oh yes Oh dear it was so. Diamonds in her ear But when she and Detective Sergeant Frank Abbott went back to the wood the body had vanished This would have been mystery enough for Miss Silver to solve if a woman had not also ,

Horrid I mopped the floor and oh
"it was dreadful "
was dreadful cloth was all red Not the the sort of red that would come off the bricks but blood Oh dear oh dear You can t make any mistake about blood can youPersonally and this is just me but yes you can You can mop it up before Scotland Yard arrives to examine the crime scene IF it was this author s intention to artially author a send up of this genre she did a good jobATMOSPHERE 3 stars There is a creepy old house natch And it has a secret Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 panel of course And dark steps lead toa dead body There are small towns like Deeping not to be confused with Deepside And Abbotsleigh Tomlin s Farmrovides us with Mary Stokes who sees too much and you can bet your entire 401K that either 1 she ll be fine and live happily ever after or 2 be killed in the next few chapters Did I mention the blood on the scullery floor I did like the atmosphere here the small towns of England the men returning from WW2 a ub called The Bull a lovely set of earrings stolen jewelry housekeepers sneaking around lodgings no apartment buildings in 1950 I suppose etc But it s that arty line that rovides many of the clues You d be surprised at how eople will say just any ol thingwait those arty lines are much like social media todayCRIMES 3 This is my first Wentworth and I thought she did a good job setting up the crime scenes and creating a good mystery to solve You may solve it early My guess was a character from Scotland Yard Sargent Frank Abbott who suspiciously has tea for no reason at all with the nutty Vinnie other than to ask lots of uestions After all he s the Character Most Awake And Relatively most awake and relatively in this book And I can t say he isn t the killerINVESTIGATION 2 stars Even though Miss Silver knits throughout the book there is Chief Inspector Lamb of Scotland Yard and Constable May the latter 2 asking the ertinent uestions And Chief Inspector Lamb of Scotland Yard and Constable May the latter 2 asking the Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion pertinent uestions And Abbot grilling over teaRESOLUTION 2 stars Everything is wrapped up nicely But for me the romance is a little hard at times to believe A flower arrangement arrives in the last chapter and the last line is in Frenchjust a bit too much And Maggie Bell Wentworth seems to forget about herSUMMARY 24 This author might be at times satirizing this genre Then again the mystery isretty good And oh there are lots of exclamation marks so that you ll know to get excited I ll try one at least by this author. Eported that her lodger had gone out on Friday dressed in a black coat black beret black shoes and large hoop earrings 'set all round with little diamonds like those eternity rings' She never came ba. ,