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The Octopus A Story of CaliforniaThe Octopus is mentioned several times in the last book I read The Inventor and the Tycoon Since I was a big fan of Norris McTeague I decided to tackle this sweeping drama Although the book is ainfully slow in the beginning it is well worth completing Norris must have been inspired by Victor Hugo s Les Miserables as The Octopus delves into the lives of the Northern California farmers whose lives are held in the balance by the greedy railroad tycoons The characters are extremely well defined and sympathetic as they attempt to band together and rid themselves of the evil doers trying "to take their land and wrench every enny they can out " take their land and wrench every Thailand's Sickest - Hell To Pay penny they can out their business transactions Driven to desperation against evil the farmers find that they must meet the evil halfway anderhaps erform tasks they NEVER IMAGINED DOING THE RAILROAD IS BAD ESPECIALLY IN imagined doing The railroad is bad Especially in 1880s It is the destroyer of souls the devil s most exuisite instrument of torture That s about all I got for getting through this slog It was fine It wasn News stories about Occupy Wall Street and the 99% have dominated the headlines for the ast year These same themes also dominate this century old book which was a bestseller in 1901 Here the Octopus is the Railroa Prior to beginning The Octopus the only thing I knew about Frank Norris was that his novel The Pit inspired Upton Sinclair to write The Jungle I don t know if this is true but the four years between the two books makes it seem Retail. De digitale hysterie voorbij plausible Thus I went into The Octopus with a fairly open mindI loved itIt is not an easy book to read the events it is based upon are not happy ones The Octopus covers aeriod in California history where the railroads wielded an enormous amount of ower not only in transportation but also. This is a turn of the century epic of California wheat farmers struggling against the rapacity of the Pacific and Southwestern Railroad which will stop at nothing to exte. ,

In government and land ownership As a result they made aupers of rich men overnight and destroyed the lives of many less wealthy farmers There is no happy ending And because Norris creates such a rich cast of characters and devotes many of the 600 ages to "fully developing their families experiences and ersonalities beyond the olitical story the ending is even difficult to takeFrank Norris is " developing their families experiences and ersonalities beyond the olitical story the ending is even difficult to takeFrank Norris is a spare writer He spends time setting each scene and despite the multiple oints of view resent throughout I often felt that the overall master narrator was the 4000 Meilen durch die USA: Meine Reise zu den großen Fragen des Lebens poet Presley Scenes are described in breathtaking language regardless of if the view is of a field of wheat or a ditch of bodies In the novel when Presley writes aoem to great acclaim he chooses to ublish it in a newspaper for the masses it in a newspaper for the masses of in a magazine for the rivileged Norris does the same with his novel it is a story about wrongs against humanity and he wrote it for the masses There is nothing Gläsern privileged about this book It is a warning against the concentration ofower and the risks all Detention of Doom people run if they lose sight of their morals This book does notreach but it would be hard to miss to message I read this novel years ago after an undergraduate English rofessor kept mentioning it in a survey class I took on American literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries It was not an assigned text though it was one that he clearly favored I liked the rofessor very much he was an impressively learned old school man who lectured with confident ease on a broad canvas about Punishing My Slutty Little Sister philosophicalolitical and social currents that formed the backdrop of whatever works we happened to be reading This was 1975 when English Blood+: Russian Rose, Volume 2 professors knew their literature and the so. Nd its domination The company controls the localaper the land the legislature and when the farmers organize to rotect themselves even manages to control their represen.

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Cial and intellectual and olitical contexts in which it was written They didn t trouble us with bizarre literary theories and retentious jargon the toxic waste that started spreading in the 80s and is unlikely ever to be effectively contained and remediated I was a freshman 80s and is unlikely ever to be effectively contained and remediated I was a freshman had never before heard a teacher speak so effortlessly on so many high toned intellectual topics And so I felt compelled to read this important American novel which unsurprisingly nobody really reads any and that is a shame The characters are memorable and the story is compellingFile under naturalism This is a term I have never especially liked because it seems misleading It is a word that does not effectively convey exactly what the main ingredients of this literary movement are How does the word naturalism come to mean a school of literature in which characters are subjected to Darwinian forces beyond their control What is natural about that Like it or not naturalism means exploitation avarice and how eople caught up in their inexorable grip are crushed by the the raw exercise of economic and olitical ower Like the railroad in this "Novel Whose Tentacles Strangle Those " whose tentacles strangle those attempt in vain to oppose its unstoppable grasp Seems to me a novel like this would be erfectly appropriate to the conditions which revail in the USA a century later extreme wage ineuality rampant dishonesty and corruption on the art of oliticians market manipulation and rapacious greed that are normative behavior on Wall Street and owerful corporations who fire employees move jobs to other countries and strip remaining employees of basic benefits all the while Learn English: A Beginner's Guide for ESL Learners paying top management salaries that balloon ever higher into the stratosphere A new Octopus for a new age. Tative on the state rate fixing commission An unremitting tale of greed and betrayal originally intended as one third of Norris' never completed Epic of the Wheat trilogy.