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Barefoot Dogs

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Ious members of his extended family view spoiler It Will Be Awesome Before Spring A young man planning his summer trip to Italy learns a little about how not so wealthy people in Mexico live only to Come Home To Face His Grandfather S home to face his grandfather s The lead story is truly the beginning The family has not yet reacted This set the stage for how and privileged the Arteaga is and how disconnected from the world around them An expose on how other people live and function in an environment that they haven t ever had to even acknowledge existed UNTIL NOW ROUSING START OKIE BERNARDO now Rousing start Okie Bernardo a 13 year old boy has recently and rapidly relocated to Palo Alto California from Mexico under secret circumstances No explanations are given He misses his friends cousins grandfather etc but his parents refuse to tell him when they will return His adjustment to America is slow and his social interactions are almost nonexistent Ambrose is a white girl Okie who thinks he s weird but befriends him His mother is taking swimming lessons with him and it embarrasses him He acts out in ways that embarrass her so she will stop taking the lessons This story goes into detail of the challenges of integration into their new location and the difficulties of adjusting on the family especially when they are not aware of the circumstances of the relocation Bernardo is Jose Arteaga s grandson His mother is Arteaga s daughter The story centers on Bernardo s adjustment but very cleverly conveys the mother s adjustment and coming to terms as well This story also touched on the impacts upon the hired family servants one of whom relocated along with the familyOrigami Prunes In this story Laura the daughter of Jose Arteaga deals with her adjustment to relocation to Austin Tx In this story Laura an older woman has a passionate love affair with a young man while she processes the disappearance of her father Bittersweet tale involving dryers Laura is drawn so well here as a lost soul Both odd and poignant One of the most emotionally affecting of this collectionI Clench My Hands into Fists and They Look Like Someone Else s Grandchildren Homero and Ximena brother and sister are mysteriously sent to Brooklyn NY ahea. Artín flees Mexico City with his wife newborn son and dog Isolated and homesick in Madrid Martín awakes one sticky hot morning uietly overwhelmed by the circumstances his growing aversion to his son the dog’s sudden illness and the vag. ,
D of parents They are trying to process their situation without much information or guidance They are also teenagers in the midst of growing up with lots of secrets and confusion and no too much guidance at the moment A good story though not one of my favorites I think that Camacho is doing a great job of distinguishing the characters and the feel of the different places that they relocateDeers An interesting story that centers around the hired help brought to America when escaping violence is Now On Her Own on her own to survive in Austin by working at McDonalds Susy was Laura s maid now Laura has disappeared and Susy now stranded must figure out how to survive and still send money home for her own children As Susy arrives to work there is a police car there with sirens and lights blaring Susy s friends fear it is immigration and Susy might be in danger In reality a bear has broken into McDonalds and the situation finds her pondering her life and the lives of her friends while they wait to find out if they have to work that day It also is an adventure that stirs her imagination away from the dreariness and monotony of her everyday life as she ekes out a living on the margins One of the best stories in this amazing collectionBetter Latitude Jose Arteaga s mistress learns of his idnapping and grasps with the amazing collectionBetter Latitude Jose Arteaga s mistress learns of his idnapping and grasps with the that must come for her and her 6 year old son This story details the oldest son meeting his father s mistress and his youngest brother for the first time to tell them to leave Mexico City while they still can Some disturbing images and processes in this one as the mothermistress sums up the true meaning of her existence these few years She wants for her son Her Odor First The strangest of the tales of a maid of the grandfather and the house once the children escaped The maid is a ghost who lives with the oldest son Jose as he grapples with receiving bits and pieces of his father in delivered parcelsBarefoot Dogs the final story of a son s escape to Madrid with his wife and daughter and his nonstop guilt over leaving his family and father The imagery is juxtaposed with a terminally ill dog they have rescued but cannot save Again so brilliantly poignant hide spoiler. Ue unresolved danger from his abandoned homeland Gripping disturbing and moving Barefoot Dogs is a story about the struggle of a man who estranged from his home and traumatized by his past is trying to be a father after the loss of his own. ,

An excellent collection that presents the reader with a aleidoscopic view into an Mexican family tragedy Similar to Jennifer Egan S A VISIT FROM s VISIT FROM GOON SUAD in the way it combines narrative ingenuity one story is a single strung out 15 page sentence another is nothing but dialogue with the intimate examination of a singular event and it s implications It s not until the perfect final story that the whole collection ties itself together but it s well worth the waitHighly recommended This book has a uite interesting structure with several short stories being connected by one family hit by tragedy I liked the varying writing styles of the different chapters that often reflected the age or education of the given person This techniue made the stories themselves nuanced and held my interest With regard to the plots some of the stories were uite moving with their focus on loss and how to come to terms with change However most of them lacked the special sauce that usually draws me into short stories and leaves me breathless or emotional at the end Overall the concept of the book is interesting but for the most part it lacked the emotional impact that I expected The patriarch of a wealthy Mexico City family disappears Kidnappings are common and the grown children most with families of their own do not respond to ransom reuests Pieces of their father begin to arrive in the mailThe family scatters leaving their home and privileged lives out of guilt panic and genuine concern over possible continued violence Ruiz Camacho s linked short stories takes up these lives in cities spread across the United States One son with his wife and chil I m very taken with this one I appreciate a book that forces me to look at and evaluate things differently This is a novel comprised entirely of short stories at and evaluate things differently This is a novel comprised entirely of short stories interesting concept and an excellent bookThe book is about the aftermath of a idnapping of a wealthy patriarch in Mexico City Jose Victoriano Arteaga A idnapping that occurs off page Because of the gang violence in Mexico this event has significant implications to the family They are forced to flee the country The book is a series of short stories of how this event impacted var. This story was originally published in Day One a weekly literary journal dedicated to short fiction and poetry from emerging writersAfter the violent shadowy events surrounding his father’s disappearance and his sibling’s disbandment