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Hearted but starts to move on She sees Kyle a lot since she moved home and they are starting to She sees Kyle a lot since she moved home and they are starting to close He makes a pass at Lexi and they wind p in bed for some great sex This starts a friends with benefits relationship for them although Kyle would like He doesn t want to move too fast for Lexi and scare her off This book does contain some sex but it isn t real graphic This story is so sweet and I wanted to cry at parts especially toward the end I know you will too You will fall in love with these two in Love s Embrace Working on writing my review now It will be posted here after it goes live on my blog I will say that I there was a point where I thought I might need to yell at the author for what she d don. There a chance for a happily ever after with Kyle Or Should She Forgive Bennett For she forgive Bennett for betrayal Can she let love wrap her in its warm embrace onc. Kyle is not shying from the feelings he has had for years for Alexis Can Alexis from the feelings he has had for years for Alexis Can Alexis Bertrand and Kyle Dupont were friends ever since they were little Today they are best friends Kyle introduced her to his friend Bennett He didn t realize that they would fall in love and get married Kyle was heartbroken because he cared for Lexi and didn t tell her He tucked his feelings away Five years later Lexi finds out her husband has been cheating on her and has been for Nine Black Doves (The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny, Vol 5) uite some time He wants a divorce from her She moves home and tries to put her life back together Then she finds out she is pregnant with Bennett s baby but he doesn t want it His girlfriend is pregnant and they want to get married Lexi is broken. T she turns to her best friend Kyle Dupont for moral support While he wipes away her tears she begins to see Kyle as a man and not just a friend Is. RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWHeartbreaking and emotionally challenging read But yet a dang good one You don t want to miss out on this one Find out what happens when Alexis Bertrand life that she loved so much comes crashing down Alexis Bertrand thought she had the perfect life with a husband who loved her and a job she loved Everything blewp when she found out her husband had been cheating on her and the man she thought she truly knew was putting her through the divorce from hell When Alexis found out she was pregnant she believed The Baby Was The baby was the good thing to come from Her Broken Heart Her Only Constant Show Of Support Is broken heart Her only constant show of support is best friend Kyle Dupont Alexis finds herself feeling something for Kyle and. Alexis Bertrand thought she had it

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– the job and loving husband Suddenly Lexi finds herself separated and pregnant With a broken hear.

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