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With this last book The other being the grittiness and vivid gory detailsThe first book in this series The Immortal Rules is an introduction to the world and characters It s also slower than the other two and focuses on the changes in Allison s life and the way she adapts to them The second book The Eternity Cure is much better It s a complex well plotted story that mixes fast paced action with humour and nail biting tension with romance It s one of those books that just ticks every box It excites it surprises it holds your attention This last book isn t like that in my opinion It s 416 pages long and about 80% of that is about Allison and Zeke s romantic angst And maybe I wouldn t mind so much if they didn t go round and round in the same circlesThere are very few surprisesThe plot was exactly as I expected it to be in between copious amounts of vampire love drama In fact there is only one thing that happens near the end which I would consider a surprise and even that isn t particularly difficult to see coming especially when you remind yourself that something dramatic has to happen at the climax I eep saying it but without Jackal this book would have been very disappointing It s also in part an extremely long meditation on what it means to be a monster and how to be a vampire without choosing to become evil Which is basically what the entire first book was about why did we need to cover this again It was like de ja fucking angstThe stuff I did actually likeGritty details Kagawa seems to be really good at this This series despite the age of the characters often feels like a set of adult books because the author isn t afraid to go there and she never skimps on the details I don t The Slave Dancer know about her Fey books but this series is very gory and bloody in horrific detail at times Which may or may not be your thing but it works well for me It also suits the dark depressing setting and general feel of the novel this is not a nice world and Kagawa isn t about to let you forget itJackal Have I mentioned that I like him Oops But Jackal is just 100% theind of character I like He s witty sarcastic and yeah a bit of an asshole too I can t help it I love multilayered characters that are neither all good or all bad And I think it s great when an author can take a character who does bad things but manages to make you love them anyway I cannot tell you how much I would love a spin off series featuring Jackal I would still recommend this series for fans of YA paranormal dystopiasromances These books are still very much worth reading everyone deserves a bit of Jackal in their lives but I think the trilogy peaked with the second book Three stars for me is a positive rating and I can t deny that even at its weakest points this series delivers enough drama action and gore to eep readers interested Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Rating Clarification 35 starsThis series is definitely a MUST READ These books are constant page turners gripping enthralling and exhilarating Personally I think that this third installment had too much action and no down time Part of what made me love the first installment so much is that it had the perfect combination of both action and narrative the action is perfectly fine but the down time makes that action better gives it ten SpoilersAn unremarkable end to an unremarkable series The Forever Song mostly consisted of Allison walking snarling feeling sorry for herself baring her fangs making cheesy promises of revenge and inner monologuing And the rest of the story was made up of generic fight scenes I hated Allison s character she was such a crappy heroine It pissed me off how her whole world revolved around a guy She lost all her morals and turned into a heartless cow all because she thought she lost her love interest it was pathetic that her behaviour and ethics hinged on the fate of a boy I got tired of Allison talking about her hinged on the fate of a boy I got tired of Allison talking about her and the Monster inside of her I think it was meant to make her seem badass and dangerous but it just came across as annoying and silly Where were all the secondary female characters There were none Allison was always around guys Jackal Kanin Zeke Sarran she didn T Have A SINGLE have a SINGLE with another female Allison s vampire family was male the soldiers were male the doctors were male the mayor was male why couldn t one of them have been femaleIn total there was less than a page s worth of dialogue from other female characters that weren t Allison I m being generous calling them characters since they were pretty much non charactersShe didn t have one strong female influence or relationship in her life It seems like most YA authors have decided that the only story worth telling about a girl is one which revolves around boys Ugh Allison and Jackal s Bickering Got Really Boring After got really boring after while it just went on and on I think it was meant to be funny or something but it was irritating having to read them bitch at each other over and over again Zeke was normal and sweet if a bit boring in the first two books but he turned into the typical cold emo nobody understands me I m so tortured YA hero It was nauseatingAll in all I wasn t impressed Allison was insufferable Zeke was awful the story was repetitive and dull and worst of all there were no secondary female characters I won t be reading any future Julie Kagawa books AFTER READING I need a hug I need lots of hugs I can t believe it s over now The ending was beautiful and bittersweet I cannot wait to fangirl with you all Allison Zeke Jackal and Kanin You will be missed I cried so much I will reread this series every time I m sad I swear Updated 2014 April 9th less than a week before the release Who s excited I now I amThe door loomed dead ahead and I didn t stop I didn t pause to reconsider my plan Whether I was walking into a trap or straight to my death Katana at my side I strode up to the door and Sleep with the Fishes kicked it below thenob It flew open with a crash nearly ripped off its hinges and I stepped into the room Updated 2014 March 27 19 daysAnother teaser To the people who have received an arc no spoilers for the rest of us until the publication please No matter how much and how loud we begHey old man Jackal called in a mocking voice you forgot to say if you The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History kids don t stop I m going to turn this car right around and then no one will go to Eden Updated 2014 March 19 27 days before publication less than a monthI slumped in relief then turnedto face a suadron of suspicious hard eyed soldiers their assult rifles already trained on us all Updated 2014 March 6th Another teaserI didn t answer walking faster to get away from him and he uickened his pace toeep up Come on sister where s that obnoxious morality you ept throwing in my face every two seconds You re making it very difficult to take any sort of pleasure in mocking it relentlessly Updated 2014 March 1st 1 month and 15 days before publication So they moved the publication date to April 15th Yaaaaay And HERE S A SHORT TEASER FROM JULIEIgnoring the pain I snatched my atana from where it lay on the hood and roared D Sarren has one final brutal shock in store for AllieIn a ruined world where no life is sacred and former allies can turn on you in one heartbeat Allie will face her darkest days And if she succeeds triumph is short lived in the face of surviving forever alon. ,

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S We do this as a teamAllie sees Sarren DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE MOTHERFUCKERKanin Why do I even botherMeanwhileSarren MWAHAHAHAHA I will destroy the world I WILL KILL EVERYONESarren After I make this long ass speech about how much they suck compared to my evil geniusAllie Two lives for the rest of the world he continued Are you willing to sacrifice everything to save one and destroy another Allie needs to get her fucking priorities straight I remained angry at Allie throughout the book because she was such an immature madly romantic wildly emotional and angsty character She has her eyes on the prize the prize being Zeke The rest of the world The fate of the world Fuck them All she cares about is ZekeLet s focus on one scene specifically Allie has found out that Zeke has been turned by Sarren into a vampire Zeke is now evil he retains little memories of her Allie wants to go back for Zeke It is a bad decision to make and Kanin wants to get the facts straight before Allie makes her choice I want you to understand exactly what you are deciding right now If we return to the city for Jackal and Ezekiel Sarren could reach Eden complete whatever he is planning and unleash a virus that could destroy everything And if that happens everything we ve done here will be for nothing Do you understand that It s pretty fucking clear If Allie goes back she risks endangering everything they ve been fighting for They are the last people who stand a chance at stopping Sarren Without them there is no hope The fate of vampires and that of the surviving human rests on them If they fail the results are disastrous I just want you to understand the potential conseuences of tonight he went on If we are A World on Fire killed if we cannot get to Sarren in time everything could die It will be like it was sixty years ago You aren t old enough to remember the days Before but when Red Lung was at its peak the entire world was madness and chaos And when the rabids appeared it became hell on earth Kanin makes it perfectly clear It s up to them It isa very heavy weight to carry Allison the damnation of a world I want you to be very certain before we go any further Is it worth it Is he worth it And Allie s choice I alreadynew my answer It was selfish it was unreasonable and I Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life knew it was the wrong choice But I looked up at Kanin into his impassive face and whispered Yes You are willing to let others die for this To let Sarren win I am fucking DONE with AllieZeke Excuse me while I get out the world s smallest violin for ZekeKhanh starts playing while Zeke sings his song of emo I m a demon and the sooner I take myself out of this world the better I only have to understand one thing I m a demon I may not have wanted it but it s what I am now This is what I am Allison I m a demon younow it as well as me I m terrified that I won t be able to fight this that I ll turn into a demon and lose my soul forever if it s not already gone While Zeke was crying Khanh slowly switched her instrument to a cello Khanh stops playing and bashes Zeke on the head with itJackal I wanted to pump my fist in triumph every time Jackal spoke His is the voice of destructive reason and my god I love him so much I could die He gives it to Allie straight every time she s in one of her fluffy frilly lovey dovey self pitying moods When Allie and Zeke are having one of their Loving Moments in the middle of a fucking battlefield Still incredible vampire girl he whispered sounding almost like himself again Dangerous beautiful and unstoppable You haven t changed Jackal interrupts them to tell them to get their heads out of their asses and get back into the fucking moment Oh isn t that sweet came Jackal s loud mocking voice before i could reply let s voice before I could reply Let s goo goo eyes at each other in the middle of a stinking corpse field how very romantic I felt like Jackal was saying everything I was thinking Every time Zeke or Allie have one of their nauseatingly self pitying moments Jackal is there to mock them to their face Aw isn t that sweet And Jackal sauntered into view smirk firmly in place But don t wait around on my account It s not like I can t wait for yet another riveting night of listening to you people whine at each other Oh woe is me I m a vampire I m a horrible monster who eats babies and murders bunnies boo hoo hoo I would be ever so happy if Jackal had his own spinoff The last book in this series was great It followed up on all the elements and gruesome details that enchanted me so very much in the first book The element of surprise and change that occurred in the love relationship although foreseeable was amply believable and well portrayed I can t really complain because I did love everything about this book and I think it ended well Kanins death was a necessary evil to heighten the drama a symbolic representation of sacrifice for the greater good It was dramatic realistic and vastly emotionalBut in general my favorite thing in books two and three was the siblings love hate relationship The shades of gray in every person or in this case vampire made a great influence on the way you looked at the story I guess what captured me most was the touches of reality signified in this fantasy tale The only thing that prevents me from giving this book a full 5 is the extension of Zekes moping period was a little too long the whining on his behalf set me off a little I mean yeah I get the whole guilt and despair but he sounded whiny than miserable to me But like I said can t complain as I really enjoyed reading this series It made my blood boil and at the same my heart wrench for it s characters and events Oh the title is perfect sighZeke baby And Allison you gorgeous badass I love you too much to wait I Just Can tMs Kagawa I believe you are trying to ill me but I Love You Anyway love you anyway you re so crazy awesomeBut dammit I NEED THAT BOOK MISSY So this is me all of me forever No looking back No regrets From now on vampire girl he lowered his head brushing his lips across my skin I m all yours I promise no spoilers for this book but it would be impossible to review The Forever Song without giving away some things from the previous books In my opinion this final installment is the weakest I thought the second book was a hard one to follow so maybe that fact second book was a hard one to follow so maybe that fact but I would have very few good things to say about this if it wasn t Jackal who is actually one of my favourite YA paranormal characters and I so hope he gets his own spin off which looks uite likelySo what s up with all the angstingI ve nown from the start that these books are uite dark dreary and full of drama but that s ind of what I liked about them I liked reading about Allison s moral struggles and how she came to terms with being a monster and learned to embrace both sides of who she is I liked reading about her relationship with Zeke and the convincing way the author depicted problems faced in a humanvampire relationship I liked Kanin And I LOVED the comic relief offered by Jackal s bitingly sarcastic sense of humour But the latter was one of only two things that remained consistent. The trail is bloody and long and Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions her creator Kanin and her blood brother Jackal The trail is leading straight to the one place they must protect at any cost the last vampire free zone on Earth Eden An. ,
January 2014 Update That cover a little too girly for me Anyone else see the infinity sign the birds make HAHA GET IT FOREV I am proud of you Allison Sekemoto he whispered Whatever you decide whatever path you choose to take I hope that you will remain the same girl I met that night in the rain The one decision for which I have no regrets It is always difficult to start a review when you have so many feelings about a book especially in a trilogy or saga but I think at the same time or at least in my case I can express better my opinions and so I can calm down myself a little too lolWe can see a very different Allie this time in her trip to Eden along with Kanin and Jackal after the death of Zeke she is determined to leave the feelings of the past behind of her and make way for her demon part which dominates her completely in the e After readingNOOOO IT S OVER NOOOOOOooooWell I am sad to see this series come to an end I really enjoyed it The Forever Song is a good conclusion to the trilogy over all as thrilling action packed and emotional as the two books that preceded it There were a few things that didn t uite work for me and I m still trying to decide how I feel about the ending But over all it was worth the waitFull review coming soonBefore readingThe Forever SongTHIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS YES IT GOES ON AND ON MY FRIENDS SOME PEOPLE STARTED SINGING IT NOT KNOWING WHAT IT WAS AND THEY LL CONTINUE SINGING IT FOREVER JUST BECAUSE THIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS YES IT GOES ON AND ON MY FRIENDS Update 111513Oh dear lord it doesn t come out until April 29th 2014 NOOOOAlsoUpdate 31314 OOOOH A COVER It s pretty Also it s on NetGalley Update 31614 I GOT AN ARC YAAAAAAY So yeah I will be reading this very soon Someone hold me I m scared Spoilers for book 2 minor spoilers for book 3 Say you love me vampire girl he whispered his voice low and husky Tell methat this is forever I love you I said immediately And if we have forever there s no one else I want to spend it with That sad sad moment when your favorite YA vampire series turns into a soap operaThis book broke my heart in a way that hasn t happened since Ginny x Harry I absolutely loved the previous books in this series despite the main character s Allie tendency to be extremely emo and Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix angsty In previous books I made excuses for her emotions her feels her constant need to hang onto her humanity in the face of her darker nature of the vampiric beast within in the hopes that she will eventually mature and embrace her darkness I gave Allie credit for her weakness throughout this series in the hopes that finally she will grow the fuck up and get her priorities straightIt didn t happen uite the oppositeAllie is whiny than ever Zeke is an emo pussy beyond redemption The only saving grace to this book was the glorious motherfucker that is Jackal LET ME LOVE YOU Let me tell you how much I love Jackal I don t just love him I want to marry him I want to grovel at his feet I want to get down on my nees and worship him I want to get down on my nees and well let s not go into explicit details now ANYWAY ahemI alternated between pain and pleasure in this book Pain because of Allie Pleasure whenever Jackal opened his mouth to rip Allie a new oneWhat hurts about this book is that Kagawa KNEW that Allie and Zeke are weak characters She deliberately wrote her that way because everything Jackal said about Allie rings so true Jackal is Allie s biggest critic and he absolutely confronted Allie on all her emotional lovey dovey bullshit Puppy I am getting so tired of listening to you whine about this he snarled at Zeke This isn t rocket science If you don t want to be a monster don t be a bloody monster Be an uptight stick in the mud like Kanin Be a self righteous bleeding heart like Allison Or you can stop agonizing about it and be a fucking monster See Jackal represented the POV that I feel a lot of readers can understand Kagawa made Allie to be a weak character an unreasonable one a stubborn one and while I respect her choice as the writer to create her character in this way I cannot love Allie KNOWING HER INCREDIBLE FAULTSTHE PLOT ZEKE IS DEAD OR her incredible faultsThe Plot Zeke is dead Or s supposed to be Allie is trying not to think about him Allie Jackal and Kanin are on their way through the devastation that is the US trying to track down the brilliant genius Sarren who seeks to ill every living and undead creature left in the worldHere s essentially how the book goesAllie I WILL NOT THINK ABOUT ZEKE breaks down into tears 5 minutes later I WILL BE A BIG BAD ASS KILLER AND AVENGE MY LOVER S DEATH breaks down againJackal LOL YOU ARE SO DUMB FACE YOUR NATURE BE LIKE ME RAAAAWRAllie SHUT UP You are SUCH a jerkJackal And you want rainbows and unicorns and flowers face the fucking truthKanin Children stop that We are trying to save the worldJackal NEENER NEENER NEENER Omg stop crying Want some cheese to go with your whine sisterAllie I swear to god if I hear another word out of you I will take your balls and shove them so far up your anal sphincKanin CHILDREN PLEASE We re under attack by an army of rabidsJackal and Allie DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE RABIDSKanin The most important thing to do now is to be smart Stay togetherAllie Ok daddy OOH SARREN runs awayKanin facepalmsAllie OMG ZEKE I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEADZeke 3Allie THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE BUT WHO CARES 333333Zeke stabs AllieAllie DZeke D DIE BITCH SARREN TURNED ME AND I WILL KILL YOU I AM EVIL NOW I WILL SING THE EVIL SONG I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANSAllie But I love you I WILL KILL YOU OR THE EVIL SONG I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANSAllie But I love you I WILL KILL YOU OR YOU The words are right next to each other on the The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece keyboardZeke I AM SAVED BY YOUR LOVEKanin What the heck Jackal You can t be fucking seriousAllie 3Zeke 3Kanin That s pretty cuteids I m so happy that you re back together but really we re trying to find Sarren here can we focus on the missionJackal For fuck s sakes get your fucking priorities straightAllie 3 u ZekeZeke I m a demon now I M A MONSTER I HATE MYSELFAllie 333333 I DON T CARE YOU RE MY ZEEEEEEEEEKE 33333 You will always be good and wonderful despite the fact that you have a blood bond with the evil vampire master Sarren I hope And if I hope for something hard enough it must be true11111Kanin We re trying to save the world here ChildrenJackal GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF ZEKE AND ALLIE WE RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING BATTLE THERE ARE CORPSES ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACEAllie Blood is red and red is the official color of Valentine s Day so it just makes the situation romantic you asshole Go away so Zeke and I can love each otherKanin Children Children Are you even listening to meZeke I m evil Allie No you re not honeypie baby boobooZeke I m evil Allie No you re not sugarpunkinsZeke I m evil Allie No you re not sweetsugarlipsZeke Kill meAllie I ll The New Job Security kiss you instead does that workZeke Yes D But I m evil Jackal Kanin I molest bunnies Iill ittens An UFO has abducted me IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME ANYMOREAllie and Zeke stares into each other s eyes Yes daddyJackal STABBY STABBY STABBYKanin Ok the important thing is to stay together No heroic. VENGEANCE WILL BE HERSAllison Sekemoto once struggled with the uestion human or monsterWith the death of her love Zeke she has her answerMONSTERAllie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke But. The Forever Song