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Sisters of LazarusBeauty UnveiledPaula K ParkerCopyright 2013In Sisters Of Lazarus we are given a fictionalized account of Lazarus sisters Mary and Martha This book deals with the issues of self worth Mary and Martha dealt with Sisters of Lazarus Beauty Unveiled show just how different these sisters were how at odds they were but than that it is a reminder that the Lord does not judge by physical appearance but by the persons spiritFive out of five starsHappy Reading What a wonderful Christian FictionTwo sisters who lived lives with different views Martha and Mary were the same coin but different sides Their love for Each Other Overcame The Differences Because Of other overcame the differences because of love for ChristI could not put this book down Although it is a wonderful piece of fiction it was still written with words and wisdom from the Bible I appreciated how the author wrote each sister and et kept them connected to each other The story line was straight out of the bible Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Dont Know yet it had a personal spin to it that was captivating This was a book with a beautiful message that is very relevant to our society today This novel is based off the biblical story of Martha and Mary Lazarus sisters Most everyone knows the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead but not so many people know the story of his sisters The story puts emphases on defining ones self worth whether it be the beauty we possess the skills we excel at or the position we hold in society do any of these things matter to our spiritual well being This book was well written and refers to scripture I enjoyed this book as it flowed easily and the characters were brought to life in a wonderful way I would encourage especiallyoung teens to read this book even if they are not familiar with the scripture I think a lot of people Christian and non Christian alike can gain insight from this tale The book Sisters Of Lazarus by Paula Parker is a look at Martha and Mary in a way that shows the struggles of life they might have had This is an interesting look into the lives of Martha Mary Lazarus and also the Jewish traditions and life It gives the authors idea on what Martha and Mary might have been like She takes what we know from the Bible and takes IT A STEP FURTHER TO MAKE BOTH OF THE a step further to make both of the real They have some of the same struggles and concerns that we have in being accepted Martha is the one who struggles with how she looks but she is dependable and the one who is the caregiver for her brother and sister Mary is the free spirit who is beautiful and knows it She is carefree and the one who is likely to do something on a whim Paula Parker tries through her fiction account to explain why each sister is the way they are and ou can understand why when Mary uses the expensive perfume and pours it on Jesus head how this might be misunderstood by the practical Martha Or why Martha would be upset with Mary for not helping her prepare practical Martha Or why Martha would be upset with Mary for not helping her prepare meal for Jesus and the disciples I think that this book is a way to get to know the sisters through fiction but also it helps to look at the Mary and Martha in the Bible differently with understanding I was pleasantly surprised by this book and enjoyed reading it and while reading this book I read about the Sisters from the Bible too which was fantastic The book is worth taking time to readI was given an ebook from NetGallery to read and give an honest review The opinion s are all mine This book is about some of the life events of Mary and Martha sisters of Lazarus from the Bible This is one of my rare fictional book reviews It is billed as historical fiction and I believe that to be accurate it was in fact historical I enjoyed the way the author wove in biblically accurate stories almost seemlessly into This is an authentic tale by a lady who obviously loves Bible history and story telling It s not the sort of book that keeps ou riveted with twists and turns as it s based on the familiar Bible stories featuring Lazarus and his two sisters so therefore we know what to expect For example when we see the girls begging Jesus to come and heal their sick brother we already kn. Sisters of Lazarus Beauty Unveiled is about Mary and Martha and their struggles with issues of self worth The author often wondered why the sisters were at odds an. ,

Beauty Unveiled Sisters of Lazarus #1Ow he s going to tarry until Lazarus is actually dead so we don t have to stay glued to the pages Writing this in the first paragraph isn t so we don t have to stay glued to the pages Writing this in the first paragraph isn t a plot spoiler Having said that there are a few nice little surprising embellishments Mary s wager with her friend Leah about finding a husband and the history between Martha and her betrothed Simon was entirely made up as was their relationship to Nicodemus but it s fun to imagine that it might have been this wayThe characters tend to be larger than life and maybe a little overstated which may also add a bit of fun to the story For example the trio s Uncle Joktan and his son Abel are typical pompous Pharisees Judas might not have come across uite so sleazy in reality but we re willing to go with it The sisters themselves are presented like chalk and cheese Mary is very beautiful but a bit vain and couettish while Martha is plain and very domestic That first glimpse of them we have in the Bible may have been a particularly hectic off day for Martha but this story has the girls at cross purposes like that often Still that s exactly how it might have been for all we knowI think the point is well made that for all their apparent differences the sisters are pretty much the same where it counts Both are driven by low self esteem and pride over what they see as their best assetsHaving Jesus as a character in a novel is a pretty bold move when ou think about it In this story it s interesting to see him from the p Ever since I was a little kid I have loved stories from antiuity The Iliad was a little kid I have loved stories from antiuity The Iliad the Odyssey Edith Hamilton s Mythology stories of Romulus and Remus Thor and Loki and the frost giants Athens and Sparta they were my favs I think one of the reasons I loved those tales was they didn t pull any punches Helen and Paris were portrayed as flesh and blood lovers Menelaus was a raging cuckolded husband Odysseus was a crafty and cunning warrior To my oung mind they were realContrast that with the flannel board Bible stories I heard in Sunday School Noah and the ark were made of felt David might have slain Goliath but I don t remember any blood being spilled Adam and Eve were always strategically placed to cover their unmentionables In short those magnificent tales from the ancient middle east were Those of us who read the Bible don t always think about everything that was going on in everyday life while history was being made But Paula K Parker has given us a view into how life might have been in the weeks leading up to the famous raising of Lazarus from the dead Perhaps I should say infamous because raising Lazarus was arguably Jesus s most important miracle It spurred his enemies to do whatever it took to kill him and led to his own life giving resurrection As much as was at stake for ou and me that day there was even at stake for Lazarus s sisters Martha and Mary Ms Parker has thoroughly imagined these women and set them loose in a well researched home and society I wasn t very far into the book before their daily routines and desires seemed as familiar as my own I rooted for Martha throughout the book and often found myself a little aggravated at Mary But in the end Mary touched my heart profoundly and I wonder if those final scenes with her went a little beyond imagination into revelation This was seriously well done Biblical FICTION GET READY TO BE TRANSPORTED Get ready to be transported another time and place Paula Parker unfurled a vibrant breathing dusty world of Jewish life and culture normally expounded upon monotonously by many degreed scholars but she did it in such a way that I not only learned a few fascinating historical nuggets I also truly began to feel the character s hopes and fears in a visceral way There I was wanting to help in the kitchen or tagging along with the sisters to the marketplace or gasping with indignation at an injustice I could almost taste and smell and feel what it might have been like to live in that time period in that cultureParker really did her research and it paid off big time The detail with which she describes the native clothing styles the daily routines and the so. D the book opens with Mary tiptoeing into the house as she returns from market with a hand mirror for herself instead of saffron for MarthaBeyond re telling the Bi. Cial and religious customs of the Jews of that time period gave me a deeper insight into many significant events of Scripture as well as the character and possible motives of each person involved in the story Each foray into a fictional version of a recorded biblical event was not just merely plausible but was completely believable Events I didn t consciously tie together were connected in such a way that they made so much sense in the flow of the narrative than once I found myself saying Wow or talking to and sometimes fussing at the characters right out loudThe cultural concept of beauty and femininity was so different in the days of Jesus than it is now but the struggle to understand true beauty and embrace who God has created ou to be is a timeless struggle that transcends the centuries In Sisters of Lazarus each sister must wrestle with the perception of beauty they see in their own lives just as many of us do throughout our modern lives until we are either crushed in spirit or until we find unshakeable peaceI highly recommend this wonderful story as an essential addition to Training the Trainer your library and even ifou are not a fan of biblical fiction I d wager this book will make ou one I had a very hard time putting it down Sisters of Lazarus Beauty Unveiled by Paula K Parker is than just a story about the two sisters Mary and Martha we know from the Bible Anyone who has been raised on Christianese has heard someone described as a Mary Or A Martha or a Martha made assumptions on their work ethic based solely on one word This book goes beyond the few facts we know from Scripture and weaves a spellbinding tale that is sure to change the readers perspectiveAuthor Paula K Parker was curious about why the sisters were so different and has told a story that infuses life into these women their family and their friends The elder sister Martha is described as a plain woman who believes her only value is in her accomplishments She is a hard worker and takes pride in all she does Mary has no apparent skills and believes that her beauty is all she has to offer When their brother Lazarus offers hospitality to Jesus and his disciples the sisters learn that neither works nor outward beauty is the reason they are valuable to GodThis beautifully told story uickly draws ou in and the characters spring to life in a way that makes a familiar story fresh I have even taken part in Bible studies on these 2 women but have never considered them through much than the working for God vs listening to God angle More than just a photograph of their lives though Paula creates a rich tapestry that is beautiful and functional The research put into the time period and the characteristics of the people portrayed is outstanding The veil truly is lifted to enable the reader to see the beauty of both women as well as the failures And Faults Seeing The Transformations faults Seeing the transformations their lives through the encounters they have with Jesus not only caused me to have a richer understanding of what life was possibly like for these two women but to also think about what I consider of value in me and how God sees meAlthough historical fiction is not always my favorite genre this story was told within the realm of possibility without attempting to distort facts that are found in Scripture Fact and fiction were interwoven in a manner that highlight what was happening through characters Before Atlantis you care about Several things made me pause and think which is a sign of a good book or film for me But the line that hit me the most forcibly was said by one of the people whom Jesus healed When others were celebrating him and his healing he said I did nothing except look for Jesus Wow That is a simple but profound statement that reminded me that only one thing is truly importantand for the first time I gained a better understanding of Jesus words about Mary I definitely recommend Sisters of Lazarus Beauty UnveiledDisclaimer I did receive a free download of the book from the publisher through NetGalleycom in order to write this review I was only asked for a fair and honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own. Ble story the book also shows that a woman's value to God does not lie in appearance or the value which we place on skills accomplishments possessions or intellect.