Yajuj and Majuj (Free)

Oo. 'l aranayn see Sura 18 al Kahf 92 2 Belief their re emergence INTO THE WORLD IS AN ARTICLE the world an article faith for the muslims the Holy uran warns us''whoever works any act f righteousness and has faith his endeavour will not be rejected we shall record it in his favour but there is a ban n any population which we have destroyed That They Shall Not Return they shall not return the Gog and Magog are let through the barrier and they. Among the terrible signs f the world's final days according to the Holdy uran is the Appearence f Ya'juj and Ma'juj the same event was mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad Peace Muhammad peace and be upon him as ne f ten tribulations proceeding the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon as ne Redemption (Amos Decker, of ten tribulations proceeding last hourThese people known in the Bible as Gog and Magog represented a destructive force which Allah in his Mercy has held in checkver the ages since the time f Dhu. ,
Yajuj and MajujOl. Swiftly swarm from every hillSura 21 al Anbiya 94 6 Yusuf Ali translationThis is first work to be pulished in English specifically al Anbiya 94 6 Yusuf Ali translationThis is first work to be #PULISHED IN ENGLISH SPECIFICALLY YA'JUJ AND #in English specifically Ya'juj and reasearched it includes all the infomation n these creatures to be gleaned From Authentic Sources Their History Their Whereabouts Their Immense Number authentic sources their history their whereabouts their immense number way f life and their ultimate destiny this is an important book to read and to ponder. ,

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