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This collection f poetry was a uick read Gottlieb s work is sometimes feminist empowering even with subjects as varied as rape gaylesbian Cinderella Barbie conjoined twins suicide race and even love poems Her style leans towards experimental which sometimes works for me and sometimes doesn t A few examples La casa nel vicolo of her workyou never forget your firstoutf town boy junior high school party just 14 vodka drinks things i don t remember vodka drinks english beat she said will you remember said i ll never forget you the next day in the hall at school you told me you were a state hurdler you told everyone i was easy never saw you againyou left me a secret ripped stockings passed Gemini out bloody legs vomiting in a pink bathtub your name bruisesyou hugged me in the hall you told everyone i was easy i d rather be easy than rapedi came to with no clothes no clothes were thick enough wearing shame for underwear i shoved the bloody stockings into the bathroom trashapologized to the host for messing up the bathroom and left you were already gonei pushed at the bruises trying to remember your touchonce the hangover and internal injuries were healed i had nothing to remember my first time with except sexi bruised my way through thousandsf fucks snake charming men A Terrible Day outf their pants looking for another rapist like you so i could do it again so i could do it betterfound another Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. Tienne La Botie one he led me by the hand into a dark room at a party i punched him in the throat and got away he wasn t youthe bruises you left bone deep fossilsf your desire it s better to be irresistible than rapedif you hadn t wanted me so badly you would have done it so gentle like candlelight i know it i know if you hadn t needed me so violently you could have waited until i wasn t passed Ebano outyou could have given me rose sweet kisses i could have been your preteen penthouse playmate i would have said yes but you never asked and i couldn t speakdo you ever thinkf me the way i think f you was that your first time too you never forget your first rapistit s been 15 years your first rapistit s been 15 years never touched you when you hugged me in the hall at school you were with another girl did you like her better never saw you againcome back so i can say yes this time do it again now that i know what to call what you didthis time i ll be ready i like it rough now and i m done with romance i never met another man who loved me so much at first sight he had to hurt me to do itkissing with the lights nYou told me you like my mouthYou want to kiss meMy mouth is a wound and youwant to kiss meBut you re likethat You want to goleaping Constable Around the Green over cliffs you want to godrinking poisonand then write pretty poems about it and all I want to do isfuck youYou want flowers and sonnets and usto be together until the endf the world and I djust like a blow job I d just liketo be friendsthat s what I d really likeSomething warm and snuggly like a friendshipand to fuck youThe flowers are going to die and the cliffs aregoing to erode and we might as well go fucksince we re going to anywayWe ll fuck and fight and eat and drink and smoke and fuck and smoke and fuck andget marriedAnd in six months from nowwe ll stop making the world stopto fuck each therand ne year from nowI ll get fat and you ll go fuck each Busters First Snow otherandne year from nowI ll get fat and you ll go andI ll take prozac and you ll take viagraI ll get bsessed with my biological clockand my careerand you ll get bsessed with your hairlineand your careerand two years from nowyou d rather watch reruns than fuck meand I d rather be drinking than fuck youso we ll drink in separate bars and Thérèse Raquin one nightsomeone who likes my mouth will buy me a drinkthat drink will be attached to a handthere will be a human holding that drinkthe kind with earsand I will tell whoever it isall about youand how we used to forget to eat when we were in bed for three daysand your ears will be burning across townwhere you are telling whoever it is how I don t understand youand two years from now that girl with that drinkshe will nod that yes that I am nodding at you tonightthat nod that yes that means you re not coming homebecause ju. For many performance poets the simple actf writing down the words can kill a poem's spirit. .

The voice expresses anger rage and pain less so it expresses political agendas Gottlieb also experiments with intertext by weaving her lines through found texts such as graffiti Women in Therapy on adv I d like to list the pieces within this amazing collection by Daphne Gottlieb which in my experience mind and heart felt strikingly resonant I love the form and ferosityf her words Here are some Il Poeta of the poems which as I was reading them felt as though they were being branded into my skin a girl never knows when she s gonna need to soak up some bloodmastering the artf poetryattacuette tips for girlsnature and fatesanctuarylegion Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 3 of doompatient lather rinse and revolutionyou break it you bought it the gun isf the My Body-Mine opposite sexthe persistancef revisionthe doctor s daughteryou never forget your firstletting it happen my mouth is a wound and you want to kiss mewhy things burninductancecut it utdevotionthe personal is politicalI first discovered the creative writing f performance poet Daphne Gottlieb in Live Through This On Creativity and Self Destruction I will most certainly seek to explore The Noble Guardian of her writings Title Why Things BurnAuthor Daphne GottliebStructure 4 partsPage count 125Plot This is a poetry collection The poetry is free verse andften involves found text Ipso Facto or interesting forms A lotf Gottlieb s poetry follows troubled women sexuality and love This collection like The John Wyndham Omnibus other Gottlieb books drags you through shitty emotions Some poems end in empoewrment Some don tReaction To be honest I ve been pretty down for the last few days I felt pretty apathetic while reading this so my reaction might be muted compared to how I usually would feel Even when I m in an apathetic mood I really enjoy Daphne Gottlieb s poetry It is sparse and very accessible I would suggest this collectionr any Sea Chase of her work to anybody who is interested in reading poetry but scaredf understanding it Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967 orf particularly abstract work Although her work is spar Visceral powerful anger in some f these poems those were the nes I identified withfelt the strongest hmYou really need to read it aloud in your head for maximum impact given them a voice These are pieces very suited to performanceFor angry and scared young women hurting and reflective women and the people who want to know what it is like to be them MINECRAFT: Crazeballs Memes and Jokes: Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft, Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Meme Book, Minecraft Comics, Minecraft Xbox) or want to re live what it was like to bene so you can work The Graduate out what those experiences mean to you todayOne poem in particular perfectly describes my first relationship shame I never want to hear from the fellow ever again and therefore cannot share the perfectly summarised anger with him It wouldn tffer him any Wisp of a Thing opportunity for growth anyway he s a readnly sort Monkey taming of a guy But some comfort to knowthers experienced the same problem and have them summarise it so perfectly Yet another amazing Mills professor But that s not why this book is n my all time favorites list Daphne S Poems Are s poems are witty and at times terrifying but always full f fresh and brilliant images this person is special to me because she wrote Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino on my livejournal when i was 16k Kay so I heard The Dawning of a New Age of this book by the commonly posted poemn the internet kissing with the lights n so I thought it d follow this trend but the majority f the book really doesn t reach me its just im an s and m rape victim feminist bi An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World over sex drive thing and tries too hard to shock me Maybe I ll feel differently later and this usually happens when you have too high a hope for something And its annoying how theirs no way to tell if she s drawing from real experiencer just from her imagination Probably a mixture Hunter Hunted of both Its likene Archivio Per Lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, Volume 13 of those albums where a songr 2 is catchy and put Ricettario amoroso di una pasticciera in fuga on the radio but the restf the songs are filler Theirs a handful Lo strano caso del barista scomparso of good poems in their but you have to find them Also her stuffften reads like Slam Poetry It s be sick if she did that she d be so good I feel I started reading this collection A Part of Speech of poems a few years back but never got around to finishing it I guess it just wasn t the time but I m glad I returned These poems are excellen. Issues rape urban life and a hostf Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of the World other topics with the same powerf her live performance.

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