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The First Mistake

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As I ound my purchase of her latest title WAS CERTAINLY NOT A MISTAKE AT ALL THIS TRILOGY certainly not a mistake at all This trilogy going to be a keeper or me even though I ve only read the irst book and will place an order A Constellation of Vital Phenomena for The Middle Sin if my bookstores haven t got it in yetOne word of caution if you prefer your romantic suspense heavier on the romance you could be disappointed as The First Mistake is heavier on the action and suspense Also usually the hero establishes himself in my mind as the oneor the heroine and every other Man Is An Interloper is an interloper not so in this book I ound myself drawn to the other man you ll have to ind out who Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights for yourselfrom the start and it was the possibility of this romance developing that got me hooked not the one Cleo hadhas with Jack Donovan the hero or is he of the book My suspicion that there was going to be to the second man was confirmed when I read the preview pages of The Middle Sin Since Jack is the hero I am not expecting the other guy to end up with the girl but s the pity as Cleo and Jack lacked chemistry as a couple up with the girl but s the pity as Cleo and Jack lacked chemistry as a couple Cleo s encounter with the other guy sizzled Still Life with Chickens from the start A rather average romantic suspense set in New mexico If you like your romsusp with little sex this isor you I like the sex or no sex doesn t matter to me if the story is good The plot was twisty enough I waffled around trying to Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea figure out who the baddy was 395 North. Anno radici lontane nel tempo si intrecciano a nuovi incidentiinché un'altra persona rimane uccisa Non c'è più tempo da perdere Bisogna smascherare chi è disposto a tutto per tenere nascosto il atale errore di dieci anni pri.
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As a tape recording she Sent To A Lab The to a lab The guy tells Jack they have a match Then the author switches to other characters in other places Finally twelve pages later Jack is on the phone with Cleo telling her the identity of the guy Authors are told to do this to keep people reading Well it didn T KEEP ME READING IT JUST FORCED ME TO keep me reading It just orced me to ahead to ind the answer and then I put the book down to go to sleep The next day I started reading where I left off at the hook It s annoying not enjoyingWHO WILL LIKE THISReaders in the mood or a smart tough emale private detective who outwits everyone including CIA guys There s lots of action There is no heroine stupidity It s an escape It s not bad It s just not got some of the things that I preferDATAStory length 362 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language strong Number of *Sex Scenes 3 Total Number Of Sex Scene Pages 5 *scenes 3 Total Number of sex scene pages 5 current day various locations but mostly New Mexico Copyright 2005 Genre action spy mystery I became a an of Lovelace after reading her Call of Duty Though some of her other books were a hit and miss or me I enjoyed her style enough to look out or any new titlesWhen I read that The First Mistake has the romance continuing into the seuels I wasn t too enthusiastic as I m not one Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays for long drawn out relationships Thankfully my likingor the author s work won out. Laborare di nuovo con il maggiore Jack Donovan a un'azione antiterrorismo mentre ufficialmente è ingaggiata come guardia del corpo della discussa attrice Marisa Conners al Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All festival del cinema di Santa Fe Le indagini suatti che ,
It kept my interest I did not wish it would be over But I expected romance which was not thereThe spine labels this book romantic suspense When I inished the book my irst thought was This is not romance It s action spy mystery It reads like a TV show mostly action scenes Private detective Cleo is supplying security
to an obnoxious 
an obnoxious star who is appearing at a ilm Mexican Hooker festival At the same time Cleo is investigating and hopes to solve a ten year old murder mystery involving the chairman of theilm estival Various bad guys or suspicious guys do things and Cleo reacts uickly and smartly and gets the jump on them or survives the attack or protects her client etcThere is no unusual or intriguing character development These are predictable typical generic good guys and bad guysThere is no relationship development cleo worked with jack once several years ago worked with Jack once several years ago they had sex at that time Now they are working together again and have sex again But when the case is solved they separate Cleo is with no romantic interest at the end of the book To call this romance she should have ended up with someone and attention should have been paid to a relationship This is the irst of three books in the Cleo North series It s possible that Cleo ends up with Jack at the end of book 3 but I don t knowI didn t like the gimmick of a hook at the end of a chapter which the author did Cleo Sono passati dieci anni da uando l'ex agente speciale Cleo North ignorò il proprio istinto e un giovane sergente rimase ucciso Ma orse adesso è giunto il momento di chiarire uella brutta storia Infatti Cleo ha l'occasione di col. ,