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Pe the third book is better If you like Kristen Proby and Sawyer Bennett books then you will love this series I am hooked Calista Kyle is an awesome writer and these stories just proves it Love them I don t know what to say Don t get me wrong it was "good and I think the story really has potential I enjoyed Mel and Ryan s character I enjoyed "and I think the story really has potential I enjoyed Mel and Ryan s character I enjoyed their story but not as much as I enjoyed the first book There are times I felt that Ryan and Mel didn t have any chemistry As if the author just forced them to be together just for the sake author just forced them to be together just for the sake giving Mel her wn happy ending after helping Roman and Lily to have theirsAnd what I really don t like was the fact that there s no direct confession from both Strife of the characters regarding their feelings I think I m falling in love with you You never said anything about your feelings for meBut I did have feelings for you You think You think Yikes the man was not even suref his feelings It s a big No No for me Then the heroine answered like that And then I saw the epilogue I got really excited thinking there would a sweet declaration Only a Few Bones: A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and Its Aftermath or something But NADAThere s even no I love you s What the fvck happened I m not even sure if I want to read book 3 but I guess I have to since I don t like to feel as if I abandoned something important I just hope Rob and Emilia s story will be bett. To be irresistibly drawn to the best man Ryan Marsden is back in New York for his best friend’s wedding He's a dashing handsome self made billionaire with a well deserved reputation as a ladies’ man He has no plans to change his playboy ways but that all changes when he meets Mel What startedff as a light flirtation soon turns serious and has Ryan uestioning his bachelor lifestyle and experiencing emotions he had ,

Mel is a saucy little thing no thanks I m a real piece f work You d be wasting your time with me Why of work You d be wasting your time with me Why t you go back to your little fan club I m sure they d appreciate your company than I do A drunk Mel is a really fun naughty Mel God Mel you re a little firecracker he said I didn t respond instead running ne hand down his chest and down the ridged muscles Roy Al of his abs I heard him suck in a breath as I reached down between us further and ran my handver the hard bulge in his pants Ryan that boy doesn t have a bashful "bone in his body even though I knew he was speaking to "in his body even though I knew he was speaking to I had a hard time focusing Modern Castrato: Gaetano Guadagni and the Coming of a New Operatic Age on his words Especially since he was standing naked in frontf me in all his glory He stood tall and proud with his legs spread shoulder width apart and his hands Panzer Baron: The Military Exploits of General Hasso von Manteuffel on his hips This book was a fun read and I liked Mel s snarkiness there was little to no romance in this book He didn t send flowers candy small gifts that would make her thinkf him when she looked at them it was dull in that sense there was not wooing Apple Training Series or conversation that showed he was interested There were a lotf gaps you needed to fill in and parts A Little Bit Psychic: Pride Prejudice with a Modern Twist of this seemed to dragn and not much going n during different parts f the book It was a cute story but it needed to have content and romance To bad I really enjoyed the first book in the series I ho. Can you trust your heart when it's always led you down the wrong path Mel Abelgard’s life is in the dumps Her job working for her demanding mother is a nightmare her boyfriend The Dashwood Sisters Tell All ofver a year has broken up with her and her life is stuck The Dashwood Sisters Tell All: A Modern Day Novel of Jane Austen on standstill When her best friend announces her engagement Mel is happy to be the maidf honor A wedding might just be the thing to help her Asylums. Le istituzioni totali: i meccanismi dell'esclusione e della violenza outf her funk What she doesn't expect is. Er than this ne I really "LIKED THIS BOOK IT WAS VERY "this book it was very and entertaining It is cute and witty and a fun read The storyline was easy to follow and the characters flowed well togetherMel Abelgard is 27yrs ld and has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Chad for a year One night he tells her that he doesn t want to be tied down any and that he is moving across the country to Dubai Mel is devastated Loved itThis was a great second book for this series and I love the fact that each book can be a standalone This book was about Mel that each book can be a standalone This book was about Mel Ryan and let s just say I loved their story Is a great book to read The Risk A Billionaire Romance Wagered Hearts Series Book 2The love story A Shopkeepers Millennium of Ryan and Mel Mel s world was turn upside down when her boyfriendf a year say he want Torchwood: Moving Target out so she to to work for her mother and her life became work Ryan is Roman s best friend and at his and Lily s engagements party he meet Mal Can two broken heart find love You love it I didn t like this book I liked the wager but there was something about this boom that just didn t capture my attention I didn t really feel like Ryan and Mel had chemistry and it felt like it dragged MelodramaticWas I so melodramatic and prone to misunderstanding in my distant 20s I hope not Anyway the story isn t terrible but it s not all thatriginal either. Ong ago buried Mel's not looking for a rebound relationship She's still smarting from her last breakup and is trying to pick up the pieces f her life but Ryan’s sexy charm might prove to be too hard to resist Author's Note THE RISK is a standalone novel but you may also enjoy reading the earlier books in the Wagered Hearts Series as well Wagered Hearts Series Book 1 The Wager Book 2 The Risk Book 3 The Game Coming Soo. .

Summary The Risk Wagered Hearts #2

The Risk Wagered Hearts #2