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The delight of the reader who can Catch Up On Two Threads SimultaneouslySounds ConfusingBut up on two threads simultaneouslySounds confusingBut s not The author is a genius observer He manages to show what his characters are at by making them frown laugh or blush or lie or tell the truth all according to their current state of mindIs there a main themeI suppose it is LOVING After all the title indicates it The cook don t call her that it makes her mad loves her little Albert and the big Albert loves Edith who loves Mr Raunce alias Charley formerly known as Arthur Kate doesn t really love Paddy but she feels lonely And Mrs Jack the younger Mrs Tennant adores her secret lover while her husband seems to love to Go Fishing They All Love Talking And Gossip And A fishing They all love talking and gossip and a of xcitementSounds like you love themOh I do How could I not It is just adorable to be part of the gossip to live among them and to listen behind the door smiling at the turns the same old story takes depending on who tells it to whomWhat was the best thing about itI couldn t tell I read it during one long sitting taking in the dialogues without break But maybe the bedroom scene relived or maybe I should rather say reTALKED from all possible angles Or the mystery of the lost ring unfolding like a round of Cluedo xcept that all protagonists seem to talk about a different game or to remix the cards during the sessionSo you admit that not all new authors you try out are rubbishI never said thatI thought I heardThat s what happens when voices play Chinese Whispers in your headThat s what happened while Henry Green wrote Loving rightYes and those voices were just lovely and uniue and typical of their time and placeThat s nough talking now I am off to read another novel by Gree. Ovinces of authority to create an anarchic nvironment of self seeking behaviour pilfering gossip and loveWith an Introduction by Philip Hensher. Ing once upon and standard closing ver after of course That s an obvious tip off But there s too the star crossed lovers sorta the castle definitely the threat from without IRA WWII insurance man Naked Choke etc Okay I get it Notxactly sure what to do with it as the song asks who wrote THE BOOK OF LOVE WAS IT A PERSON WHO book of love was it a person who the mundanity of xperience the pettiness of people the tedium of life is this book of love composed mainly of dialogue the sort of flat unremarkable dialogue that one tends to tune out while working waiting in line on the bus at the bank wherever is love as magical and life altering as changing the sheets or clearing the dining room table is life just predictable humdrum repetition I ve read comparisons of this book to the BBC series Upstairs Downstairs Downton Abbey and to the Altman film Gosford Park haha that s hilarious may as well compare dishwater and champagne this story of the lives of servants in an Irish state during world war 2 lacks the depth ric So what are you reading now Just another one of the novels I bought at the airportOh dear are you hating this one as well What Hating I m LOVING itWhat is it about Not about psychopaths killing off siblings and cousins before adolescence I hopeWell good uestion Not much happens actually and that is the whole charm of the novel It s about people talkingWhat are they talking aboutWhatever suits them at the moment The plot consists of a long dialogue between different characters staying at a big mansion in Ireland during World War Two and they talk and talk and talk Ladies talk servants talk children talk The stories shift and change and uite often two people talk to Murder at the Mansion each other about different things much to. Of theirmployers the Tennants the servants nact their own battles and conflict amid rumours about the war in Europe invading one another's pr.

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Loving By Henry GreenIt took me a while to adjust to the cadence of loving the novel is about cadence of Loving The novel is about daily lives of servants in a large castle in Ireland during WWII It is all dialogue with gossip scandal alliances and coupling Everything is on the surface with flitting dark undertones The novel moves asily from conversation to conversation with no inner thoughts no character history no plot no conclusion The reader has to fill in blanks I found myself intrigued and involved Liking this novel and as it progressed but not uite loving it Loving reads like Gosford Park the Altman film but without the plot or any plot at all Green has been called a writer s any plot at all Green has been called a writer s s writer and praised to kingdom come by Seductive Surrender everyone that counts And yes his dialogue is masterful and there are real moments of light in his prose His cinematic movement from scene to scene is unusual one character will look out a window at two others in the distance and the narrative immediately moves to them without a break Strange too his habit of this ing and that ingveryone after he s introduced them by name into a scene so that Edith for xample walks into a room and we are told that this woman Edith then stepped uickly aside not a real uote but gives you the this woman Edith then stepped uickly aside not a real uote but gives you the In its tightly drawn scenes and play of voices Loving has a way of flickering warmly through the mind after you set it aside I njoyed it and appreciated it Personally however I think Anthony Powell at his best Buyer s Market The Kindly Ones Books Do Furnish a Room is better and funnier for all his melancholy Not that comparisons count for anything but there you goUPDATE In bed before my alarm went off this morning it occurred to me This book is a fairy tale There s the standard open. One of his most admired works Loving describes life above and below stairs in an Irish country house during the Second World War In the absence.