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In the two weeks since the ALA Awards were announced one very special picture book has suddenly found itself showered accolades and thrust in the center of attention This book which was somewhat overshadowed the past year received not only a Caldecott Honor but much to somewhat overshadowed in the past year received not only a Caldecott Honor but much to surprise and even shock of many kid lit enthusiasts the highly coveted 2016 Newbery Medal as well The book to cause such a stir is Last Stop on Market Street Written by Matt De La Pena and illustrated by Christian Robinson this book was nationally recognized for its story content along with the illustrations and after a thoughtful read it s not difficult to nderstand why It is no surprise that this book was acknowledged and hailed for its art Christian Robinson who was once again given the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor this year along with the Caldecott Honor has certainly made a name for himself recently in the world of children s literature Robinson s distinctive and expressive art has been celebrated in the award winning books Gaston and Josephine The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker Here he applies his stylistic illustrations once again to complement and enhance the story of CJ his bus ride across the city and his diverse interactions along the way True to Robinson s approach while the illustrations as a whole are rather simple the attention to detail is incredible Children reading this book will be able to relate to the sheer ordinariness that they themselves experience every day in their own daily routines From the street signage to the handheld devices CJ s world is very obviously the world of today The vibrant colors and appealing textures are also worth pointing out With just a few strokes of his brush Robinson creates a world that is beautiful and very much believable Perhaps what makes this book so special is the fact that the words and the story itself are as high ality as the wonderful art Much like the illustrations the story appears simple at first glance It takes a second or third reading to truly discover the depth of meaning being conveyed here To begin with the language is magnificent There is an almost musical pulse to the words when spoken aloud In fact some of the lines nexpectedly rhyme and many phrases are incredibly sensory Crumbling sidewalks and broken down doors graffiti tagged windows and boarded p stores and The outside air smelled like freedom but it also smelled like rain These perfectly chosen words by De La Pena paint pictures in the mind that are as vivid as Robinson s illustrations Upon initially hearing the premise one might be immediately reminded of another Caldecott Honor book After all this story is also about a young boy his nana and their experience in the city And yet that is where the similarities end Last Stop has its own story to tell and it is certainly distinct from what has already been done Here we follow CJ along for the ride as he discovers the. Every Sunday after church CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town But today CJ wonders why they don't own a car like his friend.

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Simple joys of living the Gift Of Giving To Others of giving to others the beauty that is found in human interactions The book s title is a fitting one as the majority of the story takes place for the duration of a bus ride across the city It is not ntil the last two pages that we actually realize where CJ and his grandmother are going but by then we like CJ have already been reminded about the things in life that are truly important Nana is an incredible character and readers just might find that her gentle rebukes to her grandson resound with them as well She is obviously not wealthy they don t have a car and CJ points out things that he wishes he could have but she teaches her grandson to appreciate ordinary beauty To Experience The Communal Nature Of Music experience the communal nature of music to Nude Women Photography (Sexy Photo Book) UNCENSORED understand the importance of service to others Matt De La Pena says he drew inspiration for this story from his ownpbringing You can feel like you ve been slighted if you re growing Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology up without if you have less money he s commented or you can see the beauty in that And I feel like the most important thing that s ever happened to me is growingp without money It s one of the things I m the most proud of This backdrop is felt throughout the book and will certainly resonate with kids across the country who find themselves in similar situations to De La Pena and CJ I find the end page of Last Stop to be particularly profound While waiting for the bus to come pick them Happy Halloween from the Montgomerys (With Me in Seattle, up and take them back home Nana is knitting CJ is shown reading a book and the rain has definitely stopped Knowing what we now do it is easy to imagine that Nana is making a scarf for a homeless person CJ is reading perhaps aloud to her It is a subtle yet appreciative nod to the critical role that reading played in changing De La Pena s life and is a striking meaningful scene that clinches the overall message of the story Last Stop on Market Street isndeniably beautiful The vibrant art the melodic words and the significant story all come together for an Prince Henery Sinclair unforgettable experience that takes multiple readings to truly appreciate However theestion which has been raised since the ALA conference is This Does Last Stop Deserve does Last Stop deserve Newbery Medal After all it was a completely nexpected choice and the children s literature community continues to debate why this book should or should not have won the prestigious Medal In the end that is something each reader will have to decide for themselves But consider this the Award is given each year to the most distinguished contribution to children s literature Past Newberys have communicated relevant messages showcased different lifestyles and featured strong characters Last Stop on Market Street most certainly does all of these things And while most Newberys need hundreds of pages to accomplish all of this Last Stop does it in 32 Reviewed on my blog It no longer surprises me when I am not excited by the books that receive the prestigious. Colby Why doesn’t he have an iPod like the boys on the bus How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town Each ,
Last Stop on Market StreetNewbery and Caldecott Awards I am not excited by Last Stop on Market Street the 2016 Newbery Winner and Caldecott Honor book as well The illustrations interesting but I found them The storyline is sweet and with a great message you but I found them predictable The storyline is sweet and with a great message you t have to be rich with money to be rich in other ways We can se titles that show how being poor isn t only about pain and suffering but can be about living life to the fullest Beyond that I don t have much to say in support And aren t these two awards supposed to be about books chock full of things to get excited about Nope This was a definite miss for me I can t believe it won the NewberyI have a feeling that much of this book A bit to didactic for my taste but it is ndeniably a great tool to encourage many conversations with your child about how diverse people are My son was endlessly fascinated by the guy covered in tattoos Nana how come we don t got a carBoy what do we need a car for We got a bus that breathes fire and old Mr Dennis who always has a trick for youThis book is about a black little boy and his grandmother who live in The CityWHAT I LIKED A children s book with a black MC that isn t all puts on a serious voice This is an important message A boy and his grandmother spending time together as if this is a normal everyday thing That s sweet You don t get the idea that grandma is babysitting instead you get the idea that she and CJ regularly spend days together The diversity It s the city and you can really tell You meet all kinds of people in these pages Old young tattooed blind in a wheelchair black brown white different body types etcThe illustrations of the tattooed man are pretty impressive Anti materialism and discipline The old woman is tough but loving with her grandson She makes him go to church She makes sure he smiles at the other people on the bus and says Good afternoon to them She looks at the coin in his hand meaningfully so that he ll drop it into the hat of a guitar player CJ asks How
we gotta wait for the in all this wet And his grandma reminds him that trees need water tooYou ve read the opening ote where she explains why they don t need a car it s not a matter of not having it s a matter of not needing He s full of Harlem Renaissance uestions How come that man can t seeBoy what do you know about seeing Nana told himSome people watch the world with their earsThat s a fact Their noses too the man said sniffing at the airThat s a mighty fine perfume you re wearing today ma amNana sueezed the man s hand and laughed her deep laughWow Grandma is flirting LOLWhat about when CJ sees some teenagers listening to an iPod Sure wish I had one of those he saidNana set down her knittingWhat for You got the real live thing sitting across from you She says indicating the guitar playerOtherestions arise How come it s always so dirty over here CJ estions when they reach their destination view spoilera soup kitchen hide spoiler. Estion is met with an encouraging answer from grandma who helps him see the beauty and fun in their routine and the world around th. .