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Another winner from Jill Blake "1 The Hero Max He "The hero Max He out as classic commitment phobic unkie bad boy man whore type But he cleans up nicely2 The heroine Eva She s a single mom who has to get back into the workforce after her husband does some bad things and dies 3 Eva s son Ben He s eight and hats off to the author for doing a nice ob writing a very believable 8 year old character4 The setting I love southern California and the way Ms Blake describes Santa Monica I felt like I was there A few spot on details TO PAINT THE SCENE AND YOU CAN ALMOST FEEL paint the scene and you can almost feel ocean breeze and see the palm trees5 The writing Easy to read flows well6 The plot Even though this takes place in what Jill Blake at some point calls the Land of the uber rich and famous the problems the characters face are real and the way they handle things also rings true to life7 The sex Mm mm8 The side characters Especially Eva s younger sister who s funny in an in your face kind of way9 These people work for a living and you get some great insight into what their obs are really like ER doctor graphic artist writer lawyer etc10 This is a full complete as in NO CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS novel Yay I hate being left hanging so thank you Jill Blake for giving Eva and Max their happily ever afterBonus thing I liked There s to come The author drops hints about Eva s siblings starring in their own future stories see the family tree at the end Full disclosure I received this book free from the author for an honest review Eva has played it safe her whole life Then she meets Max the ultimate hit and run artist Of course Max has never had any interest in settling down with a family not with hi. Eva has always played it safeand where has it gotten her Betrayed by her husband left alone to raise her young son and struggling to keep head above water the last thin. E to trust Max and the ending was very abrupt and I feel that it could be rectified if the author lessened the focus to the industryAll in all "THIS WAS A GOOD BOOK WHICH "was a good book which really engaging and surely a book tag you should add to your to be read list Received digital edition from author in exchange for an honest review I received a free Copy Of This Book To Read And Review For Wicked of this book to read and review for Wicked Without a Net is a sweet love story Eva has had a hard year Her husband died she found out truths she wasn t even looking for she found out her husband left her with debt than she knew what to do with Her life was in shambles When she runs into Max literally in the grocery store she notices how good looking he is but Max comes with a reputation He likes to live life on the edge He takes chances He doesn t stay with one woman for long Even though he is her best friend s brother she can t risk her heart or waste her time and energy on a passing fling When he hires her as a PR for his upcoming novel can she keep professional This was my first read from Ms Blake I enjoyed her style of writing I will be looking into the other books in this series Jill Blake s books are all delicious and eminently readable They are erotica for the thinking woman This fun book features a single mom of an 8 year old who became a widow after her husband died of cancer The husband was no angel She is on her own dealing with financial problems as a result of her husband s decisions She has to re enter the working world and has no time for love Along comes gorgeous MAX Complications ensue Believable and fleshed out characters delicious sex scenes page turner Read it Bring on the next one Ms Blake. Ggest adventure of his life may be closer than he ever imagined in the form of Eva his baby sister’s best friend The problem Convincing Eva to risk it allwithout a ne. .

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