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Er into the future If Dryden and his pals do anything that affects the future The Group will know and they will be able to plant people in the "PAST TO STOP DRYDEN AND HIS "to stop Dryden and his from doing whatever they did See what I mean the brainit hurtsDryden also makes friends with FBI Marnie Calvert and together they try to stop The Group from using this technology to achieve supreme wealth power the nefarious society is already using it to knock off the people now who would hurt their organization in the future Signal moves at a uick pace but verything seems washed out and not as fun or xciting as it is meant to be You never really feel the heroes are in danger because it is such a struggle to ven identify the danger in the first place There are some fine ideas here and some parts do get chilling like the hidden attack on Dryden and Claire after the police see them and record their location but overall this story comes off lighter than a Hydrogen molecule and asily disposable Here s hoping with next book Patrick Lee Sam Dryden and I can reignite those feelings we know still simmer in the furthest crevices of my beating heart 45 Sam Dryden received a call from his friend Claire told to drive furthest crevices of my beating heart 45 Sam Dryden received a call from his friend Claire told to drive fast as he can to reach her at a gas station and to leave his phone behind He heard the fear in her voice and knew there was trouble He just didn t know how much trouble and before many hours had passed they would be fleeing for their lives After ights years in the military together Claire had joined the private security business where she stumbled upon something that would The Day Christ Was Born endanger all of civilization and threaten the lives of many Sam spotted Claire s Land Rover and jumped in uickly as she promptly roared onto the freeway at breakneck speed Only some ten hours ago the headlines screamed out with the news that four little girls had been burnt to a crisp by their captor inside his broken down and sualid trailer Claire knew if she could get there posthaste this time around they could actually save them Author Patrick Lee takes you on a wild ride with futures in doubt somehow changed and the rush to find The Group that are determined to rule the world Highlyntertaining a huge rush of adrenaline and a whole lot of rip roaring action Audio High tech Sci fi thriller about changing the future Found it to be interesting and clever with fast paced action I 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set enjoyed this author s Breach series which was sci fi oriented and I also liked Runner the first book in this Dryden series Unfortunately I didn t like this book very much It was a serviceable thriller but despite the addition of a super secret radio it was just a lot of conventional runningchasingshooting Disappointing This secondntry in the Sam Dryden series gets off to fast start with a double tap to a child molester s head then sprints to time travel adventureIt seems some mysterious group has developed a radio that can get transmissions several hours in the future A friend of Sam s has such a radio and the group is out to get them It s like a time travel novel with only half the headachesGood action and a twist at the The Seventh Witch end some of us saw coming Hoping there s a third book forthcomin. Echnology that allows them to affectvents before they And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake even happen How they are planning to use it however will result in the death of millions To defeat them Dryden will need to do than think fast he'll need to think around corners and face down annemy that can seize on his mistakes before he ven makes themFollowing the national bestseller Runner Sam Dryden Patrick Lee's most indelible creation returns in one of the most compelling breathless thrillers yet Signal.

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Let me say up front here I m torn I really wonder if I shouldn t drop this to 2 stars but if I shouldn t drop this to 2 stars but I tend to rate books right on the dge of dislike a 2 This needs the
lamented half star so i go 25 I thinkI liked the first book about this character and this one opened in an interesting way with a scene that will pull you into the situation That said after you do get started the book is so full of logical inconsistencies that the idea of suspending disbelief is a huge understatementIf Doctor Who The Pocket Wife ever picks this thing up he ll blow a fusehe ll have a double heart attack Look I know that any book which view spoiler plays with time hide spoiler Injoy reading this author He has only written 6 books and I hope he gets another one out soon His books have a way of keeping me focused When I have a lot going on in life his books pull me in so deeply that I can put The Color of Our Sky everythinglse aside His books are a great scape Unfortunately not all books do that for me This was Mystery with a Science Fiction twist and I loved it I would ven read this one again The narrator on the audio did a fabulous job The story had me on the Obsession edge of my seat and I was sad when itnded The MC is a great character that seems like a normal guyand basically good I also Cabaret: A Roman Riddle enjoyed the other characters So good characters in a good story that hooks me immediatelyuals 5 stars This novel by Patrick Lee can be a stand alone since there are only two characters from the first book Runner and two completely different mysteries Sam Dryden and his old friend Claire from This book made my head hurtThis latest Patrick Lee thriller follows Sam Dryden as he gets swept up in another dangerous game of cat and mouse This time Dryden s old friend Claire calls him to help rescue some girls being held captive and next thing you know Claire has been abducted and Dryden is running for his lifeClaire had found the girls "before they were killed because she had access to a machine that could record radio signals from the future Claire was "they were killed because she had access to a machine that could record radio signals from the future Claire was the run from bad guys who want the machine so they could control world vents Bwah ha ha Now it s up to Dryden to figure out how to stop them Good thing he finds an FBI agent who can helpI joked that this book made my head hurt because anything involving the time continuum gets a little screwy For xample the machine records messages from xactly 10 hours and 24 minutes into the future Why so specific No reason given other than it fits into the fast pace of the book So Sam is able to prevent a few disasters from happening because he learned about the details 10 hours arlyBut somehow the bad guys figured out how to read radio signals from decades ahead which would allow them to influence future presidential All Roads Lead Home elections forxample And ven though the bad guys are bad they have a rule about not changing the past which is also the present only changing the future Huh Also Dryden can be conveniently forgetful He is smart nough to disable all cell phones that could be tapped but he forgets he could be tracked by the satellite navigation in his car Durr Even though there are some silly plot holes this is fun spy fiction Dryden is like Jason Bourne he. Sam Dryden lives uietly in a small coastal town in southern California buying and fixing up old houses It's good physical work that he's come to love But his peaceful life is shattered when he gets a phone call from an old friend in trouble A phone call that pulls Dryden into the middle of a situation that's as violent as it is bafflingFor FBI agent Marnie Calvert it all begins at a secluded trailer in the Mojave Desert the scene of a horrifying crime but also of an S tough wicked sharp trained in special forces stuff and now he s on the side of GoodThis is the fifth Patrick Lee book I ve read and while I like the guy s imagination and action packed stories I wish he would stop using the word hell so much Scared as hell Nervous as hell Beat up as hell Who the hell Patrick if you re reading this I beg you to do a FIND search for hell in your next manuscript and start rewriting It would be a helluva thing if you could stop using hellish clichesFun uotesHe tried to get his mind around it what it meant to be up against an nemy who knew your mistakes before you ven made themYou re already looking at this game the way I do Chess in four dimensionsHow many times had the track of humanity been shifted by some one off The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis event some unheard of person Like Gavrilo Princip Like Vasili Arkhipov The future was no different History was a surprisingly workable medium before it was written down Anotherxcellent book by Patrick Lee with plenty of action California centered Lee gets the scenes just right Like Runner this thriller has another refreshing timemind bending plot driver that over and over sets the stakes ultra high In a nice twist Lee plays with his villain s characterization and turns a current day cliche on its head though he still lets the villain make a standard political point or two I really loved Patrick Lee s first book in this series Runner I mean it it was love The big L Little hearts floated over my head as I read the xploits of Sam Dryden a Jack ReacherJoe Pike x special forces kinda guy whose adventures seem to have a supernatural dge I wore a goofy grin all the time and the teen music on the radio seemed all of a sudden to be so heavy and intense Carly Rae Jepson and Sam Smith understood me right here inside But now we have Signal the second book and I find myself struggling to come up with positives to describe it I m filled with confusion I don t know now did I ver Just Cause even really love Runner Becky in the schoolyard yesterday said I was too young toven know what real love is but Damnit Becky I know what I felt And what I felt for Runner was realAnyway Signal isn t bad yep that ll sell a bunch of copies buy this book it s 100% not bad but it seems to be missing all the gonzo over the top action of the "previous book conflict and xcitement has been replaced "book Conflict and xcitement has been replaced a complex time hopping concept that never really makes sense An intense throbbing in my Cerebral cortex would occur whenever I would try to understand author Lee s logic my face would achieve a purple hue and smoke would steam from my ars trilling like a train whistle This time out Sam Dryden has been nlisted to assist his old buddy Claire who is on the run with a mysterious computer that transmits radio signals from a little over 10 hours in the future The beginning chapters are fun they use this information to rescue a bevy of abducted girls before they are incinerated by a madman But soon they are fleeing from the mysterious shadow agency known simply as The
The Group you see also this technology and they have somehow managed to jerry rig this contraption bouncing the signals from unit to unit to go ven deep. Mpossible and mysterious act of heroism At least it should have been impossible Determined to learn the truth what Calvert discovers leads her to Sam Dryden an x Special Forces operative whose ordinary life has suddenly become anything butThrough their actions Dryden and Calvert have unknowingly placed themselves in the cross hairs of a frightening and dangerous nemy the result of a generations long conspiracy finally coming to fruition What these people have is a .

Signal by Patrick Lee