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Bleeding EdgeHe kind of distinction worth making because there really aren t minor and major novels by Thomas Pynchon This is not one of my better reviews I m afraid a fact made mbarrassing by my having had the honour of receiving an advance copy and being one of the first people to review this book on GR But I hope I ve communicated somewhat at least why and how Bleeding Edge offered me a glimpse as Pynchon s stuff always does of the heights of literary xperience and of its value to us as human beings Or something like that So uh not a disappointment Me and Tome I have a reputation on goodreads for being hyper intelligent indulging in reading difficult novels It s a reputation I like to nurture It s been many years of failure in factBack in college daze I was at the check out desk of the smuckerjamjelly library and this friend of mine comes in fresh out of one of his Englishmajor classes This is one of those rare birds on college campuses an intellectual who actually gave a damn about getting an ducation beyond mere jobtraining He came up to me all thumbs up saying Pynchon is where it s at That was a strong nough argument and I ve been failing to read Pynchon for many years now Well I mean right up to 2009 when I read Inherent ViceIn short order I gather d together V Lot 49 and gravity s rainbow courtesy of one of those use d bookshops I hung out at hipster Lot 49 I read twice and didn t see too much to make a fuss about I read V with what I recall from today s pointofview as zero understanding xcept the nose job chapter and at least once reading it at dipco with a couple rounds of sam adams at the bar looking like a real Pynchon hipster before I used the word hipster like this in a self deprecating manner Well whatever the hell that was I mean V I still have that same Bantam Sinner's Heart edition A few short years later I believe following on the heels of reading IJ I started into gravity s rainbow and said Ah Yes I get it This is fantastic and I have no idea what s going on But so I only got about 23 through what is today simply call d GR due to some non literary distractions Still haven t gotten back to itMeanwhile Mason and Dixon was published and I got one of those hotoffthepressesxemplaren Over the course of several highly distractive months I read the words on its pages I recall a few nice things like presidents getting high big rounds of cheese a mechanical duck snowballs chance in hell of me understanding it But anyway I ven bought a copy for a friend of mine who taught English or was it History Anyways total failure Then I bought a copy of Against the Day also hot off the presses In fact it may have been my first PREorder I order d it before I order d it It sat beautifully on my dresser for approximately three years meanwhile somewhere along the line I placed one of those ubiuitous used copies of Vineland and probably Slow Learner on my shelf Preorder d Inherent Vice in 2009 received it in the Post read it and Pynchonianshape d light bulbs began to light up in my meager brain I GET IT NOW I sail d through Against the Day at speeds airships can only fantasize about I dove uickly into Vineland thankful that I hadn t read it in 1990 with all the other post GR Disappoint d I was a slow learner but I read that one too I mean by this time of course I was well and deep into Encyclopedic Novel Territory ENT space having nter d via IJ SotWeed and The Don of uixote Now here I stood looking forward to what I ve come to think of as Type II PYNCHON Lot 49 Vineland IV Those PynchonLite volumes What I want d from Bleeding Edge was some of that Lite Tome That s what it is And I m a Pynchon FANBOY So whatever I ll read it I read it Here I am See I m a DFW FANBOY too And but I ve move d on see I ll read Spirit of the Wolf everything that says DFW but mostly I ve moved onto fanning other flames With Tome too I ve moved on but in the case of Tome I ve move d on by moving backwards 2014 I need to retrace my steps from V through GR to MD to make up for that failure I mention d up there above Read Bleeding Edge don t be disappoint d take the ride with Maxine It s still Tome And something about the world feels different today There ve been a few novels written about the 11th September 2001 attacks DeLillo s Falling Man and Jonathan Safran Foer s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close come to mind and most of them try to induce not unreasonably a visceral and immediate reaction to the tragedy Pynchon has written about atrocities and tragedies before most recently in Against the Day but what s striking about Bleeding Edge is how determined Pynchon is to avoid talking about 911 in anything like the same terms After huge amounts of foreshadowing thevent itself is thrown away almost in passing two thirds of "the way through the novel a remote occurrence that comes mediated through strangers " way through the novel a remote occurrence that comes mediated through strangers TVMaxine heads for work puts her head in a local smoke shop to grab a newspaper and finds A Vineyard Christmas everybody freaking out and depressed at the same time Something bad is going on downtown A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center according to the Indian guy behind the counter What like a private plane A commercial jet Uh oh Maxine goes home and pops on CNNWhat follows is a lengthyxamination not of the vent itself which #Is Merely The Pretext For #merely the pretext for lot of conspiracy theoretic playfulness but rather of how people reacted to it Pynchon sounds angry about It Angrier Than I angrier than I remember him sounding for a long time Typically he hones right in on the vocabulary objecting in particular to Ground Zero a Cold War term taken from the scenarios of nuclear war so popular in the arly sixties This was nowhere near a Soviet nuclear strike on downtown Manhattan yet those who repeat Ground Zero over and over do so without shame or concern for tymology The purpose is to get people cranked up in a certain way Cranked up scared and helplessAh the purpose As with many of his books it s never clear whose purpose xactly we re talking about but there is a strong sense that there s one out there Something to do with keeping veryone staring at the replaying images on the news channels US citizens reduced to a viewing population brought back to its default state dumbstruck undefended scared shitless Can t you feel it one character asks how verybody s regressing 11 September infantilized this country It had a chance to grow up instead it chose to default back to childhood This sense of opportunity wasted runs throughout the book The other opportunity under Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) examination is the internet The book is set in large part among thearly 2000s geek culture and there is a feeling of almost limitless potential that s about to be Math Basics 6 exploited or suandered One pair of programmers has developed an interface for trawling the deep web a version of the deep web that I don t thinkver xisted and their software is being pursued aggressively by ultracapitalists and national governments they re facing thesame old classic dotcom dilemma be rich forever or make a tarball out of it and post it around for free and keep their cred and maybe self steem as geeks but stay or less middle incomeThe internet for Pynchon is a way of transcending the constraints of reality characters can log on and have conversations with people who seem already to be dead victims of 911 victims of secret governmental machinations whateveran online version of the much misunderstood thanatoids from Vineland The web offers a vision of the almost spiritual interconnectedness of humanity it s a small part of a much vaster integrated continuum And yet at the same time this is somehow thematically tied to the twin towers so that when they come down the possibilities of this new medium also seem increasingly to be built on very shaky groundAnd all of this is told in Pynchon s characteristically sly amused polymathic stoned incisive American narrative voice which fascinates me as much as it The First Ghost ever did He writes dialogue like no one onarth having spent the last few books doing away with such irritating formalities as he said she replied tc he now relays lines of speech with no finite verbs at all merely leaving you with a few present participles like the stage directions to a radio play So some presentable young lady spreading her upturned palms warm and friendly here right And after the stories we heard Lucas nodding gazing amiably at her titsAnd this techniue writ large is how he works at the level of paragraph and novel as well He no longer does the boring necessities he s found a way to jump straight from incident to incident Key vents or Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential explanations arrive smilingly without reason characters bump intoach other simply because it is now necessary that they meet It seems accidental we are told at one point but there may be no accidents any the Patriot Act may have outlawed them along with verything lse He still believes as strongly as Humanism ever in the power of triviality and jokes which is one of the reasons I m able to take him so seriously In this book we have comments about a woman on the side stashed in London he s playing FTSE with cute a strip club called Joie de Beavre and a long description of a Scooby Doo cartoon set in Colombia which concludes with the line and I would ve gotten away with it too if it hadn t been for those Medell n kids His longcstatic flights of descriptive fantasy are fewer here than in some Smokin' Hot earlier books but he still puts phrases together perfectly when he needs to Here s the last description we have of one characterHe s silent wherever he is ?lgido de la burbuja tecnológica pero lo ue noscasean son timadores ue pretenden arramblar con algún trozo de los restos del pastel En Placing Memory ese Nueva York la joven Maxine Tarnow tiene una peueña agencia de investigación de delitosconómicos y se dedica a perseguir a stafadores de poca monta Maxine investiga las finanzas de una mpresa de seguridad informática y a su consejero delegado pe. Mitch Hedberg Memorial Joke IntroductionI used to love Thomas Pynchon I still do but I used to tooAll Your Book Are Belong to Us Bleeding Edge is Thomas Pynchon s bid to scape the Falsche Freunde of American Post modernismIn it he determinedly mbraces plot as a framework within which to create a fiction of his own not for him submission to the tiresomely insistent demands of those wised up urban know it alls who intermittently praise his work when it appears to comply with their grab bag of dogmata and demean it as pynchon lite when it doesn tPynchon is accountable to nothing and nobody but his own muse He writes his own way and he has written differently in Wanton Nights each of his novels notwithstanding the similarity of subject matter in some of themAre You With Me Doctor WuLet s get the length of the novel out of the way firstMy copy was 477 pages long There were 41 chapters in total which made an average of about 116 pages per chapter I always knew how far I was away from the next break if I needed one Pretty soon I felt that I was in the hands of a master Pynchon had set himself a goal forach section he was writing and how much time and While My Soldier Serves effort he wanted to devote to it which coincided with how much time andffort was reuired of us the readersOnce I got started I tried to knock off about 100 pages a dayHelp Too Byzantine Make It StopPynchon s writing was consistently lucid and ntertaining hardly purple or byzantine at all though there were a lot of beautiful sentences in chapter 39 There s a difference between his subject matter and his writing style His sentence and paragraph structure doesn t necessarily reflect the complexity of his subject or the sophistication of the subjectA Valentine to the Big AppleThe best analogy for his style that I can think of is a cross between a television sitcom and a stand up comedy routine This makes sense when you consider that Pynchon name checked Jerry Seinfeld in the jacket copy and Jennifer Aniston and Mitch Hedberg in the body of the novel Two things can be inferred from this ven at the age of 77 when he published the novel Pynchon was keeping up with what s on TV and on the comedy circuit This has to be the most consistently funny of Pynchon s novels And that applies to both his script and his timing ie his overall delivery Secondly he wasn t trapped in the sixties as some critics have suggested His cultural awareness ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe extended over the full 80 years of his life Susan Sontag view spoilerwith the streak hide spoiler 1 in my Top 20 Books I Read in 2015 amazingly lucid and majestically heartbreakinglegia for the The Fiend Next Door early age of the Internet and the pre 911 world Filled to the brim with action humor pop culture references and most imp Culture attracts the worst impulses of the moneyed it has no honor it begs to be suburbanized and corrupted Thomas Pynchon Bleeding Edge REAL GEEKS USE COMMAND PROMPTS Pynchon could write the linear notes to an obscure hipster band and I would track that CD down and read it At one level there is a certain amount of potential sulfuric fizzle genius that you can definitely smell but in this novel never uitexplodes gets xpelled Pynchon is tracing and mapping the same subterranean ground he has fixated on from the very beginning technology paranoia humor dark ntropy பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் etc it is all here It just isn t masterpiece level It surfs at the same literary shelf as Inherent Vice and Vineland A 4 star VG PoMo novel sure sure just not a Gravity s Rainbow a Mason and Dixon or an Against the Day Another challenge Pynchon is facing is the world and its interwebs have just grabbed his schtick with both invisible hands and apparently most of us in meat world just don t give a flying purple Leonhart Fuchs that there is nowhere left to hide My own private Idaho mother is now slowly feeding info into Pinterest s and FB s databases my brother and father I recently read are both in a heavily redacted FBI file dealing with Michael Hastings and I m writing reviews on Goodreads and Audible read AMZN all your reviews are belong to us cross posting it on FBTwittertc and helping the overlords of Zuckerberg Bezos The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 et al make their next few Billion Maybe one day like an oversexed Oneida Community this complexity will all get worked out in thend Maybe with Jesus 20 s help one day we will join hands to feed the world s hungry with than bytes but like Pynchon I m not going to hold my breath for that WTF moment Bleeding Edge begins after the dotcom crash and takes us through to a few months after the A Meditation on Murder events of September 11 It is a portrait of New York during this period A lovably scruffy comedy of remarriage as the Publishers Weekly review calls it and a really wonderful piece of urban literature keenly detailing the visible and invisiblenvirons of New York City and its psyche at that time The back of the advance reading copy I got calls it a historical romance That too is accurate It s also very funny very crime thriller think #very funny very Pynchonian thriller Think Chandler as Jewish mother There s strip club named Joie de Beavre Dividing any writer s output into categories is problematic but the impression I got while reading the first three hundred or so pages of Bleeding Edge was that it was like Vineland or Inherent Vice than Pynchon s other work while also reading a bit like a revision of The Crying of Lot 49 at times Maxine is reminiscent in many ways of Oedipa Maas In other words this book feels for most of its length like an accessible read and I know that s problematic too relative to Gravity s Rainbow or Against the Day Then the vents of September 11 nter the novel s world and they immediately alter the way this book reads The stunning way Pynchon handles the impact of September 11 on these characters and on New York and on the USA s mentality has a retroactive impact on the first two thirds of the book and on any retrospective thought about the bookI doubt I m the only person who wondered when this novel was announced what Pynchonian paranoia would look like when it met the Information Age or less approaching full stride andor when it met the Travis events of September 11 What this book does with paranoia is utterly fascinating I think I d have to read Bleeding Edge again before attempting any lit crit type analysis of paranoia s role in this novel vs its role in say The Crying of Lot 49 or in Gravity s Rainbow So I won t attempt any such analysis But I ll say that just as a reader as an admirer of Pynchon s work I really dug reading this book s rendering of paranoia of the Information Age and post September 11 versions of paranoia Differences and similarities between paranoia as rendered in this book and paranoia as rendered in Pynchon s other books are worth noting and smarter people or people or lessxactly as smart as I am as in the future version of me when I ve thought about this some will likely comment on this stuff louently In many ways and maybe it s just because I haven t read many of the other contemporary novels that probably xist and deal with the internet and its impact on today s world Bleeding Edge does a better job than any other work of fiction I ve read of detailing the AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 exact weird realities andxactly what s weird about those realities of living with this stuff and all it The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? entails yes for the paranoiac but also just forveryday life Puts a lot of stuff into perspective that we probably really need a seriously great fiction writer like Pynchon to put into perspective Bleeding Edge is linear and straightforward relative to some of Pynchon s other work though Maxine s uest makes for an ndlessly complicating adventure with a stellar cast of supporting characters and relentlessly multiplying red herrings But the book s weight and depth both grow and grow apparent as it goes along though it only briefly and appropriately stops being funny I think this is ultimately a scary and profound book but there s of course lots of fun to be had ven with fairly serious stuff The Wahhabi Transreligious Friendship WTF Fund Pynchon is of course a master of portraying pop culture regardless of which time period is in uestion He manages here to find space The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online even for a Kenan and Kel reference Nobody s better than Pynchon at communicating the full range of humanxperience This is partly a virtue of the high low divide meaning absolutely nothing to Pynchon but he collapses that distinction in a much less trivial way than most writers have since the whole pomo thing got started Very few writers can write novels that are real funny and real frightening real serious and real ridiculous real human and real artificial Pynchon s books are all these things at once Bleeding Edge is no Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet exception This is a serious historical novel one thatxpresses real important truths about the human condition whether specific to the age we live in internet stuff terrorism and other stuff or universal love this being 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) emphatically one of the better love stories I ve read and paranoia and other stuff It s also a lovehate letter to NYC and the USA It s also one of the funniest books I vever read It s also a paradise of language and style Plus none of this stuff makes the whole thing fragmented or disjointed Plus the stuff Pynchon writes about whether love sex paranoia violence whatever he s also capable of voking their corresponding motions So it s never this distant Your Everyday Art World exercise and instead it s always immediate You get the ideaThere s an impulse somewhere in my gut to call this one of my favourite Pynchon novels but that s not Estamosn Nueva York Why Photography Matters en 2001 durantel periodo de calma ue transcurrió Doreen Valiente Witch entrel desmoronamiento del boom de las puntocom y los terribles sucesos del 11 de Septiembre Silicon Alley Duty Free Murder es una ciudad fantasma la web 10stá Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag en plenadad del pavo Google todavía no ha salido a Bolsa y a Microsoft aún se la considera Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute el Imperio del Mal Es posible ue ya no corra tanto dinero comon l momento

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Y now one American sheep the shepherds have temporarily lost track of somewhere in the high country above this ruinous hour cragfast in the stormElsewhere attention focuses in on the sky which is very typical of Pynchon the threat in his books is always ither somewhere above you or deep below your feet The sky here takes on a brushed aluminum underglow and later it s a pale battle flag of the ancient nation of winter I love that Near the nd our heroine notices clouds moving across a smear of light maybe the sun maybe something lse which is precisely the sort of minatory vagueness that Pynchon has made all his own There is a paragraph along similar lines in Against the Day and for that matter in this context one can t help also thinking of the famous opening line to Gravity s RainbowHow does he do it There are lines in his books I read over and over and I still have the feeling that the sense can t be reduced to the words on the page And this may be the last book we get from him he was 76 when it came out half a century since the publication of V You don t Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 expect people in their mid seventies to be writing about to pick anxample from this book almost at random a couple dressing up for Hallowe Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, en respectively as a NAND gate and Aki Ross from the Final Fantasy movie Bleeding Edge does include one para that s as good a summary of Pynchon s general philosophy as any No matter how the official narrative of this turns out it seemed to Heidi these are the places we should be looking not in newspapers or television but at the margins graffiti uncontrolled utterances bad dreamers who sleep in public and scream in their sleep What he s been bringing us for fifty years And still showing people a third of his age how it should be done Along with Yellow Dog this gets my vote for the worst novelver written by an author capable of genius in his prime A Real ish Review Dwell upon our memories but there are no factsMental note to self next time you read a book but you can t post a review for a couple of months why don t you try writing the fucking review soon after you read the book and not wait till the day before the book is to be published Just a thought stupid Whenever I hear Okay here s what I think women need to read this book Looking over the reviews I note that most are from men who have read verything Pynchon has written I hadn t read anything by him no not ven Gravity s Rainbow and I thought the time was right for me to begin He is considered a writer of great stature and I couldn t remember why I ignored him This is a valentine to women Even the title refers to women in all its interpretations The bloody Smalltalk: Die Kunst des stilvollen Mitredens edge of a knife held against the neck of the forces that will subjugate us the monthly bleeding forwarddge of an insurgency resistant to control the bleeding heart of a mother s love for her children and the fury that unleashes itself when they are threatened This story is about cool mostly calculating sometimes resistance against the machine And it is so funny I found myself shaking with laughter about three uarters of the way through His humor is cumulative At The first thing to know about Pynchon books is that they fall into two pretty distinct categories with Gravity s Rainbow and Against the Day on one side the side of sprawling Burkes Christmas Surprise epic of insane depth of characterization and range of setting these are books that you don t really read you just dive on into in all their jagged crazy bottomless mystery I once said that reading Against the Day was less like reading a book than reading a chunk of a river and I stand by thatThen on the other side you have the wacky capers of Vineland Inherent Vice and Bleeding Edge I suppose these books areually immersive Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics eually replete with paranoia and feverish rambling and myriad in and out characters and unexpected song breaks and punning turned into high art this one has a titty bar called Joie de Beavre to give just one shiningxample But while his historical pics flout all traditional novelistic conventions by blowing them completely on their ass the modernist novels do it in a different way one mostly of caricaturization The characters are cartoony the hijinks are bananas the twists and dips and feints are piled so helter skelter that it s generally impossible to have any real idea what s going on let alone where it s all headed Also they re so slangy which is always such a shock from rudite genius Pynchon he uses spoze for suppose rilly for really sez for says that sort of super casual conversational thing Rilly it s all broken phrasing and grammatically incomprehensible sleights of hand a copyeditor s nightmare I can only imagine Also unexpected so much pop culture minutia from 80s fashion accessories to obscure Norwegian death metal bands to a t shirt reading ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US which now that I think of it is actually an anachronism since this book takes place in #2001 Jk not an anachronism I have been corrected Anyway What is actually in this book #Jk not an I have been summarily corrected Anyway What is actually in this book ask Well for once the back cover blurb is pretty well done if you want to go ahead and read that It s like historical fiction but set in 2001 starring sexy Maxine mother of two and bad ass uasi legit fraud investigator She starts looking into some small financial thing with a hot shit web property which is really a string that leads her into a gigantic tangled ball of lies and deceptions and insider trading and money laundering and dotcom craziness And Maybe Down Into Hell maybe down into Hell sort of There s a plethora of bonkers characters along the way like a Russian The Go-Girl Guide ex gulag rapper duo a foot fetishist hacker a tween krav magaxpert a surfer acupuncturist a Buddhist kids videogame designer who accidentally maybe creates a parallel universe Furbys with tracking devices under their fur the Journal of Memespace Cartography a haunted hotel pool and on and on and onAnother way of looking at this book and another way that Pynchon seriously could not give a shit about the way a novel is supposed to be constructed is that it s a nearly unending string of deus Ne regarde pas ex machina things and people constantly just happening to appear on the scene at thexact moment they re needed Like at one point our heroine is stumped about a crime investigation having already been on the scene and uncovered absolutely nothing and she s got an appointment with her acupuncturist who is late and it just so happens that the sexy stranger in the waiting room with her is a professional nose so of course through a series of clever subterfuges she sneaks him over to the crime scene and he recognizes the lingering whiff of an obsolete cologne in the air which gets her that much closer to figuring out whodunit The whole book is like this In a random bar bathroom in the caf at her new gym wandering around lost on the Upper West Side at a slinky dotcom party Unworldly Secretary, Untamed Greek everywhere she happens to go why wouldn t you know it There s just the person she needed to see There sven a character whose job is literally a secret delivery man you never call him but when he shows up at your door he s carrying xactly the bootleg VHS tape or the secret dossier or the ncrypted flash drive that holds the very information you so desperately need So yeah it s all kind of strange With these Pynchons it s always a wild ride a fun but very intense disbelief suspension a wonky weird ass spin through a thickety overgrown maze world Which I like but don t Beautiful Creatures exactly love not all the time anywayExcept that his language his language his language oh my god It is so bizarre and brilliant and weirdly beautiful sometimes that it literally stops me in my tracks I ll just be toodling along the pages half attentioned in the midst of some strange gathering peopled with characters I only semi remember who are talking about things I only sort of understand words flowing by beneath myyes to the point where I m mostly only noticing the rhythm lost and lost in his ndless twists and feints and then will come these passages that just slam through and make me gasp with joy or rearrange my thinking in such a profound way that I don t know how I ven was beforeHere s a paragraph for you and if you don t react to it with a literal tingling in your fingertips and the nds of your hair just please shut up and don t tell me about it Sometimes down in the subway a train Maxine s riding on will slowly be overtaken by a local or an xpress on the other track and in the darkness of the tunnel as the windows of the other train move slowly past the lighted panels appear one by one like a series of fortune telling cards being dealt and slid in front of her The Scholar The Unhoused The Warrior Thief The Haunted Woman After a while Maxine has come to understand that the faces framed in these panels are precisely those out of all the city millions she must in the hour be paying most attention to in particular those whose yes actually meet her own they are the day s messengers from whatever the Beyond has for a Third World where the days are assembled one by one under non union conditions Each messenger carrying the props reuired for their character shopping bags books musical instruments arrived here out of darkness bound again into darkness with only a minute to deliver the intelligence Maxine needs At some point naturally she begins to wonder if she might not be performing the same role for some face looking back out another window at herThank you Tom you marvelous mad genius May I never look at a subway ride the same way agai. Ro las cosas se complican No tarda n verse metida The Other Mrs. Miller en líos con un camellon una lancha motora art déco un perfumista profesional obsesionado con la loción para Russia's Futures el afeitado de Hitler un matón neoliberal con problemas de calzado «elementos» de la mafia rusa y varios blogueros hackers programadores ymprendedores algunos de los cuales Knowledge empiezan a aparecer muertosn Judaism: A People Its History extrañas circunstanci.