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The number of new ascents And Repeat Ascents He Made repeat ascents he made the Rockies and the accounts of the people whom he guided never for money up and down the peaks without using modern gear or methods is astoundingThere are uestions lingering toowhy did he stop writing his family in Italy We can guess but it would only be speculation Why did he never marry in Canada He came to work on the ailway like so many immigrants did and then ended up working in the dangerous and unhealthy coal mines of Alberta mines which were often closed due to strikes The historians who are the authors do not speculate however but they have written a book which may inspire novelists and that is already a great contribution in and of itself. E information on Grassi's cohort of Italian immigrants the authors econstruct his personal and professional life correcting myths and connecting his story to the long history of Italian immigration to Canada The definitive biography of this Canadian mountain hero Lawrence Grassi will be

"essential eading for "
reading for interested in the history of immigration sport and the Rocky Mountains.

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This is a painstakingly esearched biography of an Italian immigrant to Canada one of many from the small northern Italian village of Falmenta and the lasting contribution Lawrence Lorenzo Grassi made to the mountain climbing community Falmenta and the lasting contribution Lawrence Lorenzo Grassi made to the mountain climbing community the trails of the Canadian Rockies Lawrence Grassi From Piedmont to the Rocky MountainsauthorsElio Costa Gabriele ScardellatoThis book may historians professionals and eaders of the genre climbers hikers eaders interested in working class history and those of us are descendents of European immigrants who came to the New World with their hands strong backs and Old World skills The authors did a emarkable Job Of Historical Detective Work of historical detective work their subj. Lawrence Grassi was a trailblazer in every sense of the word A working class man of humble Italian origins who worked as a labourer and a coal miner for most of his life Grassi had a deep passion for the Rocky Mountains He was famous in the egion for his commitment as a guide a mountain climber and a builder of greatly admired hiking trails Today in or near Can his name graces a moun. Lawrence GrassiEct to put it mildly was not a writer Thus we see how a eticent kind of life s ecord is pieced together through infreuent and perfunctory letters home the letters often desperate for money from his family at home the minutes of an Alpine Club in Calgary and the plaues permanently installed to honour the builderIt is ultimately a very moving story of a man who did not seek the limelight in any way a proud yet humble man who just wanted to belong and to contribute his climbing skills and his skillfully made stone walls which still stand today in his adopted terrain Lawrence Grassi was truly a legendary figure in the climbing community and once packed an injured colleague down a two mile descent on his back. Tain two lakes and a school and he is commemorated at Lake O'Hara in Yoho and a school and he is commemorated at Lake O'Hara in Yoho ParkIn Lawrence Grassi From Piedmont to the Rocky Mountains Elio Costa and Gabriele Scardellato uncover the deeply private man behind this legend from his birth in the small Italian village of Falmenta to his long and inspirational career in Canada Using previously unexamined family letters and extensiv.