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George Washington Is Cash MoneyI am very glad this exists and seriously considering writing something similar For Canadian History I canadian history i we don t uite hit the great height of lulz of american history but one of our best known prime ministers held seances with his dead dog i feel like i should be able to get at least a chapter out of that also there was that one time we burned down the white house so just gotta figure out the perfect title4 stars This book reads like ou heard that Mae Borowski knows about US history so Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you got her to tutorour kid Then Mae tried very hard bless her heart but doesn t actually know how to write a proper paper or use punctuation or give sources OR ANY OF THAT GOOD STUFF THAT SCHOOL WANTS any of that good stuff that school wants make sure Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou you can accomplishIt s sort of charming in its way but about as deep interesting as some creepy high schooler who listened to Hamilton because he heard the hot cheerleader likes historyA uick read don t complain ifou receive it as a gift but if The Summer I Wasn't Me you re actually aiming to pursue information then grab something else Now if all my American History courses had been taught like this I would have enjoyed them a lot Note US History was my least favorite school subjectAndet I enjoyed reading about it all again here in this no bullshit way But while some of the writing made me smile or chuckle I didn t have any laugh out loud moments like I did with O Brien s previous book which is why this is just shy of getting a 5 star rating from me Also there were one or two chapters repeated from the first book which felt a bit like a cheat to meI am disappointed this book stopped

At Kennedy I D Love 
Kennedy I d love have read O Brien s take on Watergate the myth of Reagan aka what all the current Republicans think he was and the Clinton scandal Maybe next time American History has a lot of myths and I d definitely recommend this to well everyone since it gives ou uite a bit to think about in how we present our history and what we believe happened And in a fun and amusing way to boot Because now. PREPARE TO BE BEAKED BY THE MAJESTIC EAGLE OF HISTORY Most of us are familiar with the greatest hits and legendary heroes of US history In George Washington Is Cash Money Cory O'Brien author of Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes does away with

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The God Memorandum
Children all over Massachusetts start flipping the literal hell out all screaming elling crawling under furniture You know The kind of dumb shit kids do and when everyone is like stop being Shitty They re like we can t because witches Have Tales from a Pilots Logbook you ever seen Drunk History on Comedy Central If not I suggest thatou drop everything right now and watch This is drunk histo I first discovered Cory O Brien When I Read Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes No Bullshit I read Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes A No to World Mythology and absolutely loved it so when I discovered he had written another book I grabbed it I am a little embarrassed to admit that I actually knew of the tales in the world mythology book than I did in this one about the United States considering I live there and have taken History courses every ear until I graduated from high school Perhaps if the teachers used O Brien s books there would be teenagers willing to open their textbooks But then getting a book that contains curse words not only throughout the book but actually in the title past the school board Yeh good luck with thatAnywayI did find the author s choices rather interesting Some of them were not exactly history but were not entirely myth either And then there were the very atypical tales ones not necessarily told from the winner s perspective which is who tends to write the history books anyway right The first chapter tells a which is who tends to write the history books anyway right The first chapter tells a of the Cherokee Creation story after all who are the real Native Americans followed by the hopefully well known by now truth about Christopher Columbus and what an idiot he was and how he discovered North America Other tales are about the Roanoke Colony the Salem Witch Trials the Declaration of Independence and misc presidents along with Lewis and Clark the Trail of Tears and the Alamo then O Brien randomly tosses in tales about Rip Van Winkle Paul Bunyan Johnny Appleseed Bre r Rabbit Roswell and of course Elvis Back to actual US history he discusses important people like Thomas Edison Harriet Tubman Martin He pomp and circumstance and calls America's history what it is one long violent soap opera In his signature clever crude and cuss ridden style O'Brien reminds us that Teddy Roosevelt stopped bullets with his manly chest Harriet Tubman. ,