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Final Score Striker #3This is the trilogy that keeps ON GETTING BETTER AND BETTER I getting better and better I been n the verge f tears so many times during Final Score because I just couldn t believe what was happening to Amber Jim and Ryan I still can t believe what I was and although I sort f understand the ending it wasn t what I was hoping for The trilogy is completely absorbing I have barely been able to think Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of anything else for the past few days while I have immersed myself in these stories To enjoy this book fully you need to read thether two first This may be read as a standalone but there is no way it would be as amazing if you don t know "THE FULL BACK STORIES COMPLETE WITH "full back stories complete with emotions and thoughtsFinal Score keeps you guessing the entire time as to who Amber will ultimately be with There has been a lot Condor of character development and growth between the three books including with the supplementary characters This is the third season we. The third and final book in Michelle Betham’s seductively wicked bonkbusterDelving into the livesf th. Have spent with Amber Jim Ryan and Ronnie Professionally all their careers are going
From Strength To Strength 
strength to strength again is their personal and private Deception or not so private lives that we are discovering in full techni colour detailsI honestly don t think I will ever understand fully the relationship between Amber and Jim but I won t deny their is a powerful connection between the two that is completelybsessive Absolutely amazing trilogy full f sex lies and intrigue Incredibly fast paced and utterly addictive Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google Final Score the LAST IN THE STRIKER SERIES KEPT ME ON THE in the Striker series kept me n the The Bride in Blue of my seat right to the final page The nail biting ending was definitely happy for now rather than happy ever after It reinforced the realism characteristicf all the Striker series books This story explored Amber s dependence The Life Lucy Knew on her first love ex husband Jim. Ose who live and work within the so called Beautiful Game ‘Final Score’ is a storyf sex secrets and. ,

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The numerous sex scenes underlined Amber s addiction to Jim Whatever he did The Lone Sheriff outsidef their sexual relationship she forgave him because The Bridal Suite of the physical completeness he gave her Amber s personal life was reminiscentf a teenager and the conseuences for all those who cared about her were dire Amber s first encounter with Jim at sixteen conditioned her She reacted in the same predictable way unable to move past this point which I found frustrating but credibleJim s controlling
Nature Coupled With His 
coupled with his The Troublesome Angel obsession made him a difficult character to like almost an anti hero who Amber should break freef As a character he engendered strong emotions which enhanced the reading experienceRyan the player f the first two books matured in a meaningful way I wanted him to succeed with Amber because he was a great dad to their babyAn angst ridden sexy conclusion to this sporting saga that kept me hoping right to the ENDMICHELLE BETHA. THE TRUE COST OF FAMEFOOTBALLER’S WIVES Betha. The true cost f fameFootballer’s Wives Jackie Collins in this sizzling scorcher The Desert Princes Proposal of a summer rea.