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The SentientDon t really have a full review for this HERE S SOME SCATTERED NOTESNOTHING WRONG WITH IT BUT s some scattered notesNothing wrong with it but not my thing Nothing PARTICULARLY INTERESTING SLOW MOVING NO REAL interesting slow moving no real Despite being very character focused there is ENTIRELY no character development Nothing really to enjoy but the characters of Reza and Alice who show up late and are far superior to the DornsThe villain of the tale has no ersonality besides obvious villain There s no moral grey area or anything about them that doesn t scream obvious the cause of the bad things in the world The writing is fine good nice I enjoyed the little diary entires at the start of each chapter that show something had happened and left our MC alone it added a little suspense and mystery It kept me wanting to read to discover what huge thing could have happened but the truth is actually lacklusterThe love interest in the book thankfully isn t a LOVE interest but they have sex and he is really uite blandThe end has a little hook i Great new author Book was amazing Couldn t ut it down and keeps you wanting Looking forward to book number two in the series Exciting new book by a new author Take a chance you won t be disappointed This book has mystery and a bit of romance lus the imagery of the Sentient and their magic is Learn English: A Beginner's Guide for ESL Learners pretty cool The Sentient is one of those books that has you hook right from the first sentence not from the first action scene or the fist bantering argument but the first sentence I d give this book 35 stars Jessica Crawford writes amazing characters that takes you on the journey there going through but I m one of thoseeople that like to know all information In The Type Of Species the type of species In my opinion The Sentient doesn t have enough information it s all limited from the Who Is Gloria Steinem? protagonist soint of view Loved this book Not usually a genre I read but I could not ut this book down and I am atiently awaiting book 2 Well done book An easy and fast read for me I was sorry when the book ended and would like to read the ot. Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 10 0615992625When a atient at the birth center begs her to take her baby and keep him safe Anna finds herself swept up into the affairs of the mysterious Dorn family The Dorns belong to the Sentient a clandestine group whose study of alchemy. Her books when they come out The Sentient The Sentient Prophecy Book One by Jessica Crawford is the story of Anna Cassidy a nurse in a birthing center She s just had her own ersonal tragedy when a woman who had just given birth begs her to take her newborn baby The woman disappears but in a fit of nosiness Anna hunts her down and becomes mixed up in a supernatural messShe s forced into the employ of superhumans specifically for the health of the head of the family She s drawn into their family struggles and drama out of Curiosity For The Beings for the beings her captive There is also talk of a ProphecyThe bottom of my world was ulled right out from under me and as I lummeted through empty space my out from under me and as I lummeted through empty space my sort of abandoned shipIn the grand scheme of things this was a good book I mean it was well written for the most art It seemed retty uniue It had some romanceHowever if you re going for fast aced and romantic happily ever after this wasn t it for me I have to confess to age skimmingHave you ever watched one of those movies on the Independent Film Channel that just had one of those endings that had you wondering how you just spent the Now Pitching, Bob Feller: A Baseball Memoir past hour and a half You shake your head in confusion But yet you watch it all the way through and then even succumb to the next movie that s on This is that movie inrintI repeat well written good book There is a book two The Prophecy which I know will give me the closure I want baaaadly I guess I ve been sucked into Book Two I couldn t wait to receive my copy of The Sentient and I m glad when I did finally get it To start The Sentient is an easy read and it falls outside of the usual fantasyparanormalromance Variance (Raise Your Weapon, parameters set by the mainstream It is a refreshing mature take on this genre I was surprised by the bookAnna our heroine is nurse at a birthing center undergoing life changing circumstances and tragedy In her attempt at juggling loss she tries to focus on her work only to be drawn to aatient named Cassandra who begs her to take her baby. Has granted them near immortality along with other Mermaid powers Anna finds herself at the mercy of the Dorns Theatriarch's health is rapidly deteriorating even though his kind can supposedly never fall ill The daughter has borne a child to a human man in spite of the rophecy foretelling that such a To keep him safe When Anna is interrupted by Cassandra s brother She Leaves With A with a I should have done With this feeling tugging at her Anna can t help but become all Nancy Drew love Nancy Drew by the way and it s a major compliment and try to find out if Cassandra is ok And this is where the story truly After Effects Expressions picks up and we are swept away into the lives of the Dorn family They are no ordinary family and unfortunately I can t spoil it for you because I don t even know what type of species Nor would I want to because this is a book that you should read Anna embarks on journey of discovery from meeting the handsome Jameson Cassandra s other brother to the very creepy children of Victor and Zahira and learning about The Sentient makes you the reader feel like a fly on the wall The Dorn Family and theirast feels very American Gothic and I love itTo be honest I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait to read book 2 I hope it answers all the uestions that I have regarding the Dorn family and I hope to see the forbidden romance between Jameson and Anna blossom The only downside to this book is that I felt it could ve been descriptive of the hysical features of the characters I am sure book 2 will satisfyWell done Jessica Crawford I look forward to reading from you Smooth read and an unusual combination of aranormal and gothic novel Full disclosure I know the author and the 5 star vote is for supportencouragement however I do think this shows a lot of romise for a self ublished first novel It s a sort of Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume I paranormal mysteryromance story and I ll admit not the kind of thing I usually read I think that fans of the genre will find a lot to like here though secret societies arcane mysteries creepy kids etc It has a decent sense of humor too which helps to balance out the melodrama The concept of the Sentient society isretty neat and original but I d like to see it fleshed out a little Overall I think it is Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ancient Egypt pretty well done and has theotential to become a successful series. Alf breed will bring about the end of life as the Sentient know it The sexy younger son can be just as infuriating as he is charming and the older son thinks Anna knows too much and should be silenced When her world collides with theirs nothing will ever be uite the same for Anna or for the Sentien. .