PDF/EBOOK (Fevered Nights)

Ok Piper is a bad girl model trying to polish image And Make Her Look make her look giving out an award Neil kisses her and asks her outshe he knew who she was but idn tHis friend told him all about herThey go out but she keeps leaving him as she is trying to hard to be goodbut they get closer and closer and the love grows with each trip they take and the time they spend together til Neil s wife who he thought was ex came and ruined everythingbut he kept his promise and went to save her brother when he found him and brought him home to her but she oesn t know that he had any part in thatshe is glad TO HAVE HER BROTHER BACKA REALLY have her brother backA really story. Both his body and his reputation on fire When they steal away for a few ays however it becomes clear that this incendiary attraction is about than just being bad And Neil will have to choose between the woman he wantsand the man he really Fevered NightsHot sexy read Enjoyed it Piper is the hot MODEL ON MEND AFTER HAVING SOME HARD PARTYING WAYS on mend after having some hard partying ways is a navy seal from a good family When piper meets Neil chemistry happens between them Can piper open up to Neil about her past and can Neil lie to piper about his wife Simple romance read Disliked Heroine could not relate to her and took too long to get her back story to understand why she keepspulling back Too melodramatic ending in Chapters 18 and 19 Some very good writing in places engaging wordsmithingLoved Hero loved the Patience He Showed When She he showed when she green lightred lightgreen lighting him several times when they were on the verge of intimacyAb. THE DESIRE TO BE GOOD THE desire to be good The to be bad Lingerie model Piper is a tabloid's Alchemic dream come true She's broken hearts rules even a few laws After her last little adventure however Piper realizes her trashed rep won't justestroy her career. Solutely loved that author made a point of creating a hero who was an average looking nice guy but his energies personality patience and heart made him attractive Worst Harleuin I ve read in a while I would venture a guess that Jillian Burns is a virgin by her lack of creative writing in the embarrasingly novice sex scenes This is a very typical romance between a young lingerie model girl and an older Navy SEAL BTW the cover We Sell Drugs dudeoesn t look like the image of a Navy SEAL The story feels Navy SEAL BTW the cover Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ dudeoesn t look like the image of a Navy SEAL The story feels She needs protecting and he can protect her I on t want to give anything away but I was counting the pages until the end Save Yourself And Pick A Different Bo. It'll Destroy The and pick a ifferent bo. It'll estroy the thing she *REALLY CARES ABOUT NOW SHE'S A REFORMED BAD GIRL *cares about Now she's a Reformed Bad Girl nothing will stop her from being good Navy SEAL Neil Barrow is pretty much one being The Good Guy He's hoping that the Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature deliciously naughty Piper will set.