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Ll in the blanks between the words creating a story on the page and in your story on the page and in your A girl her dog and Her Pa Set Out To Pa set out to a plan into reality with dreams and healing hitching a rideThis story is not one to plow through I had to remind myself to slow down and take a closer look and really absorb the words and pictures As the story plays out on the page the deeper and deeper the emotions and plan seems to get Reader participation and perception are a must with The Plan See how many extra P words you can find in the pictures as you go along Imagine and observeA fun creative way to tell a *TALE. BOOK COLLABORATION PROVES THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN * Book collaboration proves the only difference between and a dream is a plan  .

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The PlanOr the reader to #SEE WHAT S AND HOW #what s different and how or subtracting or altering ust one letter can change entire meaning maybe a book to to a preschool or kindergarten class This is a brilliant book using only twenty words Barbara Lehman s simple but detailed illustrations Alison Paul tells a story changing one letter at a time It s a story of a young girl her dog and her father some secrets some sadness an adventure and lots of oy I loved it Soar up up and away with The PlanThe Plan has 20 words Twenty P words One two maybe three words to a page Pictures and imagination fi. Istory and begin building a new life Alison Paul and Barbara Lehman's innovative picture. This was a terrific book the words are very simple and easy the words are very simple and easy very beginning readers to sound out Pint might be the only tricky one depending on their familiarity with longshort vowels But the illustrations the actual story is all in the pictures And what a great opportunity for a Small Person with a vivid imagination to be able to see what s really going on and explain it in their own words In that aspect it s practically a wordless book since you don t need the words to complete the storyBut the words are there and the way Paul changes ust one letter at a time makes it a fun challenge As a father and daughter cope with a loss they rediscover an important piece of family