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Kei's Gift Darshian Tales #1

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Ale of the clash of two cultures set in an alternate world not far removed from Earth s ancient antiuity The clash is actually an all out war and against this background our two heroes struggle to find eace and each otherOn the one side we have Arman a general in the Prij army The Prij seemed to be loosely based on the ancient Romans a militaristic society with a thirst for expansion by conuest ruled by a capricious young monarch advised by a senate militaristic society with a thirst for expansion by conuest ruled by a capricious young monarch advised by a senate decrepit old men The Prij believe they are the only civilized society and that the eoples they conuer are all barbarians Arman is an intelligent and honorable man whose life especially his evil bitch of a wife brings him no HAPPINESSKEI IS A GENTLE HEALER IN is a gentle healer in small village in Darshian He has what the Darshianese call a gift the ability to see into eople s souls and know what they re feeling People with gifts are rare and highly respected but the gifts are not always a blessing to the The Hiding Place person that has themThe two men are enemies on opposite sides of a very unjust war yet it seems like they are somehow destined to be together But circumstances their differences and their honor seems to be constantlyulling them apart At times it really looks like they will never find happinessThis is what I would call a very dense book and by that I don t mean it s difficult to read It s actually uite readable and at than 700 ages in the rint version it needs to be But unlike many other books of such length there s no fluff of unnecessary rose no lengthy Tirades There Are Plenty There are lenty tirades against war and stupidity for the most The Elephants Journey part but they re short and to theoint Every word on every Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' page is important and adds to the story It s a very rich tale with sadness humor and some real tear jerking moments near the end. A man trapped in a loveless marriage and joylessly wedded to duty The fate of two nations will rest on these two men–and somehow they must not only learn to overcome their ownersonal difficulties but bring eace with honour to their countries If they failmany innocents will ,
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Kei s Gift is an adult military fantasy featuring multiple ueer characters opposites attract a war though not really a war It s hard to explain without spoiling slow burn romance and enemies TO LOVERSALL IN ALL I THOUGHT loversAll in all I thought was brilliant but not erfect I adored both of the MCs and loved watching their growth Yes I wanted to Changing Face of the Hero punch Arman in the beginning but as all good character growth goes I loved him by the endI m too lazy to do a full in depth review so allow me toresent bullet oints What I loved Kei and Arman s romance develops over the course of the book and It Was Glorious The Mutual was glorious The mutual and slowburn topped with the soul mate trope Ahhh I adored it I loved Kei s relationship with Reji and how they stay friends even after the break up Also Reji basically becomes Kei and Arman s number one shipper and I loved that Found family and blood family feels all round Bisexual Rep Gay Rep and side olyamorous romances I really loved that Gay Rep and side StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story polyamorous romances I really loved that see a side romance between Reji and a certain women who I fucking loved spoilers develop at the end It s nice to see ueer mf representation I love the fantasy elements that come into the book The reasons I didn t find thiserfect The book is very long and could do with some editing there s so many chapters at the end that could have been cut This one is It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life personal but it really irked me that a book with multiple mm mf andolyamorous romances has absolutely no ff romances Arman s relationship with his wife was shocking no matter how evil she may have been I didn t like how he constantly referred to her as the bitch Another Lignin Biodegradation personal one the bitch word just gets to me Overall I may have skimmed some of it especially the useless chapters at the end but I don t think I ll ever forget this book I truthfully enjoyed. Darshian is a vast land inhabited by aeaceful rational society where Pure Chance people with extraordinary Gifts are common and life is lived according to strong ethicalrinciples Kuprij is made up of a thousand crowded islands – thrusting ambitious war like driven by a booming opulati. It and I m looking forward to continuing on with the series someday I Loved This Book loved this book s such an amazing story with so much information and so many characters it s sometimes hard to catch them all but the in the end it is what makes it so rich and overwhelming I loved the gifts and the assion and the ending was very much worth the invested time Let me reface my opinion with another opinion by saying that I think Somerville is a fantastic writer I LOVED the Pindone Files and Remastering Jerna was beautiful However I had major Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church problems with this book Well one majorroblem really her characters are too virtuous They re so sweet and amazing that they give me the moral euivalent of a toothache One or two A (kinda) Country Christmas paragons I could deal with but all of the good guys in this book are such freakinginnacles of erfection that I almost wanted to side with the bad guys but they too were so clumsily maligned that they ended up being laughable and while I can side with evil I cannot side with stupid So that leaves my loyalties orphaned which is never a comfortable thing Arman especially I feel had the capacity to be a bit of a lovable bastard but this is never capitalized on And what s up with the weird animal names I know it s meant to lend the world building some depth but Jombeker Really Call it a fucking goat or horse or whatever it is so that I spend less time grinding my teeth in frustration trying icture it and time actually enjoying the book This was beautiful A real slow burn romance which I love and the world building was amazing very well thought out It was a huge book though I ll need a bit of a break before moving onto the next one The best word I can think of to describe Kei s Gift is epic in the very classical sense of the word This is a broad On and a desire to bring its religion and its laws to the whole world Twenty years ago it conuered south Darshian now it has greedy eyes on the north The war brings Kei a gentle fun loving healer from an isolated village into collision with Arman an embittered honourable general. ,