American Priestess The Extraordinary Story of Anna Spafford and the American Colony in Jerusalem (PDF)

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Ead on the subject The ineuality that Palestinians are enduring is not really acceptable today when you know what the Jews endured uring the Holocaust Read Susan Nathan s The Other Side of Israel My Journey Across the Arab Divide herself a Jew Another is Against our Better Judgement by Allison Weir Facinating reads Not many people know of this history but they should I had heard of the American Colony previously but this was the first book I have read that covers the history of the Colony in etail Particularly it is a look at the lives of Horatio Spafford a native of Upstate New York who moved to of Horatio Spafford a native of Upstate New York who moved to and practiced law and his Norwegian born wife Anna and the ways in which their lives turned upside own when they Lego DC Super Heroes decided to leave the established Presbyterian church they were a part of to found a self contained Restorationist house church Moving to Jerusalem then part of the Ottoman Empire to escapeebts the house church they founded soon blossomed into a full fledged American Colony espite the fact that it was international in character and its members a full fledged American Colony espite the fact that it was international in character and its members a reputation for their generosity and willingness to engage with the local population However after Horatio s Renaissance Emerge Series death in 1887 Anna largely took over governing the colony and it increasingly grew cult like with Anna claimingirect revelation from God and threatening to blackmail members who Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power did not follow herictates The narrative of the book is riveting and well researched with one star being From a Whisper to a Shout docked because I think Geniesse is too passive a narrator and not hard enough in her critiue of Anna Spafford considering all the ways she exploited the members of the colony Fascinating story of The Overcomers a religious cult from Chicago who moved to Jerusalem to await the Second Coming of Christ in the late 1800 s Their interest was not prosleytizing in fact they counted both Arabs and Jews among their staunchest supporters but only originally to place themselves Talk about a bittersweet memorable read The American Colony in Jerusalem Now a 5 star hotel which I often heard about and in a rather positive light given its history of unusual neutrality in that most tense city But until now few have known the true story of the house that became the American Colony Hotel or its bizarre history of tragedy religious extremism emotional blackmail and peculiar sexual practices Enter the Norwegian born Anna and American Horatio Spafford residents of ChicagoAfter a series of tragic losses following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and a Alt 10 Retrospect Prospect devastating shipwreck Anna and Horatio Spafford led a small American contingent in 1881 to Jerusalem to form a Christian utopian society Riding the wave of Protestant evangelicalism they were eager to witness the Second Coming that was surely at hand complete with a wish to see a Jewish return to the Holy Land views which are still shared by many today A thoroughly researched account the range of abuse within the community was asisturbing to read as their Integrating African American Literature in the Library and Classroom dedication to charitable work to people of all backgrounds was commendable As such in time its reputation grew and hosted famous figures such as TE Lawrence Gertrude Bell and Peter Ustinov whose grandfather was a Russian nobleman I mostefinitely look forward to reading her other book Passionate Nomad about Freya Stark On a personal happier note the place had recently garnered my attention while writing my book on our Russian grandfather Nicola for that is where he met and of course instantly fell in love with our lovely Palestinian grandmother. Her credulous followers lived through and closely participated in the titanic upheavals that eventually formed the modern Middle East Written with flair and insight American Priestess provides a fascinating exploration of the seductive power of evangelicalism and raises uestions about the manipulation of religion to serve personal goals A powerful narrative the story sweeps through the Celtic Plant Magic: A Workbook for Alchemical Sex Rituals dramatic collapse of the Ottoman Empire the establishment of the British Mandate and finally the founding of Israel where Anna’s house in East Jerusalem now the American Colony Hotel stands as an exemplar of beauty and comfortespite its turbulent history. .
American Priestess The Extraordinary Story of Anna Spafford and the American Colony in Jerusalem

REVIEW Ô HAPPY-NOGI46-GO.XYZ Ñ Jane Fletcher Geniesse

An excellent story of the Overcomers in Jerusalema group of Americans and Swedes who moved to Jerusalem in the late 1800s to await the Second Coming While their religious beliefs #were odd their impact on the city through the 1st World War and even to this # odd their impact on the city through the 1st World War and even to this as their colony buildings continue to operate as a hotel was largely beneficial They remained staunchly neutral in the ArabJewish conflict and ran schools soup kitchens and hospitals It wasn t a riveting readbut still kept me reading as I was curious what was going to happen to the group If you have visited Jerusalem or even luckier lived there you Reading Contemporary African American Literature d enjoy this book An amazing story of one woman and her capacity to lead and guide many under her wing not always for the betterment of those who followed Her reign began along with her husband Horatiouring the Protestant evangelical wave after the Civil Warm when they convinced themselves and a handful of others that the Second Coming was imminent and that they were being called to Jerusalem Even though they were scorned by the American Consul and other missionaries this small group were admired and appreciated by both Muslims and Jews as they Cared For The Sick And for the sick and of all faiths How far will we go in the name of Southern African Literature: An Introduction deity Well written and footnoted This covered a very interesting subject Here was a religious cult that actuallyid some good But like in all such groups there was also lots of exploitation of the followers in the group and lots of weirdness involved The writing was well researched but I felt like there were various places where the prose was not as clear as it could have been For instance there was a collision of two ships mid ocean and it was not clear which boat hit which and which came to the rescue This was a very important event and it was frustrating not to know what the etails were To her credit the author id have a list of names in the front of the book telling who each person was which was a help There were also two maps both featuring the compound but I would have liked at least one Plowshares Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture (Independent Studies in Political Economy) detailing the area of the mid east where it all took place There was plenty of food for thought in this recounting so I was glad I read American Priestess I think Geniesse was even handed in her treatment of the principals and the history she covers Religious fundamentalism run amok but at the same time catering and caring for many that the missionaries of theay just cast aside There is a whole cast of saints and sinners and a few are found to be both Ms Geniesse has created a well researched book on the American Colony in Jerusalem and given a tide of history of the middle east an area of complexities to this Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours day Truly a fascinating read The Spaffords created the American Colony as a place for the group to prepare for the end of the world The patriarch of this cult is Horatio Spafford but upon hiseath and really just before his American Africans in Ghana Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era The John Hope Franklin Series in African American History and Culture death Anna his wife who becomes known as Mother is the controlling figure The majority of the children are ill educated except for those who borrow books from Johanna Brooke who became a model for escape from the loss of personality in a selfeluded religious group such as ours For many who stayed it was safer not to think at allAnna was not the first and certainly will not be the last to use religion as a tool in the service of goals having to o with Caesar than with God If there is a lesson to be learned from this small slice of history surely it is the importance of thinking for oneself lest one be victimized still for oneself lest one be victimized Still colony left. For generations in Jerusalem a fabled mansion has been the retreat for foreign correspondents iplomats pilgrims and spies–but until now few have known the true story of the house that became the American Colony Hotel or its bizarre history of tragedy religious extremism emotional blackmail and peculiar sexual practices During the boom years following the Civil War in the country’s heartland capital Chicago a prominent lawyer Horatio Spafford and his blue eyed wife Anna rode the mighty wave of Protestant evangelicalism eluging the nation When suddenly tragedy struck the charismatic Spaffords grieving attracted followers eager to belie. .
A legacy of generosity to the people they served and Bertha and her descendants have carried it on And if anything is true of Americans and have carried it on And if anything is true of Americans and their ideal of the American Dream it is the inclination to think for themselves as ready and willing to help others in the service of making the world a better place and willing to help others in the service of the world a better place I reading this book late on a Saturday too late to write a good review It is Sunday and inasmuch as this book is about a Christian sect an appropriate ay to write the review The author uotes Alexis Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook de Tocueville who toured the US in 1831Religious insanity is very common in the United States A statement which seems to run true throughout our history The preponderance of this history starts a generation aftere Tocueville and continues past World War II The major religious crusades in America of the late 1800s Diamond in the Dark drew large crowds but oftenid not address the underlying social problems At the same time small groups formed believing the end times were near This is the story of one such groupHard economic times are often the instigators of eep religious revival Crises create situations where nimble inventions are created in the form of religious truths Cults are formed of true believers Much like the mega churches of today the Spaffordites had an hierarchy that was able to use fear and awe to keep followers loyal The leaders reaped benefits from the structure than those beneath them While this occurred with the American Colony in Jerusalem the colony was ifferent than the Christian missionaries in the Middle East at that timeThe Spaffordites believed the second coming was near so they moved to Jerusalem to be the bride of Christ when he came Unlike other missionaries they The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past did not proselytize They helped all the poor and needy while living a communal life style based on strict rules Because they helped all regardless of religion they were able to survive the times until a Jewish state was formedOne can glean much from histories of small groups and biographies Authors need to reveal the context in which the subjects act Little known facts are often revealed The egoism of the British Commander in Chief and his need to be seen as conueror of Jerusalem leading toestruction of evidence showing he was a Johnny come lately is one of them Another is the Jewish terrorism in Palestine such as the Deir Yassin massacre on April 9 1948 in which Irgun and Stern Gang commandos executed a wedding party raped and murdered women and children ransacked and The African American Odyssey Volume 2 dynamited houses Jewish loudspeaker trucks then broadcast the horror throughout Palestinian towns and promised of the same Bits of history some groups would like to have buried seem to appear in unexpected works After I read this book I talked about it so much that my co workers started openly mocking me But it was THAT GOOD uick background for those thaton t go to Jerusalem on a regular basis the American Colony hotel is one of the famous hotels in central Jerusalem the other two probably being the King David and the David Citadel and particualarly notable because it actually sits in East Jerusalem now the predominately Arab part of the city Most people who work in the Middle East or on the peace process know the American Colony But almost none of them realize it s origins I Steal This University: The Rise of the Corporate University and the Academic Labor Movement didn t learn as much about Jerusalem as I thought I would when I started this book What Besides all the issues with Anna and the Overcommers I was interested in the end talking about the Jewish and Palestinianivide It just reinforced what I recently Ve their prophecy that the Second Coming was at hand and in 1881 sailed with them to Jerusalem to see the Messiah alight on the Mount of Olives No sooner had they settled into the Holy City than the U S Consul and the established Christian missionaries Hardcore physical child abuse declared them heretics and whispered of sexualeviance Yet Muslims and Jews admired their unflagging care of the sick and the needy and Jews were intrigued with their advocacy of a Jewish Return to Zion When Horatio Handbook of Agricultural Entomology died Anna assumed leadership shocking even her adherents by abolishing marriage and established aictatorship that was not always benevolent Ever Dare for More dogged by controversy she and.