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Smoke Jensen The Beginning

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This book just seems to flow along providing just the Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism restful but engrossing experience I want inecreational The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, reading It s the first Johnstone book I veead and I look forward to diving into the many books he s written I am in loveI unhooked on the Jensen family Will be looking up the other books about them I have known two men like Smoke and they are few and far between The characters are so well formed and I will also be looking for books about Preacher Thanks Mr Johnstone for your skill in bringing these people to life Keep up the good work When you have a good thing why mess with it For some unfathomable Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness reason the Johnstone Clan decided toeboot the Smoke Jensen origin story They botched itThe original tale made sense and was far concise This one ambles on and on and leaves main and supporting characters scattered here and there and loose ends abound The editing is atrocious. The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyFor the first time An Epic Account Of A epic account of a born into a struggle for survival on the harsh and unforgiving American frontier the story behind the legend of Smoke JensenOn The Eve Of The the eve of the War Kirby Jensen is the youngest of three children living on a hardscrabble anch in Southwestern Missouri But in 1861 shots As scenes jump from one place to the other In some parts of the book a header of a month and year is provided and then hundreds of pages go by before such is seen again The writing is also poor Dialogue eads simplistic and epetitious This gets to the very unusual weak characters for a Johnstone book Even Smoke eads flatter than others in the endless series Smoke s father seems to get younger as written Earlier in the book the father s dialogue is is very farmer like Later his dialogue becomes almost contemporary urban speak The actions by the father are becomes almost contemporary urban speak The actions by the father are one way earlier and then changes The plotting is even worse THERE ARE TOO MANY AND FAR are too many and far coincidences that
Occur Throughout The Book And 
throughout the book and euals a very unlikely storyWhat bugs me most is the consistency The Smoke Jensen in this book is written differently than the other books where the character appears Same with Preacher. Ere fired in Charleston harbor and Kirby's father and brother went to war Smoke Jensen The Beginning follows the Jensen clan during these volatile years from Civil War battles to border state aids to the kind of frontier justice achieved only by bullets and blood William W Johnstone chronicles the early years of Kirby Jensen soon to be nicknamed Smoke as he jour. Bottom line i don t ecommend this book 2 out of 10 points I ead this book some time ago It is your typical 2 out of 10 points I ead this book some time ago It is your typical Jensen Story Yes we all know they are basically ecipe books and you can predict what is going to happen next But they are always uick eads and entertaining But this time we get his history or as the comic books call it his secret originWe need western writers out there and should be happy that these books are being written Another excellent book about Smoke Jensen This one begins when Kirby Jensen is a young pre teen about the beginning of the Civil War and brings him up to adulthood and his name of Smoke Jensen WW Johnstone developed a great character and trained his nephew JA in the historical esearch to make the stories accurate and write in the style that makes them interesting books JA Johnstone is doing a great job of keeping the stories going I love all of them. Neys from boyhood innocence into a manhood shaped by violence and a young man's thirst "For Justice Filled With "justice Filled with historical events and legendary characters the story of Smoke Jensen's early years is a powerful brutal and amazing American saga the crowning achievement of America's most popular living Western writer Also available in audio at wwwGraphicAudione.