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ベルセルク 14Pe chapter was neat but is essentially A Condensed Version Of The First Three condensed version of the first three worth continuing but there s a dip here because of how ood the previous volumes were4 stars I didn t really care for the plot for the most part of this volume but Demon Infant chapter has ruined me I m Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question goneBut HEY my baby Puck the meme king is back and I couldn t be happier Also the art has improved Again I don t know how you improve something that s already perfect but I mean it s Berserk what did I expect This is the 14th book in the Berserk series and it was a very fun one This is the book where Guts finallyets his amazingly awesome sword and the cannon for his arm There are also some disturbing revelations around Casca being pregnantThe illustration continues to be amazing I was also very impressed with how much progress the story made again this volume I love the new Guts with his cannon arm and Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism giant swordThis was the first volume thatoes outside of the original Berserk anime series and I enjoyed reading this new part of the Berserk story new to meOverall this Was A Fantastic Continuation Of a fantastic continuation of Berserk series I am loving this series soooo much I would recommend to mature readers who enjoy fantasy horror manga These are just so ood Yes This is a fairytale for children No no it is notWhat s it aboutThat would involve spoilers skipWhy it ets 5 starsThe story is very Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson good It wraps up the preuel stuff and starts a new arc This new arc is very intense and interestingThe artwork is really cool So in this volume it sreat as always for this series and there s a lot of Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture great splash pagesThe characters are still interesting and well writtenThere s some sweet action here Thingset very intense and bloodyThis book isn t too predictableThere s some pretty Edge of Venomverse good comic relief The character Puck is actually very humorous and I know some may not care for it but I actually like having a bit of comic relief in a series as completely fucked up as this I would also add that the way Miura makes it work is amazingSo this series is not just fantasy but also horror and holy shit does this volume deliverreat horror stuff If you like tons of Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) gore vicious flesh eating elves androtesue demon monsters M has unleashed a plague of unspeakable horrors upon the earth and the first battle not only shatters the Hawks but the hand of their champion Guts and the mind of their captain and Guts' lover Casca And while time may heal some of Guts' wounds it will not heal his desire for ,
Ou should be satisfied with the contents of this volumeThis volume is uite emotional at times I m confused how anyone can read this and only see it as that edgy rape manga with the piles of blood because while this series as a whole definitely includes lots of blood and several rape scenes it is also one of the most emotional pieces of storytelling I have witnessed in comicsThe ending makes me excited for the next volumeThere s a little bonus that shows the story Miura made as a pitch for Berserk While a bit different from the main series it was cool to seeOverallBerserk is fucking amazing If you don t mind raphic content of any kind I should warn and like fantasy andor horror but haven t tried this series what the hell are You Doing You Are Seriously Missing Out doing You are seriously missing out is an incredible piece of storytelling that is always dark interesting and intense I m 14 volumes deep into this and haven t iven a single volume less than 4 stars so that is a sign of uality I d say55 This volume can be divided into two parts the epilogue of the Golden Age and the beginning of the Conviction arcThe Golden Age wraps up pretty well here Guts is on the road to his darkest place He s setting out to fight an unwinnable battle as a way of escaping from dealing with his trauma and avoiding his responsibility to support those who are important to him I m Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine going to make no bones about it folks Gut s decision too out and fight monsters is a This volume starts highly emotional The damage to Casca is becoming clear and while Gut s physical wounds will heal he too has changed emotionally and psychologically I can see this Being The Beginning Of His Slight Madness the beginning of his slight madness is nothing left but vengeance This series has always been about the darkness of humanity and here it is very prevalent Halfway through the volume the arc ends and we move back to the present two years or so later where Guts is on his hunt to destroy the lower demons working his way through the demon chain This is the Guts we saw in the first three volumes but readers will now understand what put him where he is The context makes this hunt arc even better The artwork is still fantastic I don t think that will ever change Looking forward to reread. Engeance And his discovery of a igantic dragon slaying sword might be just the ticket to deal out some king sized paybackAlso included in this volume Berserk Prototype the very first Berserk story created during Kentaro Miura's college days as his audition that sold the series.

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Oops its three am i am so tired my eyes hurt my Body Hurts And I hurts and i sleep for some reason and i finished the volume yayAmazing volume and amazing start for the black swords man part of the storyI liked so much how the black swords man came to be his hand and the big ass sword and all that was really amazingI also like the new demon and How That Part Came To Be And How They Teased that part came to be and how they teased in so many covers with this particular apostle which is just making her debut as wellOf course its amazing to have puck backOnly downside to this volume is the prototype story for berserk which is just an amateur story by kentaro when he first planned berserk But its also important for checking out how the story developed and how much the art has developed since the idea was first conceived i ll see you all in therapy Around 35 ONCE AGAIN ITS ONLY BECAUSE THIS FEELS LIKE Once again its only because this feels like In between volume after the intense crud that just happened The story here was okay On the other and positive hand the beginning of this volume was reat While Berserk Prototype is interesting Miura s original tone was different Puck re entering the narrative is actually welcome as there is a comic relief character and Miura s Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa gives Puck some actual narrative work and not just uses him as a proxy for the reader Going back to the story present and picking up Black Swordsman arc left off the introduction of some apostles the Holy Chain Knights and theeneral creepiness of the Lost Children arc behind here Berserk is awesome The last two volume before this were an extreme high because of how it flipped through your emotions This volume is still kickass but we finally Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare go back to Guts in the present and when that happens it becomes monster of the week a little bit which is where the shortcoming is It s all well andood but it feels like it s missing a chapter where instead of that chapter they put the Berserk prototype chapterBut after the eclipse Guts and Casca are at their lowest points Guts sets out to slay the monsters as the Black Swordsman and Casca is left to stay behind so she doesn t hurt herself after her mind has been lostThe art is fabulous the writing has Island Girls (and Boys) gained a new depth after the eclipse and I missed PuckThe prototy. The once unbeatable Band of the Hawk is smashed and their former leader Griffith has made an unholy pact with the demon lords of the Godhand sacrificing his former troops to resurrect his crippled body and ascend to stand in power beside these profaneods The Invocation of Doo.