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Nk you 35 stars Zeke follows Gable s big brother Ezekiel Zeke Powers and ladylove Scarlett O RourkeScarlett is an understandable and sympathetic heroine as she represents many of us with Scarlett O RourkeScarlett is an understandable and sympathetic heroine as she represents many of us with luck on our side trying to make it through work and schoolWith an absent mom a dad always on the road for work and a grandmother getting up there on age and living on her scant social security checks Scarlett has had to take some time there on age and living on her scant social security checks Scarlett has had to take some time of school just to help support her family while acting as a surrogate mother and sister to her teenage brotherNow back in school and working at a local Breakfast Bar she meets football goldenboy Zeke who has a keen ye on her and is relentless in pursuing herOnly catch is is that Scarlett does NOT date Not after being burned before and all that she has going for her on her neverending plateCan Zeke break down Scarlett s walls and convince her to give himthem a chanceAnd Scarlett Can Scarlett muster all of her insecurities and let them go to pave way for love For a future And ignore all traces of self doubtSoZeke was an all around likable read that I read straight through in one sitting As the Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society eldest Power brother I was superxcited to dive into Zeke s story and to dive into big brother sir s love life and verything outsideWhile I did find him smexy and totally the ultimate alpha male boyfriend that I d love to have and smother I also did wish that he had a defined personality and was fleshed out throughout I didn t xactly feel as if I could grasp who Zeke was not to mention I just couldn t get my head around how he handled situations with Scarlett his x and his female admirersAs for Scarlett I will once again summarize her as being understandable and sympathetic as she truly was Dealt with the hand of cards she s been given in her short life I could comprehend why she was timid afraid and cautious to let down her guard to anyone in fear of that they may let her down or leaveMy only ualms with her fell into the aspects that I felt her character to feel weak and wishy washy at times and make a humongous deal over situations that she jumped to hasty conclusions overLike I said before I got her plights and her conditioning I did But sometimes she was a bit dramatic indecisive and pretty vapid Made me think her personality was not all that there at timesOtherwise I thought her and Zeke matched perfectly as both are rather passionate hot headed individuals whose fates are ntwined by a series of Black Heart, Red Ruby encounters and how they re forever changed by one anotherI m now hoping for Ryker s story to be next and hopefully Loch s will follow simultaneously right after Gah I am so soxcited for this You wouldn t ven believe how much HeheAnyway a good follow up to Gable And bring on Power men hotties. Where I was going Keep your ye on the prize and all thatBut Zeke was determined to prove to me that what I desired most him was just what I neededNew adult Not recommended for readers under 17. Zeke The Powers That Be #2

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The only thing I liked about this book was the MCThe New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood editing was a joke the FC was so horrible I had trouble reading parts of it and the story seemed poorly thought outIf I hadn t paid for it I would have flounced the first time the FM claimed to know what others thought or what was happening that she couldn t see Apparently she could read mindsTowards thend I just wanted Zeke to tell her to go to hell and go find himself some other girlYeah so three boyfriends had cheated on Her And Asked For and asked for threesome which seriously is the most unbelievable thing I Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ever heard One would have beennough and left her with some serious trust issues God's Pocket especially since they werengaged to be married Having it happen three times No that just ruined it for meI get that she was gunshy but having her accuse him of being in love with someone lse which she KNEW he was again with the mindreading
Not Once But Twice And 
once but twice and have the gall to accuse HIM of not trusting HERNo I m giving this two stars and that is ONLY because of Zeke 35 4 I liked this one a little than I liked Gable But I think it s cause I found myself relating to Scarlett full review on bk 1 and 2 coming soon you can also find it on my blog wwwmynightreadswordpresscomI was given this book in xchange for an honest reviewI just read Gable bk 1 a few days ago and I think I njoyed this one a lot There was going on with the characters It felt deeper like we actually got to see into their relationship and did not go as fast as the first I like that Scarlett is really responsible and I understand her hardships in what she has had to go through in life Especially the fact that she really cares about her younger brother and has had to take care of him It rare when you come across a book where someone takes a lot of their time to decide to take care of their family ven if it means putting their own life on hold And Zeke was a sweetheart too You could really tell that he liked Scarlett and meant a lot to him Especially how he interacted with her brother and grandmother I am really xcited to read Loch s story next Pretty disappointed with this book 35 starsAnother smoking hot Powers boy bites the dust Scarlett has some serious insecurity Overall a good read I really love That The Last Chapter Is Again From the last chapter is again from s POV since the rest of the book was all Scarlett Man the Powers brothers I could probably stop there but I will also tell you that I read this book in one sitting only complaint I wish it was longer I fell in love with Zeke but also with the heroine Scarlett I tend to be uncomfortable with women who do not know their own worth but Scarlett ha I just finished Zeke and it was verything I d been hoping it would be Who doesn t love a bossy persistent stea. Zeke Powers should’ve come with a warning label He was hot He was sexy And he was a bad boy through and throughThe things he said to me had me blushing and my toes curlingBut he was someone M rolling alpha hero Can you say yum Harper Bentley once again brings an amazing story of love believable struggles and sexiness yum Harper Bentley once again brings an amazing story of love believable struggles and sexiness the table and I for one can t wait to get my hands on the other two Powers brothers Maybe she can bring some cousins into the series or something so she keeps going with these hotties whew This book was so frustrating and made me wanna pull a few hairs out I didn t like the characters the story the conc I found myself into this second book of The Powers That Be series as Scarlett O Rourke meets football player and hotness Zeke Powers Oh wow And HOT he totally is Holy st The most popular and gorgeous guy on the Hallervan University campus and he s talking to her This must be a mistake But Scarlett is leary of him Her track record with guys that do nothing but cheat on her is redundant It s agonizing to always be on the receiving Moreno end of such betrayal She just can t let her guard down and let him get a peak of her heart She knows that she could really fall for this guy however That doesn t stop Zeke though from pursuing her What happens when Scarlett decides to take a chance on Zeke Will he break her heart like all the others Or will they both find their one Scarlett was a strong hard working young woman helping to raise her teenage brother as her dad works the life of a truck driver and her granny is aging Yes she was scared to get involved with Zeke but I felt that she had a real valid reason to feel that way It s a feeling that was always going to be in the back of her mind until Zeke really shows her the type of caring and compassionate man that he really is There were points in the story when I felt Scarlett should have talked to Zeke when she had uestions and was feeling insecure And there was also one time when I felt that Zeke should havexplained to Scarlett what was really going on because he knew of her insecurity with men in the past cheating on her But they Monsieur Pain ended up figuring it out in thend Most of the book was sweet and romantic until I felt that one incident was a little far fetched but that s the beauty of fiction Just about anything can happen and it doesn t have to be believable I thought that Zeke and Scarlett were perfect together and they made this book memorable So looking forward to reading Loch s story next I felt it was a legitimate theory but secretly hoped she was right but I
Couldn T Say I Still 
t say I still t just a little paranoid I mean three guys had cheated on me In a freaking row That kind of does something to a girl s self A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author esteem Looks like you did it again Harper Bentley I totally F LOVED Zeke Can t wait for the next brother to fall Who s it gonna be woman I received an ARC copy via Southern Belle Promotions inxchange for an honest review Tha. Totally didn’t need walking into my life screwing up the plans I’d made and turning my world upside downAlthough I’d been living a no frills no fun What If existence I felt it was necessary to get.