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Variety of hits and misses The first and last stories stand out Fire Watch is a breathtakingly well constructed narrative that withholds just the right amount of information giving the reader glimpses at a future World Through The Protagonist S Interactions With The Past Of through the protagonist s interactions with the past Of the stories in this book this one had the best reveal and narrative tension Blued Moon comes close though it falls into humor than rama After those two Daisy in the Sun has the next strongest endingThe rest are somewhat weak which could just be me I have a strong preference for longer form stories in terms of narrative structure or it could be that the seeds of explanation are planted too early making the reveal obvious or too late making it seem shoehorned Though actually reflecting I think this is a case where one of Willis s biggest strengths is also a weakness Her worldbuilding in these stories is fantastic filled with offhanded little Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic details that flesh everything out and make it feel real but this often ends upetracting from the emotional content of the story A Letter From The Clearys for instance was an emotional story related in a African Literature 9 detached manner which robbed the ending of much punch Samaritan gave information on the world s background but seemed to lack crucialetails about its present Lost and Found felt like of an exploration of concept than a real story had it had fewer characters it might have come off a little betterThat said I m Alien Conquest definitely going to read Willis I picked this up as a manageable compared to Doomsday Book I mean introduction to her work and I m thoroughly impressedespite my specific misgivingsnecessary warning the reason this gets shelved as trigger warning is for the story All My Darling Daughters you can put the title shelf together to guess why it goes there It s a very very unpleasant reading experience and I recommend skipping it if you re wavering Good work Not uite a four but it was her first Oxford Time travel story and one of her first A straight clear hit you in the solar plexus kind of taleReferences to Kivrin s Doomsday Book adventures are especially interesting as the novella Fire Watch was written almost a ecade before Doomsday Book The last story Blued Moon is the star very much in the same vein as To Say Nothing "OF THE DOG MY FAVOURITE WILLIS "the Dog my favourite Willis It s a sparkling celebration of coincidences and technical jargon The kind of story that makes me want to shout Yes Connie Yes Write stories like thisAs with all short story collections it s a mixed bag Despite kicking off Willis superb time travel series which I love I was surprised that the title story Fire Watch idn t Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery do all that much for me All My Darling Daughters however was genuinely VERY creepy and will unfortunately live long in the memory shudderI also enjoyed The Sidon In The Mirror a fascinating setting and character concept with far potential that Willis had the chance to mine no pun intended if you ve read the story here Mail Order Close was fun and just perfect for the short story length Daisy In The Sun reminded me a lot of another Willis book Passage with it s use ofreamscapes and memory echoes actually effective here than in PassageThe rest were a little lightweight for me all well written but without the spark to really make me want to talk about themOverall I m actually very impressed I m a tough Audience For Short Stories But There Were Enough Gems Here for short stories but there were enough gems here keep me happy and like I said Blued Moon was a 5 star smash hit and worth the 3 I paid for the book all by itself After this I read Goliat. Ome of the best work of an incomparable writer whose ability to amaze confound and enlighten never failsContentsFire Watch 1982Service for the Burial of the Dead 1982Lost and Found 1982All My Darling Daughters 1985The Father of the Bride 1982A Letter from the Clearys 1982And Come from Miles Around 1979The Sidon in the Mirror 1983Daisy in the Sun 1979Mail Order Clone 1982Samaritan 1978Blued Moon 19. Fire Watch43 I first read this many years ago though I id not remember that The best stories the eponymous Fire Watch Daisy in the Sun A Letter From the Cleary s And Come from Miles Around

all been anthologized several times being Hugo and Nebula winners or nomineesMany of the lesser stories in the collection were forgettable and indeed forgotten It wasn t until I reread the introductions that I realized I had in fact been here beforeBut it s worth the return trip Even Willis minor efforts usually have some redeeming social content in terms of imagination or originality such as her screwball rom coms Blued Moon or her Christian moralizing Samaritan My least favourite story was Mail Order Clone Willis openly confesses her love of True Confessions type stories of which she has penned a few In the introduction to the story she says whenever she can get away with it she still writes them It s not gaggingly awf Connie Willis has a wonderful writing style engrossing prose and a wonderful sense of etail and character Whether she s writing science fiction or a ghost story it s always the human element she exploresFire Watch is the most significant of the stories in this collection mostly because it precedes the multi award winning Oxford time travelers novels Doomsday Book To Say Nothing of the Dog Blackout and All Clear Nonetheless most of the other stories are almost as engrossing I Womens Political Activism in Palestine decided to finally read this the first of Connie Willis s books about a group of hapless time traveling historians I picked today because my library copy of her new book All Clear is very large and heavy and impractical to haul around New York on my back along with twoozen bagels which is impractical enough on its "Own I Had Expected That "I had expected that might have given some background in this first novella that I had been missing ever since "But I Should Have "I should have better She tells us what we need to know then concentrates on the real story at hand which has nothing to Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, do with time travel and everything too with human resilience and the true costs of history 35 stars rounded up The alphas abused mate due to Fire Watch and a couple others You can see elements in these stories of the style Willis has honed and improved over time I just read the title story not the whole collection I ve been meaning to read Connie Willis stuff for a long time since several friends in one of my groups are very enthusiastic about her work Fire Watch was easy and fun to read available online here by the way You get thrown in at theeep end a bit at the beginning it helped me to know that it was a story about a history student going back in time as part of their studies But it was very readable and reasonably easy to catch on to once I Word Alchemy d read a couple of entries Emotionally Iidn t engage with it until the end until the narrator saves Langby and suddenly I cared uite a lot and was hurt that Langby gets everything wrongI liked the glimpses of the modern for the narrator world Looking forward to hopefully seeing of it We ll see This collection contains 12 storiesThe title story Fire Watch is a bittersweet tale set in the same universe as Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog but written earlier It was published in 1982 and won the 1983 Hugo Nebula Awards for Best Short Story The narrator is a time traveling grad student from a future Oxford University who is sent to the London Blitz The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures due to a clerical error He was supposed to travel with St Paul for his practical exam but instead ends up assigned to the Fire Watch for St Paul s Cathedral Of course he is. Winner of six Nebula and five Hugo awards Connie Willis is one of the most acclaimed and imaginative authors of our time Her startling and powerful works have redefined the boundaries of contemporary science fiction Here in one volume are twelve of her greatest stories includingouble award winner Fire Watch set in the universe of Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog in which a time travel.

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Completely unprepared and has no idea what s going on The epigraph for this story comes from Sir Walter Raleigh History hath triumphed over time which besides it nothing but eternity hath triumphed over4 stars This story is available online here Service for the Burial of the Dead is a ghost story from the perspective of the former girlfriend of a An Endless Lie dead man who attends his funeral She meets him there apparently still aliveLost and Found The end of the world and the search for the Holy Grail Like Samaritan below this is a religious story Ion t have much to say about this one All My Darling Daughters is the most isturbing story in the collection Set on a boarding school in L5 orbit it is told by a female narrator who has just been assigned a new roommate The story revolves around the mystery of her roommate and the strange animals tessels that the boys are carrying around this is much nastier than the other stories but I thought it was powerful The Father of the Bride Sleeping Beauty s father reacts to being awoken in the Middle Ages Short and clever A Letter from the Clearys This tale of a family in "a post apocalyptic world won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story in 1982 It s "post apocalyptic world won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story in 1982 It s to escribe this one to someone who hasn t read it so I ll just say that the 14 year old girl is an excellent unreliable narrator Like All My Darling Daughters this is a slowly unfolding horror story although it s not uite as ark as that oneAnd Come from Miles Around A family watches a solar eclipseThe Sidon in the Mirror A Mirror a mutant with the uncontrolled ability to become other People Tries To Discover Who He S tries to iscover who he s as he can t tell while he s After the Tears doing it Daisy in the Sun is another apocalyptic story told in a series of flashbacks In the introduction to this story Willis writes During the London Blitz Edward R Murrow was startled to see a fire engine racing past It was the middle of theay the sirens had not gone and he hadn t heard any bombers He could not imagine where a fire engine could be going It came to him after much thought that it was going to an ordinary house fire and that that seemed somehow impossible as if all ordinary Daddy Blames Me disasters should be suspended for theuration of this great Disaster that was facing London and commanding everybody s attention But of course houses caught fire and burned for reasons that had nothing to Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) do with the Blitz and even in the face of Armageddon there are still private Armageddons to be faced Mail Order Clone is about well a mail order clone and the problems it causes for the man who orders itSamaritan A young assistant pastor plunges the church hierarchy into a storm of controversy when she brings forward an orangutan who can use sign language to be baptizedBlued Moon A romantic comedy interwoven with an sf plot which involves a controversy over a project at chemical plant to restore the ozone layer and a series of coincidences with a scientific cause Short story collection contains these stories along with my rating for each and some song lyrics that may or may not be insightful or amusing Fire Watch 35 and the man in the back is ready to crack as he raises his hands to the skyService for the Burial of the Dead 35 love and life areeepLost and Found 35 let s tell the world we re in that crazy moodAll My Darling Daughters 35 I just wanna have some kicks I just wann After reading the titular novella of this book I was sure it would be five stars all the way through but not surprisingly as this goes with the territory for short story collections it was Ing student learns one of history's hardest lessons In A Letter from the Clearys a routine message from istant friends shatters the fragile world of a beleaguered family In The Sidon in the Mirror a mutant with the unconscious urge to become other people finds himself becoming both killer and victim Disturbing revealing and provocative this remarkable collection of short fiction brings together ,