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Ay become obsolete within a decade due to the ast developments in the orementioned academic research Heroes Adrift (Hero, fields Decoding the Irrational Consumer is a powerful guideor industry professionals Clear and concise writing style packed with illustrations and interesting Chuck and Danielle facts We may all like to think that we are rational predictable and stable yet science seemingly can and does tell a different tale This book looks at irrationality in the consumer giving a glimpse at the developing world of behavioural sciences a discipline that is taking aoothold in marketing and advertising circles as well as providing clues as to how this irrationality may be exploitedThis is a ascinating subject something that one does not tire of perhaps Because Things Are Still In A Relatively things are still in a relatively and exploratory stage Many of the old tried and tested marketing techniues are or should be no longer relevant They are being superseded by things such as behavioural economics eye tracking and acial coding and this book offers the reader a great explanation and taste of these This is a book that will be out of date relatively uickly because the whole area is changing yet it provides an excellent line in the sand and offers a comprehensive overview of the situation today so you can charge up your knowledge and be ready or this brave exciting new worldOur decision making processes are not as linear and as planned as we had been led to believe Elements of irrationality or attraction can short "circuit that process planting the seed of interest. Has previously depended on is no longer enough  Instead "that process planting the seed of interest. Has previously depended on is no longer enough  Instead industry reuires a new generation of research tools such as behavioral economics eye tracking implicit response measures and acial coding to ind the truth behind what consumers are saying Decoding the Irrational Consumer provides marketers and researchers with an overview Which then takes us onto the traditional linear journey There may be commonality in many Areas Of Initial Attraction Yet of initial attraction yet is not a secret sauce in itself whereby you discover that a certain colour is attractive and therefore by using just that colour you are guaranteeing success You may aid the process along yet it can be a irrational personal interaction that sets the ball rollingThis book manages to straddle several stools at once it can provide a great introduction or "the total newcomer to the subject as well as providing an "total newcomer to the subject as well as providing an reference resource to the involved professional or academic Looking through the table of contents you might be orgiven or thinking you ve stumbled over a PhD level obscure textbook neuroaesthetics pupillometry and cognitive interviewing to pick up just a Liar few terms yet the book clearly and effortlessly provides an overview offers a great explanation and leaves you wanting to know about thisascinating subject because you are just so intrigued and not left lacking by the bookYou can sense the author s enthusiasm Noir for this subject and one hopes that he is working on a detailed in depth companion book covering this subject If you are in any way involved in marketing advertising or any promotional activities then you should strongly consider this book Even a civilian couldind it an interesting read yet you may Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are find it hard to game the system and put up a defenceDecoding the Irrational Consumer written by Darren Bridger and published by Kogan Page ISBN 9780749473846 232 pages YYYY. F each of these new research tools and techniues their individual strengths and weaknesses and how they can be used to generate consumer insights  Chapter topics cover key principles and applicationsacial coding heuristics behavioral experiments biometric data prediction markets creating smarter surveys and how to combine techniues?. ,

Decoding the Irrational ConsumerRecensione su at A little dry or the average READER THE END NOTES ARE DISTRACTING DECIDE WHO THE The end notes are distracting Decide who the is bc if it is supposed be a business manager this book is a waste of time A business person wants headlines how tos practical tips The science should back those things up not come Circumstantial Evidence first Sorry scientists Tell a story to illustrate your points Darren Bridger looks at a number of the recent theories and ideas underpinning how marketers ad creators designers and neuroscientists use neuromarketging data Most people do not accurately self report their motivations Rather than taking rational decisions their emotionseelings and past experiences cause their brains to take short cuts The industry reuieres new market research tools All major international companies trying to understand consumer behaviour include some understanding of the noncnscious intuitive consumerDecoding the Irrational Consumer offers a revamped toolbox consisting elements Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers from neuro aesthetics insightsrom neuroscience on what we ind beautiful pleasurable or attractive and why behavioural economics studies how people make decisions about value implicit response measures computer based online tests acial action coding common expressions across cultures biometrics bodilly metrics like heart rate and skin conductance eye tracking EEG MRI and SST to measure brain activity while performing tasks or answering uestions and prediction markets removing noise in the responses of individuals by aggregating the group response as a wholeWhile the "book New developments in the behavioral sciences have revealed that most people do not accurately self report their motivations  " New developments in the behavioral sciences have revealed that most people do not accurately self report their motivations  is now understood that decision making is driven by emotions and the subconscious rather than by purely rational calculations  Asking direct uestions as the global marketing and advertising research industry.