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Riding Hard kThis wasn t the book I expected but oh my it was so much better I expected a tale similar to other ones I ve read this year where the protagonist has changed her identity because she is either hiding from someone or something and to an extent that is exactly what this story is about but it tells a tale much deeper than that truly exploring how we identify ourselves and illustrates how events in the past have very real conseuences in the presentKlaudia is the only daughter of Otto and Gwyn Meyer and we first meet her in the 1980s as she starts secondary school where her father is the caretaker Having I had a serious debate with myself as to whether I should give this book three or four stars As you can see in the end I decided upon three stars I realised that despite those moments in which I believed the book could make it to a full four stars there wasn t uite enough to be rounded upI ll start with a small amusing detail for those reading this review so you can understand my mind set throughout part of this book The love interest of our main character goes by the name of Cosmo Pretty cool name right I m sure my generation will jump towards the Fairly Odd Parents character I however take that one step further I have pet lizards and guess what I named them after If you said the fairies in Fairly Odd Parents you re correct So as you can guess every time the name Cosmo was used my mind jumped towards my pets and I found myself rather distractedPerhaps the fact that I was so easily distracted shows I was not completely engaged in the read To begin with there was a fair amount of procrastinating on my behalf I would read between five and ten percent of the book at a time when my usual minimum for a read on my Kindle is around the twenty five percent mark I will say that once I reached around the forty five percent mark I worked my way through it in one sitting but at the start I was procrastinating far too muchI think for me my problem was my inability to connect with the characters In my eyes Cosmo I promise you there is no bias despite the fact he shares a name with one of my pets was the only character with any sense At first I thought he was going to be one of those annoying male characters we allnow the type the ones who exist as eye candy for the main character and nothing but towards the end of the book he says some things that resonated with my thoughts throughout the book In fact at almost the very end he says something that had crossed my mind on many occasions and basically points out why the storyline of the book was a bit farfetched and exaggerated in my mindKlaudia lives a double life Due to embarrassment caused in her teenage years through her father s history the female wants to recreate herself Moving away to university the female does just that Until as you would expect events come to be that cause all her lies to come crumbling down around her Lies are built up atop lies until #the female is backed into a corner however #female is backed into a corner However this is another as you would expect moment Klaudia is not the only person in her family who is living a lie Her father and his brother have a history tracing back to their time in the Hitler Youth with the distance between the brothers having only grown larger throughout the years Everything comes together for the characters at the same time creating a mass event that we all see coming from uite early onI guess a part of me simply wanted twists I really did see far too much of it coming The reveals made by certain characters were never shocking The choice of action that certain characters made were than predictable As a whole I was hoping for a little bit as there were moments when I was engaged enough to believe that I was going to be given a surprising readOverall it was interesting but not my favourite read of the yearAs a final note I would like to not my favourite read of the yearAs a final note I would like to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me the chance to advance read this novel This book actually really surprised me Im not a big fan of historical fiction but it had to play a part in this book It has romance history and thriller in it I highly recommend you give it a try I m a fan of this author s previous works so was delighted to receive a copy of The Other Me and it was of treat than expected a little different to what you might think looking at the tagline and "A VERY EMOTIONAL AND MOVING READ ABOUT COMING TO "very emotional and moving read about coming to with family historyWhen we meet Klaudia she is a teenager who is ashamed of her parents Nothing new there you might say but her family has a history and background that is somewhat different Later she reinvents herself as Eliza in an attempt to leave it all behind but the past has a way of staying with you and Eliza must face it head on if she is to be truly happyThis was really beautifully written the different viewpoints serving to elicit a really emotional response to the story I found the portions where we follow Ernst through some of the war to be particularly gripping I m Arabian Challenge keen not to give too much away here this is a story that highlights how the past can be hidden within myth and assumptions made that are at odds with the truth What Saskia Sarginson has managed to do is show that up Eliza s outlook on her family is very skewed coloured by what she thinks shenows and by others reactions to herThe story unfolds at a perfect. Eliza Bennet has the life she's always dreamed of She's who she wants to be and she's with the man she lovesBut Eliza is. The Other MeTime periods the 1930s to 1940s 1986 and 1995 to 1997 This is brilliant and the reader slowly learns and about why Eliza chose to run The story also depicts the harsh reality of being a German boy before and during World War II and the long running effect in later lifeI grew to really love Eliza She s had a tough and different upbringing and the family secrets only make it harder for her She learned to rely on the perception of others and this really skewed her own opinion of her family If she only new the truth to begin with I believe she wouldn t have felt the need to isolate herself from them but then she wouldn t have met Cosmo so hurray for awful family secrets haha No wonder she s confused and slightly scared too I just wanted to hug herI adored Cosmo Eliza s boyfriend He s just a nice simple guy with his own dreams But he feels pressurised to live to his family s expectations Both Cosmo and Eliza have a brilliant way of showing each other that it s perfectly acceptable to follow their own dreams He s confused by Eliza s behaviour and it s no wonder really but he does really loved her and I don t think he would have it any other wayIn fact all of Eliza s friends are incredibly supportive It s just her fear of being rejected and ostracised getting in the way of telling them the truth But of course they don t care as long as she s happyErnst is also a brilliant Through him we see the harsh reality of the Hitler Youth He is made to take part in so many awful things and he truly hates it But of course he can t do anything His sections of the story were truly gripping and gave a sadly perfect insight into the warThe pace of The Other Me is just perfect I even read a good 80% of the book in a day I just couldn t put it down I needed to now what happened There are so many wonderful twists to the story and the full story is not revealed until remarkably close to the conclusion It s just perfect and the story wraps up so nicelyOne tiny incy wincy downside is that I wish of Eliza s story was revealed between 1986 and 1995 But the story is still brilliant without this so I can definitely overlook itThe Other Me is a fantastic and gripping read written is such a wonderful way I would definitely recommend it to fans of contemporary romance and thrillers who don t mind a bit of history There is something for everyone I definitely want to read by Saskia SarginsonThis review and many can be found at My Expanding Bookshelf I really like this author and I especially loved The Twins Her previous bookI was eager to get my hands on this one Its a very different read to what I was expecting but that doesn t mean I didn t like it on the contrary I did Klaudia Meyer was bullied at school we learn of the hardships she went through and her emotional stateBut for reasons within this book we learn that Klaudia Meyer had to reinvent herself and now she is nown as ElizaBringing us up to date she has the life she always wantedEscaping her past might seem easy change your name get a new area to live change your identity But you can never escape seem easy change your name get a new area to live change your identity But you can never escape past no matter how hard you may try and Eliza learns that running away from guilt is impossibleThis has me engrossed I have to say though because this character is two different identities two different names a past and a present and then surrounding that is the lies secrets and past it can take your gray matter a while to piece it all together but fear not you will manage it and it will become so worth the timeAnother fabulous read from Saskia SarginsonThanks to Little Brown Book Group UK for my copy Having finished this novel I feel a little unsure about what I feel about it #The story follows Klaudia Mayer from her time as a bullied schoolgirl in London to an #story follows Klaudia Mayer from her time as a bullied schoolgirl in London to an dancer and the various strands of the book follow both Klaudia s point of view at various times in her life and that of her Uncle Ernst When we first meet Klaudia she is an uncertain young girl Home schooled by her religious parents who are much older than those of her contemporaries Klaudia suffers the embarrassment of starting school for the first time and of having her German father working as the caretaker at Kelwood High It is 1986 and Eliza suffers intense bullying once her peers discover Otto Meyer is her father Lampooned as a Nazi her classmates are not aware how real their taunts are as Otto Meyer has wartime secrets that cause Klaudia immense shock when she discovers themLater Klaudia becomes Eliza and falls deeply in love with a fellow student Cosmo while at University As the story unfolds we see flashbacks of the events of Otto and his brother Ernst s early life and their experiences in Germany during the war Meanwhile Klaudia has to come to terms with her background and see if she can build a new life for herselfAlthough well written I really failed to sympathise with the characters in this book Klaudia Eliza frustrated me as a character and the wartime parts of the novel although well told felt very much like a constructed creative writing exercise and not a story which flowed Although I feel that the author tried her best to weave together the strands of the story ultimately for me personally it didn t work However certainly it was a competent if not inspiring novel Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. Buried at the heart of her familyThis is the story of Eliza and Klaudia one girl two lives and a lie they cannot hide fr. Pace allowing you to sink into the lives of the characters there is much to debate in your head as you go and this is one of those books that will stay with you long after finishing it Really terrific stuffAs I saidI d rather eep this brief enough that you can discover the story for yourself Definitely recommended and I can t wait to see what the author brings us next I shall be one of the first in lineHappy Reading Folks The Other Me is a thought provoking and rather insightful book that is being described as psychological and suspenseful Due to these descriptions I expected somewhat of a psychological thriller but that is not what this is It definitely digs into the psychology of the characters and idea of whether we are where we came from However there is nothing in these pages that would make me call it a thriller In ways The Other Me has historical fiction aspects with suspense and a psychological look into why one would reinvent themselves based on what occurred in their family history If I had gone into this book with of the right expectations I truly think I would have enjoyed it a lot With those thoughts aside I did enjoy the story Klaudia is a young girl starting secondary school in London for the first time Her father Otto is the caretaker of the school It doesn t take long for Klaudia to realize the ids in the school all make fun of Otto and say he is a Nazi This whole section felt so real being that Klaudia s feelings were realistic to a teenager just trying to fit in The rumors almost seem like there could be a truth to them and Klaudia is so ashamed and sick of being taunted that she moves to Leeds for University reinventing herself as a girl named Eliza Being Eliza means lying about everything from her name hair color she dyed it from blonde to brunette and her family she claims to be an orphan to lying to her family about what she is doing in Leeds degree in geography but really attending a dance academy Eliza s world of lies is uite intriguing It really shows how badly she wants to escape her past It gets complicated when Eliza begins dating Cosmo who she discovers has Jewish relatives When do the lies become too muchWe are given narratives from the perspective of a young Klaudia Eliza which would be the older Klaudia and interestingly Otto s brother Ernst which goes into what happened to him and his brother in Nazi Germany in the past I found it so enlightening to get Ernst s perspective It added a layer to the story that made it so much interestingThere is mystery to the story and a whole lot of psychological insight I would absolutely recommend to anyone that finds the concept intriguing I would only hope that you go into it with the right expectations so that it #As Enjoyable As It Deserves #enjoyable as it deserves beI received an ARC in exchange for an review via netgalley Klaudia Meyer is a shy homeschooled girl living in 1980s London It s her first year of high school and real school so she s a bit nervous especially since her father works at the school as the caretaker Klaudia s childhood has been anything but normal Her parents are strict religious and she hasn t really interacted with other young adults She loves to dance and has always dreamed of taking dance lessons but her parents say they can t afford it While at high school she realizes that the other ids make fun of her father since he has a German accent and Klaudia comes to realize that he fought for the Nazis during WWII This has brought much shame to her especially when her classmates find out that he s her father Then there s Eliza living in the 1990s in Leeds England She s a dance student and seems to have her whole life in front of her a steady boyfriend a best friend and she s following her dream of becoming a professional dancer But there s one problem Her life is built on a lie and what happens when people find out the truth Will her walls come crashing down Lastly there s Ernst living in Nazi German during WWII All he has got is his brother as he is adopted and his family treats both boys horribly Now that Hitler has taken over things get complicated Ernst s brother is all for Hitler but Ernst is hesitating Is this the path he really wants to take Saskia Sarginson weaves a tale that at first seems disjointed but as readers gain information the picture gets clearer and things start to make sense in The Other Me There s something here for everyone a coming of age story a historical story a romance and a family drama Read the rest of my review here I m getting extremely annoyed with writing this review I wasn t able to write anything for 2 days then yesterday I accidentally deleted my draft with no possible way to recover the data So this book is about Klaudia Meyer who in order to escape the past creates a new identity for herself when she moves from her parents and from that moment she exists as Elisa for her friend and new boyfriend But as it commonly happens with elaborate lies she has The Other Me is an absolutely wonderful story It is the perfect mix of Thriller and Romance and Contemporary and Historical It s just practically perfect in every way and my first 55 review of the yearThe Other Me is told from the first person perspectives of ElizaKlaudia from this point on I will refer to her as Eliza and her Uncle Ernst It is also set during 3 different. Living a lie Her real name is Klaudia Myer And Klaudia is on the run She's escaping her old life and a terrible secret. .