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O captures the wayward musiciancomposer Alessandro Stradella s imagination in A House Near Luccoli In this inspired seuel Donatella has moved from her native Genoa to live with her father now a retired sea captain near the small town of Wroxton in the English countryside S Four words Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo OK a few words I couldn t wait to pick up Diane s book after I d put it down for such things as work and sleep getting in the way of reading this superb seuel to A House Near Luccoli Transported to Oxfordshire we catch up with Donatella once and so the mystery the secrets and the rhythm within these pages lifts the reader to appreciate the subtle yet daring intricacies of music passion and life in 17th century England The music continues in To A Strange Somewhere Fled DM Denton s lovely seuel to A House Near Luccoli This story follows Donatella and her mother Julianna to England and to the home of Donatella s father the Captain The great musician Alessandro Stradella whom Donatella

"Had Loved Is Gone Now "
loved is gone now she has her memories in the form of copies of his never performed compositions Those works are of great interest to the musicians in the novel including the English composer Henry Purcell and the Italian violinist Carlo Ambrogio Lonati both of whom play roles in Denton s story This plot is as much about music as Donatella s first story which covered the time when she was a copyist for Stradella but in this novel Donatella s role as a performer is mphasized along with her relationship with Roger North a neighbor and friend of her father s Denton writes with a lyrical style which swells fades and swells again creating a perfect setting through its tone as much as its meticulous description Her words pull her readers to 17th century England like music from that The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life era Here s a sample from a scene where Donatellaxplores her new home while walking with her parents Mama wanted to walk arm and arm with her daughter The sun was gone from the village the short cape Donatella wore on loan from her mother warm and disturbing with speckled fur around its neck and bottom dge They had to go single file through the arched opening of the privet hedge that fronted the cottage Donatella had yet to call home Their hurried movement upset thirsty midges Papa swatting at them violently and Mama laughing as she meant to njoy herself no matter what Donatella knew the pond was nearby ver since the Captain had told her why she heard ducks and frogs the sound of children and splashing As the vening silhouetted its lacy perimeter it became the first thing she loved about the village What is this scent Papa Donatella slowly found the words to ask and recognized the cascading vine of flowering honeysuckle almost completely covering the stone wall that rose up behind the pond and hid their piece of the village Most noticeable PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition early morning andvening her father Put A Hand On Her a hand on her to show his pleasure with their conversation In North Carolina driving from Asheville to Boone presents a choice A driver can stick to the interstates or opt to take the Blue Ridge Parkway The latter decision takes an Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography extra hour or so but along the way there are opportunities to stop at overlooks andnjoy scenes that are among the most magnificent in America DM Denton s writing presents a similar choice It takes a little longer to read than most books of a similar page length but along the way there are breathtaking moments which make the choice a wise oneSteve Lindahl author of Motherless Soul and White Horse Regressions The adventures in this novel about Donatella in England are charmingly told in this lovely covered book where we find ourselves involved in matters and ways of those days Donatella meets interesting people who now are famous like Master Henry Purcell and bit by bit she learns English But most of all she is an artist herself I think and she loves cats So Diane put a lot of herself in this historical novel as well I The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, enjoyed reading it the interaction between the main characters Not rushing the read but taking my time I can really recommend this for this is a book that deserves to be read with interest and car. Ip with the residents of Wroxton Abbey who are important figures in the court of Charles II offers new possibilitiesspecially as music and its masters including the 'divine' Henry Purcell have not finished with her .
On As a result Denton s writing is as beautiful and complex as the music she ffectively seeks to honor And while Donatella and her story full as it is of such a legion of colorful characters are vastly ntertaining in their own right often Denton s descriptions of musical performances manage to swoop in and lift the reader up to ven greater heights Her passionate research and personal love of the art both shine through in the remarkable imagery her prose vokes nrapturing her audience and taking them just a bit deeper into the intricacies of the 17th century setting Irrevocable in its magic and intrepid in its storytelling To a Strange Somewhere Fled is an fascinating and delectably original work that readers won t soon forgetReview Casee Marie originally published on LiteraryInklingscom A copy of the book WAS PROVIDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF REVIEW THIS REVIEW provided for the purpose of review This review by D Bennison of Bennison BooksI was privileged to have a pre publication review copyTo open the pages of a historical novel written by DM Denton is to find that the past is no longer a foreign country In this beautifully realized seuel to A House Near Luccoli the author once again ffortlessly blends the vividly imagined fictional character Donatella with real life historical figures and settings to create a world that is as beguiling as it is believableWe are invited to follow Donatella s progress as she faces a very different future from the one she had begun to imagine for herself without the uixotic musical genius the 17th century Italian composer Alessandro Stradella who reawakened her passions and zest for lifeThis is a subtle understated Exile and Pilgrim exploration of love and lost possibility and there are noasy answers or conventional happy ndings As Albert Schweitzer wrote In veryone s life at some time our inner fire goes out It is then burst into flame by an Hannah Montana: The Movie encounter with another human being There can be no better description of Donatella sncounter with Stradella in A House Near Luccoli but now living in England and haunted by vivid memories of her time with him in Italy what can life hold for herDonatella her heart awoken and then broken remains another man s secret She can perhaps reveal herself again but surrender has many guisesScrupulously researched and historically accurate the novel immerses the reader in its historical period That we can meet Purcell within these pages and find him totally believable as a living breathing human being is a mark of the author s imaginative powers and literary skill There are appropriately nough no false notes to be found DM Denton takes readers To a Strange Somewhere Fled that is both motional and physical The heroine Donatella an introverted sensitive artist and poet must come to terms with overwhelming grief for her beloved Alessandro and adapt to a new home new country new language and new climate Ms Denton tells Donatella s story through her uniue lyrical style and vivid descriptions of the places and the musicReaders know Donatella from A House Near Luccoli but they will meet a new intriguing cast of characters her mama vivacious despite a chronic illness her father the Captain whom Donatella tries to connect with despite a language barrier a cranky ccentric neighbor and new love interest Roger North completely different from bad boy musician Alessandro Stradella but just as appealing And for my fellow cat lovers we meet felines adjusting to their new home To a Strange Somewhere Fled is a tale of hope and healing ven in the ashes of grief If you loved Donatella in A House Near Luccoli you will njoy her continuing story in To a Strange Somewhere Fled In this tour de force book D M Denton shows her command of a distinctive point of view and writing style that nables her to communicate it Her style breaks the rules but it is just this breaking up and apart that reveals her character s xperiences in new and unexpected ways It allows for flourishes nuances changes in pace and variations on themes as music does With delicacy and sureness the author works with her themes of memory love and loss Grief and love vibrate throughout Donatella is a spinster young but not too young wh. Sonnet 'stolen' music inexpressible secrets and an irrepressible spirit have stowed away on her journey Haunted by whispers and visions angels and demons will she rise out of grief and aimlessness Her father's friendsh. ,
To A Strange Somewhere Fled