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Book 2 MUST be read In Order I Am Hooked order I am hooked this series Cora and Marcus are explosive together So many plot twists and side stories to go with their love story There were times I wanted to slap Cora in this ne Gah Major cliffhanger and I cannot wait for book 3I received an arc f this book This was a dark Mafia story very well written but I expected a an arc f this book This was a dark Mafia story very well written but I expected a story focusing Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, on the couple The background story was a little not matching to the relationship buildingf the couple After reading the first book I really wanted a storyline which will help the couple to bond but this was way too much and this storyline didn t compliment the couple that much I get it I get the title I get Cora sort Bambi and Me of I get the mythology adaption and how it s infused into the plot Very solid story telling and character development Cora was the sheltered naive innocent farm girl who is learning how to survive in the big bad city Her awakening to the world around her motivated her to t Fantastic second book in this seriesuick note This is book two in this series and does endn a cliffhanger Be sure to read Innocence Book One before reading this book Also ueen Pocahontas of the Underworld Book Three should be released sometime in August 2019After everything Cora has been through she still can t help but love Marcus He is Lordf the Underworld and a total heartless jerk most Bala Santa of the time but every now and then she gets just a little glimpsef the man he truly is deep down Cora clings to that as she endures his punishments and the fact that he is so cold hearted all the time She sometimes seems to think she is invincible and tries to do things Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies on herwn which Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack only gets her into trouble and Marcus has to bail herut I m looking forward to seeing a much stronger Cora in the third book because if she wants to be ueen The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, of the Underworld she betterut n her big girl panties and suck it up Definitely an excellent series so far and I highly recommend it I m so looking forward to reading book three A year and a half laterTheir story continues. When a rock god asks Cora to help find his missing fiance she befriends both a stripper and a hacker genius to help her search. AwakeningWhere the Heroine chases after the Hero kay I don tThe book started to get a mysterious element to it And what started Ultimate Memory Book out a book about Cora and Marcus is now a book about Cora solving a casef a missing girl Did I like it Yes and no I understand the need for a side plot you need to kind Pelnrušķis un trollis of stretchut the storyline and that s fine to me however it started to get very angstyThe second half Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of the book just seemed like a Debbie downer Almost everyone Cora interacts with either turns their backn her treats her like crap r uses her Seriously You need some light in A BOOK AS MUCH AS I LIKE READING CORA book As much as I like reading Cora to be her wn person and find her Disgrace (Department Q, own way She trusts people easily and people in return treat her like crapNo thanksI was kindf taken aback by the way the book ended I kind Monsoon of liked Marcus a bit you see the darker sidef him that I have been itchy to read However the whole secret storyline is not my thing I don t like secrets and I don t like Cora holding secrets from Marcus because that doesn t make a storyline It s another cop Slice by Slice outI want to continue to read the seriesnly because I m invested into the characters and storyline I do hope Cora gets backbone and there are no cop Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) out storylines We shall see Oh and the steam is pretty good too Cora Cora Cora uggghhh 3 just becausef her She made so many stupid choices She really gets n my nerves I had a hard time connecting to herI hope to see a different Cora in the next book Stasia Black and Lee Savino co wrote this amazing story It was intense steamy and really awesomeCora s story continues with co wrote this amazing story It was intense steamy and really awesomeCora s story continues with marriage to Marcus And Marcus continues to be cold and distant with her She is wishing he would love her as she loves himThe characters in this book were so well written and consistent The plots and sub plots flowed beautifully and concisely I look forward to reading ueen f the UnderworldI loved the use Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of Greek mythology throughout this story it s explained at the endf the book good smut w a surprisingly solid plot i enjoyed this immensely. R Cora is Persephone and Hades is business man and mob boss Marcus Ubeli in this retelling f the Greek Myth Orpheus and Eurydi.

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With Cora Ubeli wanting to know the ins and uts f her husband s Marcus Ubeli s Mafia empire Ubeli is
Trying Hard To Keep 
hard to keep angel innocent and pure f the cut throat lifestyle but curious Cora finds a way to help her husband anyway Yes Marcus loves Cora and she him but this couple will not bend when it comes to him keeping Mafia secrets from his wife and that s when the problems begin because NOW Cora keeping secrets that are crossing bonds and loyaltyCora has made new friendships a stripper named Anna and a dirty mouth hacker and business wner Olivia and both ladies are helping her find a rock star s Orphan fiancee Iris Secondary characters are plentiful and the twists and turns to this romantic suspense was engaging Armand is still Marcus s business partner but he s also friends with Cora too and that s not a bad thingIn this book Marcus is likeable but he s still controlling and his underboss Sharo continues to keep up with Marcus and Cora no matter whatI m really enjoying this series 4 stay loyal stars is my favorite book in the trilogy This is the second installment and it had action Cora was naive but she was fighting and Marcus was the perfect alpha male in this mafia world The plot was good I was always n the edge to see what happens It had action and good I was always Paixão Sem Disfarce on the edge to see what happens It had action and with so many emotions The book ends with a cliffhanger so I had to jump for the next book immediately to see what happened That s how much I enjoyed this book I would definitely recommend this book to those who love mafia romances a possessive hero and a modern retellingf Hades and Persephone The first 50% is 4 stars The second 50% is 3 starsAwakening is the continuation Rain of the Talesf Olympus series So I didn t like the cliff hanger ending in the first book I know there needed to be tension between Cora and Marcus but a misunderstanding is kind In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover of a coput storyline With that said I enjoyed the first half I Met Someone of the bookI felt like Cora was really strong and she was trying hard to keep her heart guarded None likes to read a book. The city Quantum (Captain Chase of Olympus But will they save the woman in time with the evilf the underworld standing in their way Zeus is the mayo. .