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S you like reading and using them as a model not in the sense of copying them but in the very obvious sense of if you really love science iction then pay attention to what and how your Painted Desert favourite scienceiction authors write And yes initially your work might be a bit imitative but eventually if you keep plugging away then you will Appetite find your own voice and pathPart TwoAnother message that we repeatedly encounter in Gerke s book is the need to engage our reader Part Two of Gerke s book is where he brings out some very interesting guns and where his book differentiates itself radicallyrom any other book on writing that I ve read to date or here we have a 35 page walk through the neuroscience and neuro chemistry woods Wow I really loved this section which goes some way to explaining why women read iction than men It s all in the hormones Who d have thought I m not sure I entirely understood or bought how all the research and analysis into neuro science can be successfully applied by us to write our much desired best seller but it sounded worth re reading and tryingBut here I must issue a tutt tutt Much to my delight Gerke s book has an index Yeay Brownie points Cooking the Whole Foods Way: Your Complete, Everyday Guide to Healthy, Delicious Eating with 500 Recipes, Menus, Meal Planning, Techniques, Buying for that However it is neither a competent nor comprehensive index as I discovered when I tried to use it to look up the specific neuro chemicals mentioned in Part Two andound that the index did not include any of the key words that Pure Grit flowed through that section eg oxytocin GABA serotonin dopamine Sine Wave So the brownie points have been negated by the demeritsor an inadeuate indexPart ThreeOnce again Gerke delights and surprises us by taking us on a walk through the writing woods with some interesting companions in this part of the book it s Joseph Campbell to talk about monomyth Carl Jung to talk about the twelve archetypes and Apple-Picking Day! finally Aristotle to talk about his rhetoric Allascinating stuff covered in not too much detail but with some good references to detailed information if we want to ollow upThe Rules Covered in Part One1 Prologues to have or not2 Description to use or not3 ly adverbs good or bad4 Purple prose and painted paragraphs good or bad5 The Immediate Inciting Incident do you need it at the beginning and if so how soon6 To Be Verbs to avoid or not7 Show versus Tell considerations8 Begin with Action how important is this9 Point of View which is best10 Speech attributes should we use variations of he said she said or not11 Outlining should you or shouldn t you12 That to use or not to use13 Switching between Storylines is this good or bad14 Floating body parts should we say things like he rolled his eyes if you can t really roll an eye15 Gerunds Participial Phrases Sentence Fragments Beginning with Conjunctions Ending with Prepositions and Passive Voice are THESE PITFALLS OR NO PROBLEM16 BREAKING pitfalls or no problem16 Breaking Fourth Wall by addressing the reader directly the pros and cons17 Weasel Words in the ear of the beholder18 reader directly the pros and cons17 Weasel Words in the ear of the beholder18 Everything really19 El Leonard s 10 Ruleswhat Gerke s stand is on these20 The Big Enchilada a conglomeration of yet rules around things like the use of the present tense italicizing dialogue introducing too many characters too uickly paragraph length etc I ve been reading a number of books on writing lately and this has been my avorite so ar when it comes to reading a book like this cover to cover Some are interesting resources and have useful lists and whatnot but this actually read like a story but the plot was here lists and whatnot but this actually read like a story but the plot was here a bunch of writing don t and why people eel this way and when it s ok to do it anyway It actually did a great job of explaining why writers are told to 1 not have prologues 2 don t use passive voice 3 death to all adverbs and most of your adjectives too my pretty 4 av Fabulous America the Philosophical fabulousabulous I loved this book so much It was informative The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North filled with many tips Theact that nothing was a rule I liked because I hate rules on how to write a good novel This book was engaging amusing and plain amazing. Ide what kind of novelist you want to beHack your reader's brain to hook her interest and trigger emotional engagement rom the very irst pageIncorporate enduring elements of storytelling The Northman's Bride from masters like Joseph Campbell Aristotle and Carl JungReaders want to be swept away by your stories When you eschew the rules andocus on your readers' desires you're Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam free to write truly irresistibleicti. ,
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This book as beginner oriented I ound that it was very helpful clarifying and encouraging No matter where you are on your writing journey this book can be both a helpful tool and a joy to read I m thankful or this book because it helped me see both sides of the argument The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace for many many writing rules and decide which way I leaned towards oftenThis book is not about writing thought provoking art by the way It s about writing a book that will engage readers butirst and When Red Cried Wolf foremost engaging yourself in your own story as itsirst reader and discovering your writing voice a little betterI highly recommend it to writers who Want To See Both Sides to see both sides the argument or many things they ve heard were rules but weren t sure about and to writers who want to ind out The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing for themselves what they want to write Wow I absolutely loved this book And it s riveting than someiction I ve read I d recommend this to writers who have written a Song of the Forest few books It s most helpful if you have some practice withollowingnot ollowing writing rules If I d read this book a ew years ago I d have no idea where I stood on a A Constellation of Vital Phenomena few of the rules he presents But now I could go through each one with him andigure out which way I ell based on the descriptions I really enjoyed it and this book along with another Jeff Gerke book Plot vs Character will go on my all time avorite writing craft book list All in all one of the better books on writing that I ve read to date And one with a twist keep on readingLet s start with the title Wow If you were a budding writer how could resist picking up and reading a book with a promising title like that So yes of course I Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights fellor the bait and so I guess the author already demonstrated his success in writing if not an irresistible novel in this case but an irresistible title at the very leastAs I suspected though the title is an example of over promising or oversell Although it is uite a comprehensive and well written and well structured guide Still Life with Chickens for beginners as well as those who have been writingor a while it is misleading to suggest that by "Following A Series Of How "a series of how steps you too can write a book that everyone will want to readPart OneIndeed Part One of the book is all about debunking the very notion that to write an irresistible book you only need to Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea follow a given set of rules But this is what Iound so refreshing and honest about Jeff Gerke s book a down to earth coverage of a number writing rules that we have either read in some other book or heard about in a writing class or workshopSo Paradox Bound for example that rule about not using ly adverbs a rule that meta writer Stephen King is uite doctrinaire about is one of many that Gerke methodically takes apart by1 explaining the rule 2 talking about those who disagree with this rule and why 3 talking about those who agree with this rule and why4 explaining his own stand is on this rule and5 telling us where a gatekeeper that is a potential publisher might stand on this rule and how or why you might want to take this into account when deciding where you stand on this ruleGerke does thisor than 20 writing rules see below below below including the ull set of El Leonard s Ten Rules or WritingOne thing that strikes you when reading Gerke s take on writing rules especially in the early pages of the book is the sense that he has had some very unhappy experiences in a critiue group as he has some very scathing things to say about rule Nazis that seem to lurk in this kind of environment While I can t say I ve had similarly bruising experiences as Gerke or people he knows I do wholeheartedly agree with the advice he gives on dealing with people who
they know better than you some aspect of your writing Just smile and thank them STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare for theireedback and then continue to do what you believe is right or your own bookThe other common thread in the book is the most excellent and yet unbelievably common sensical advice about paying attention to the kind of book. Alled rules and instead provides you with a singular goal You must engage your readers rom beginning to end Filled with down to earth discussions on the various debates of writing as well as innovative research on neuroscience and reader response this book shows you how toNavigate the various debates on writing iction showing versus telling purple prose outlining writing description and to dec. How to Craft an Irresistible Novel is really only 40% of the book while 60% is really about Debunking All Those Dumb Crit Group Writing Rules and assuring us we can safely ignore them I wish I had read Part 1 sixteen years ago It really would have helped back then when I got all that conflicting information that supposedly proved why I couldn t get published Most of this information I had to learn the hard way and over a period of many grueling years It would have been nice period of many grueling years It would have been nice have avoided thatHad that been all this book been nice to have avoided thatHad that been all this book to offer I would have elt cheated because it was kind of DUH material Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All for me at this stage Luckily there s a part two and the last 40% of the book is of the kind of meat I was lookingor What a Lass Wants from this title I wish Part 2 could have taken up all the pages that was given to the less usefulor me Part 1 and time and energy and space devoted to Part 2 because that is what I needed and wanted However that said Part 2 was indeed meaty and valuable if not uite as long as I d have liked Here s a uniue guide to help you home in on your iction voice What are your avorite books And why How do the authors of these books introduce their characters What point of view do they use Do they start with a bang By answering these and other uestions posed by Jeff Gerke you discover what kind of writer you want to be based on what you love as a readerAnother brilliant aspect of this book is Gerke s explanation of how to hack your reader s brain Mexican Hooker for emotional connection through the use of a brain chemistry story map Huh Trust me this is good stuffThrow in Jung s twelve archetypesor character traits Joseph Campbell s hero s journey The League for the Suppression of Celery for character development and Artistotle s art of persuasion to hook a reader and you ve got some powerful toolsor your writer s toolboxThe bulk of the book is a run down of the paralyzing rules of The Thirteen-Gun Salute fictionrom prologues to adverbs to show versus tell to Leonard El s advice Gerke shares the opinions of those Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery for those against and then sums it up with his own ideas Absorb it all and you canorm your own set of rulesIt s well worth adding this gem to your iction writing collection This is a book that encourages would be writers not to eel too concerned about rulesguidelines telling its readers to simply ignore or break them It gives a nice positive message but after a The Day Fidel Died few pages iteels repetitive and non committal Still it s a new at least to me approach to the art of writing Worth a look if only or its extensive list of rules and how to break or not break them I put ive stars on but our stars here on Goodreads because the them I put ive stars on but Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge four stars here on Goodreads because the system is slightly different I really liked it but I m not sure I can go all the way to It was amazing personallyOverall this is aantastic resource parti I often read writing instruction books in spite of the author s voice This was a happy exception The book was not overly technical or overly chummy but conveyed the author s voice and personality in a positive way He seems like a wonderfully likable guy and although that isn t necessary in all nonfiction it s very helpful with instructional materialThe The Outlaw and the Upstart King first part of this book addresses the pervasive and contradictory writing rules which baffle those who want to write goodiction and receive conflicting instructions rom both peers and writing experts It s kind of like parenting everyone has their contradictory hills to die on and the hapless newbie has no idea who to listen to This book details arguments or and against rules such as neveralways use prologues or never use adverbs and encourages writers to reflect on what they prefer to read and then decide how they want to tell their own story The second and third parts of this book which are considerably shorter zero in on the concept of reader engagement explaining traditional archetypes and how the brain chemically reacts to different narrative structures and events Even though I have been writing Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War for years and could have passed on. Discover Your Voice and Enthrall ReadersThe craft of writing isilled with various debates Should I include a prologue Should I delete all adverbs rom my manuscript Just how much backstory if any can I include in my story These uestions and their often contradictory answers can cause confusion rustration and even paralysis in the writer The Irresistible Novel Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul frees yourom the limits of so