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Zombie RaptureThis is Stuart West at his very best The story of a teen who suddenly finds his entire world thrown into chaos where friends and family have died and risen again claiming the rapture the second coming of Christ Sounds serious Actually it s hilarious at first but then becomes and Stephen King like as the reality young Hunter finds himself in trying to find and save his girlfriend becomes and hopeless I couldn t stop reading this book West has the Modern Art Death of a Culture perfect balance of action respite and humour I see this as the next Hunger Games movies and all And I m hoping West will write a seuel It left me crying for This is definitely a crowdleaser Welcome to the Twilight Zone Do DO DO DO THE ZOMBIE RAPTURE do do The Zombie Rapture here Hunter is in love and everything is great in his world Until that is he wakes up the next day He finds his mom and dad spewing religious stuff at him Then they try to save him That s when all the craziness begins Hunter has to go through hell to find the love of his life Jordan With the help of Brigitte Scout Jordans sister they start their Journey On the way they go to save his no nonsense Grandpa He s a Veteran and takes his experiences from the war to teach them to use weapons and how to think They also meet Bob and Father DobbsThey all grow together as this highly dysfunctional family This was a really interesting story It throws you into this world The idea that something could happen to turn the undead into these religious freaks It would truly be a nightmare Stuart does it again with a thrilling humorous story That keeps you on the edge of your seat If you love your horror with a good dose of snark and humor like the good old days of Buffy and Angel then this is the novel for you Hunter s life is going great He s in love with his high school sweetheart Jordan And They Ve Finally Gotten To The Doing It Stage they ve finally gotten to the doing it stage guy could want Naturally that s when the zombie apocalypse descends on his town Everyone he knows is either dead coming back from the dead or running away from the dead And these zombies aren t shambling mindless idiots These are fast smart zombies the worst kind there is If they don t get you and kill you right away they ll talk your ear off with wild ramblings about sinning the Rapture and the chosen until you start wondering if they could be right Hunter s girlfriend is kidnapped He and a tough uirky band of misfits are determined to save her So begins their cross country journey where they find how sneaky and dangerous the dead can beThe author does a great job from beginning to end Everything is The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture perfect from the funny and sympathetic hero to the exciting fight scenes that get thrilling with every chapter Therose is fantastic making the book a real Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie pleasure to read Highly recommended Zombie RaptureThis author s writing is getting stronger with each book heublishes Mr. Zombies dark humor suspense and Stuart R West also adds a love story to this 'end of the world' book ZOMBIE RAPTURELife is good for Hunter Wright He's ju. West has written a fast Love Letters pastedlot that leaves a reader suirming on the edge of their seat I normally avoid this genre like the Eat to Beat Illness plague not interested in horror or zombies but being a big fan of this author I decided to read Zombie Rapture Mr West is a master of combining humour with tension When I wasn t speed reading uestioning what would happen next I was chuckling He writes characters that are witty charming yet need a good smack I refuse to write spoilers but will say I loved the ending Hmmmm Will I be seeing a seuel in the near future I like zombies I m a Walking Dead devotee I ve even written a couple few zombie stories of my own So really it s no surprise that I loved Stuart West s latest book Zombie Rapture The thing is this is a book for than just zombie fans It s a book for anyone who enjoys a good story engaging characters dark humor and lots of actionMain character Hunter which I considered naming my son so I liked him right off the bat was very well drawn He s an every teen thrown into a very unusual situation It was fascinating and sometimes terrifying to see how he coped with the sudden drastic upheaval to his world All of the supporting characters were so much than that they were strong and intriguing Every time Iicked this book back up I felt like The incident that creates the zombies happens early on in the book but we don t learn the how behind it for a while When our main character Hunter discovers his arents and his neighbors have been turned into crazy scripture spewing zombies he heads to his girlfriend Jordan s house in the hopes that like him she s been spared from the transformation Instead he finds her little sister Scout who is dealing with zombie arents of her own Together they rescue Hunter s grandfather and the search for Jordan commences The book keeps us intrigued along the way with harrowing encounters with zombies and humans alike the uest for Jordan the uestion of how it all came about In the end we get a satisfying ending even if it isn t all rosy that ties up the loose ends even while leaving us with character motivation for a second book Zombie Rapture is written for a mature audience If I were to classify it I d ut it in the New Adult category BECAUSE OF MATURE THEMES AND A of mature themes and a of cussing But if a foul mouthed kid doesn t bother you then I recommend you ick up your own copy of Zombie Rapture West s book have a sense of humor that I can t get enough of and Zombie Rapture doesn t disappoint The characters are well drawn and you can t help but root for them Plus the supporting cast is spunky and all kinds of fun The zombies themselves aren t your typical shuffling dead eyed well dead but they are definitely going to leave you hoping that if the world ends it goes some other way If you enjoy a good zombie tale with a twist and a dash of romance. St about to graduate from high school and he's found true love Just in time to lose her Because the Rapture's begun and those in his ath living and dead.

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This is the read for you A most unusual take on the zombie genre the Zombie Rapture is full of surprises "just when a young man finds love the "when a young man finds love the goes topsy turvy and the best day of his life turns into a night no movie script could ossibly topThe Zombie Rapture while tongue in cheek is fast aced and a journey across Kansas I wouldn t have had the heart to make However this champion is out to save his true love and with the help of his war hero grandfather his One thing I really like about Stuart West s writing is his ability to Love is Murder put a funny twist on the most serious situation Let s face it Zombies are laughable to begin with though I did read a book about zombie ized ants being controlled by some kind of wasp To make them scary is the hardart Mr West has done both What s worse than a zombie holy roller who wants to save you by killing you so you ll be raised up in the rapture That s incredibly scary because I think I ve seen some of these zombies in action waving guns and screaming at everything they hate And there ain t much they don t hate It d be a kindness to The Ulfric's Mate put them out of their misery Hunter the main dude learns this lesson from his cowboy grandpa as the group of survivors fight their way through zombies to rescue Hunter s girlfriend Yeah that seems like a lowriority given the circumstances but young love is not to be deniedAnyway this is a wonderful take on the zombie theme Why not have some laughs while you re in mortal danger Makes it fun for the readerWhy not 5 stars Ah I m just tweaking Mr West to keep him on his game In this book he s definitely got game This is not your typical zombie novel Yes there is a catastrophe which causes normal eople to alter into something horrific and go after the living but these zombies have a urpose They re organized They have a leader with a What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening to Your Body's Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self-Doubt and Achieve True Wellness purpose They have a mission They want to save you from your sins and bring you into the fold of their glorious heaven on earth There s a killingart along the way but you can t get something for nothingHunter a teenager in small town middle of nowhere Kansas is on the cusp of a glorious new chapter in his life He s found a girl Their love is mutual but before he has time to celebrate his world a girl Their love is mutual but before he has time to celebrate his world haywire His Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit parents have become religious zealots who try to kill him Soon he finds thatretty much everyone in town has gone nuts as well And worst of all Jordan has disappeared With the help of Jordan s younger sister Hunter breaks his grandfather out of a retirement home Convinced that Jordan may be taken to Kansas City Hunter and other survivors embark on a hellish road trip fraught with many near death escapesZombie Rapture is fast Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep paced and flavored with enough humor andathos to bring you to laughter and tears Grab your gun and take a ride with Hunter and crew The alternative is unthinkable. Stand in his way of finding her And it's not the Rapture the faithful have been expecting either Someone failed to tell the dead they’re not in Heaven. .