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Ostende 1936 Sommer der FreundschaftA flowing narration of the brief lives of two Austrian Jewish authors and their last flash before darkness descended upon EuropeI think Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications people should read theast We want comfortable successful lives We just want to live in Versailles peace But things forces othereople have different agendas Their lust for ower makes them indifferent to the suffering and destruction they incurThis happened and is still happening in Europe it is happening in Asian and African countries and it s even happening in certain riot wrecked cities and it s even happening in certain riot wrecked cities the USDo we hope for a higher existence Or do we commit suicide like Zweig and Roth through drink This life is short regardless of how history transpires I will live the time appointed to me and then eternity Revelation 214 What moved me most about this book was the sense it conveyed of European civilization hurtling towards its doom as exemplified in the fates of the exiled writers Stefan Zweig Joseph Roth and Irmgard Keun as they try #to resurrect happier times at Ostend in the summer of 1936 #resurrect happier times at Ostend in the summer of 1936 and Keun spiral deeper into alcoholic self destruction while Zweig can no save himself from self destruction than he can save his friend Roth BOTWhttpwwwbbccoukprogrammesb06ybg7kDescription Volker Weidermann s account of the charming resort of Ostend and in 1936 it s a haven for Middle Europe emigres Reader Peter Firth Producer Duncan Minshull Episode 1 Stefan Zweig strolls the seafront visits a cafe and waits for his friend Joseph Roth to arrive Also in town are other writers wives and mistresses as storm clouds gather over the rest of Europe25 Joseph Roth will be meeting Stefan Zweig here But first some background into their need to escape Austria and its encroaching dangers35 Joseph Roth is off the train at Ostend about to meet Stefan Zweig for the hotels and bistro lif. It’s the summer of 1936 and the writer Stefan Zweig is in crisis His German ublisher no longer wants him his marriage is collapsing and his house in Austria searched by the The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon police two years earlier no longer feels like home He’s been dreaming of Ostend the Belgian beach town that is aaradise of Rack Ruin promenadesarasols and old friends So he journeys there with his lover Lotte.

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E But his head soon be turned by another writer who s newly arrived herself45 Joseph Roth is in Ostend to meet his old friend Stafan Zweig But he s uickly distracted by another writer Irmgard Keun Life is short so they will move to the Hotel Couronne together55 Swimming romenading drinkingThe leasures of Ostend linger in the face of storm clouds gathering over Europe but even seasoned vacationers know they have to move on This is a short but very interesting reconstruction of the meeting of several ex atriots from the Nazi regimes in Europe in the late 1930s and their life in Ostend Belgium The relationship between the well known author Stefan Zweig with his less well known and hardcore alcoholic friend Joseph Roth is touching one if somewhat inconclusive The mood of the Book Is Brooding And One Feels The is brooding and one feels the degree temperature drop in these castaways as the shadow of the Nazis draws and of Europe into the dark An important book about a eriod that has echoes for today but does not rovide any set answers and only a glimmer of hope English Edition Ostend Stefan Zweig Joseph Roth and the Summer Before the DarkHow does it feel if you have to leave your home country and you are forced to watch it disappear from the exile For many authors who fled the Nazis their home had disappeared long before the war started they saw the spiritual destruction the moral decline and the rise of barbarity as the end of Germany as they knew it Many of them later killed themselves or drank themselves to death because their belief in humanity was shattered because the fact that their native land had aimed to destroy them and they were outcasts wherever they went was too much to bear Some like Thomas Mann started to agitate against Hitler from their exile just this week German President Steinmeier Altmann and reunites with fellow writer and semi estranged close friend Joseph Roth who is himself about to fall in love For a moment they create a fragile haven But as Europe begins to crumble around them the writers find themselves trapped on vacation in exile watching the world burn In Ostend Volker Weidermann lyrically recounts “the summer before the dark” when a coterie. E opened Mann s home in Los Angeles which was an important meeting lace for exiled writers and shall now become a meeting ground again
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his book Weidermann tells story of exiled writers Spending A Last Summer Together At The a last summer together at the coast in 1936 before they get scattered all over the world and Europe starts to burn The story centers around the friends Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth but also features many other important writers like Irmgard Keun Egon Erwin Kisch Ernst Toller Arthur Koestler and Hermann Kesten Zweig and Roth both of them Jewish had a very close but also complicated friendship as Roth was a heavy drinker obviously rooted in depression and as much as Zweig wanted to help his friend he could not find a way The genius of the book is how Weidermann shows that although or because the writers sense that the worst is still to come they want to be happy together in the sun at the beach one last time before everything falls apart Weidermann juxtaposes their fascinating ersonalities the dynamics of friendship and the lightness of Ostend with the rise of fascism and how it impacted the writers situation At the end of course everthing will be lost Ostend was almost completely destroyed during the war Zweig killed himself in Brazil Roth died of his alcoholism in Paris Toller killed himself in New York Koestler killed himself in London Full disclosure I icked up the book because I love the Belgian coast and because I wanted to learn about the writers the story ortrays and although it is written by Weidermann he is one of the hosts of an important TV show about literature in Germany and I often find him a little boring tbh But this book is a great I did not expect this Weidermann shame on me So go and read this book and then drive to Ostend and visit the house of James Ensor. Of artists intellectuals drunks revolutionaries and madmen found themselves in limbo while Europe teetered on the edge of fascism and total war   Ostend is the true story of two of the twentieth century’s great writers written with a novelist’s eye for acing chronology and language a dazzling work of historical nonfiction  Translated from the German by Carol Brown Janewa.